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New Series 40: The Zionists have offered you two NEW VERSIONS OF YOUR HOLY BIBLE at the book sellers yesterday. They have, once again, changed and tweaked the scriptures to suit THEIR need. This is to control the Christian masses and subtly ERASE THE CLUES OF WHO THE FALSE “JEWS” ARE WHO “ARE OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”

3/10/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns40)

Hatonn present in service and in the radiance of God.  The Zionists have offered you two NEW VERSIONS OF YOUR HOLY BIBLE at the book sellers yesterday.  They have, once again, changed and tweaked the scriptures to suit THEIR need.  This is to control the Christian masses and subtly ERASE THE CLUES OF WHO THE FALSE “JEWS” ARE WHO “ARE OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”.

Just as King James did when he had his “reformers” get rid of the blatant references to the Khazar tribes as the IMPOSTER “THIRTEENTH TRIBE” of lost Jews.  My friends, there are only Twelve Tribes of Israel, and they range from Arabs to Spaniards (as in Esteves, aka Charlie Sheen), to Ethiopians (Black Jews), to English and Scottish and Russian (White Jews).  These ones are the Hebrew peoples of the Book.  The enemy who infiltrated these 12 groups or tribes is not of Biblical prophecy, as to Godly followers searching for Christ and eternal salvation in Heaven.  The Turkish Khazar is of Mongol and Hun (as in Attila the Hun) stock mixed with the barbarian Norsemen of the day.  They lived right in the middle of the action—between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (WHICH WAS CALLED THE KHAZAR SEA!)—and protected by the CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS to the south.  (“White” Caucasian Devil meant a reference to the Khazars who lived and raided in this area.  As always, the Khazars changed the original meaning of things to hide who they were and are in your history books.  But, don’t worry, TRUTH AND GOD always come out in the end, when all is said and done!  Just as the word “Nigger” or “Niggardly” referred to stingy and corrupt “Jews” of Khazar lineage, and not to Blacks or Hebrew Judeans.  Stalin was quoted many times stating this fact.)  Now you are witnessing yet more cover-ups in truths coming from your Bible.

“The New American Bible” and the “International Bible”, I believe they label them.  Again, who gave these so-called religious “experts” the right and power to change Holy Scripture????!

Well, this is how Satan plays the game, chelas (students), and we must be equally as clever as that serpent/snake.  But always remain peaceful as a dove, for violence and force and overthrowing ANYTHING is not of God.  Let us use the truth OF THEIR OWN WORDS and it will be their undoing.  SALU!


The following is from the Protocols from Nilus—1884.  It has been published by us before, as well as by Henry Ford in his Dearborn, Michigan, newspaper, “The Dearborn Independent”.  He told America that the Jews were buying up farms and foreclosing on property in a gigantic bid to take over the nation.  He showed how their long-range plans included bankrupting the new MIDDLE CLASS THAT CAME FROM THE AUTO INDUSTRY, AND FORECLOSING ON ALL THE NICE HOMES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ENJOYED AS A RESULT OF WELL-PAYING JOBS AND A STRONG FINANCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE.  You see, in order to “communize” and “socialize” and “democratize” A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC—LIKE AMERICA IS—you have to destroy a man’s ability to provide for his family.  And the Jew does that by closing down the factory and foreclosing the family farm so you have no income and cannot even grow food to sustain yourselves.  Easy pickings for would-be foreign invaders, wouldn’t you say?!

So let us look at this PLAN OF THE “JEWS” (AGAIN, NOT THE GOODLY JUDEAN/JUDAIST HEBREW “JEW” OF THE BOOK) to take the world and kill off you Christians—WHATEVER YOUR RACE!  Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics, Hebrews—you all are Christ Followers.  Your beliefs are the same.  Only the Luciferian Khazar is different for he is the OPPOSITE of what you believe.  Satan WILL KILL AND LIE AND STEAL to get what he wants—and Khazars revel in that existence!  Now let us see what comes out of the horse’s own mouth!

Jonur, just copy word-for-word the document; allow the truth of the information to speak for itself.  I need not comment because the Zionists tell it just like it is.  THE PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE ZIONIST MEN OF WISDOM, from a book published in 1920 by Small, Maynard and Co., using the Protocols from Nilus which first appeared around 1884.


Let us put aside phraseology and discuss the inner meaning of every thought; by comparison and deductions let us illuminate the situation.  In this way I will describe our system both from our own point of view and from that of the Goys (Gentiles).

It must be remembered that people with base instincts are more numerous than those with noble ones; therefore, THE BEST RESULTS IN GOVERNING ARE ACHIEVED THROUGH VIOLENCE AND INTIMIDATION AND NOT THROUGH ACADEMIC DISCUSSION.

In the early stages of social life, they submitted to brute and blind force; afterwards—to the Law, which is the same force, but disguised.  I deduce from this that, according to the laws of nature, RIGHT LIES IN MIGHT.


In our day the power of gold has replaced liberal rulers.  There was a time when faith ruled.  THE IDEA OF FREEDOM CANNOT BE REALIZED BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE REASONABLE USE OF IT.

The DESPOTISM OF CAPITAL, which is entirely in our hands, holds out to it a straw which THE STATE MUST GRASP, although against its will, or otherwise fall into the abyss.


He who desires to rule must resort to cunning and hypocrisy.  The great popular qualities—honesty and frankness—become vices in politics ….  These qualities must be the attributes of Goy countries; but we by no means should be guided by them.

Our right lies in might.  The word “RIGHT” IS AN ABSTRACT IDEA, unsusceptible to proof.  This word means nothing more than:  Give me what I desire so that I may have evidence that I am stronger than you.

With the present instability of all authority, our power will be more unassailable than any other BECAUSE IT WILL BE INVISIBLE UNTIL IT IS SO WELL ROOTED THAT NO CUNNING CAN UNDERMINE IT.

THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.  In laying our plans, we must turn our attention not so much to the good and moral as to the necessary and useful.  Before us lies a plan in which a strategic line is shown, from which we must not deviate on pain of risking the collapse of many centuries of work.

ONLY A PERSON PREPARED FROM CHILDHOOD to autocracy can understand the words which are formed by political letters.

Only an autocrat can outline great and clear plans which allocate in an orderly manner all the parts of the mechanism of the government machinery.

Look at those beasts, steeped in alcohol, stupefied by wine, the unlimited use of which is granted by liberty.

Surely you cannot allow our own people to come to this.  The people of the GOYS ARE STUPEFIED BY SPIRITUOUS LIQUORS:  THEIR YOUTH ARE DRIVEN INSANE through excessive study of the classics, and vice to which they have been instigated by our agents—tutors, valets, governesses—in rich houses, by clerks, and so forth, and by our women in the pleasure places of the Goys.

Our motto is POWER AND HYPOCRISY.  Only power can conquer in politics.  VIOLENCE MUST BE THE PRINCIPLE, HYPOCRISY AND CUNNING THE RULE of those governments which do not wish to lay down their crowns at the feet of the agents of some new power.  THIS EVIL IS THE SOLE MEANS OF ATTAINING THE GOAL OF GOOD.  For this reason, WE MUST NOT HESITATE AT BRIBERY, FRAUD, AND TREASON when these can help us to reach our end.  In politics it is necessary to SEIZE THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS WITHOUT HESITATION if in so doing we attain submission and power.

We must follow a program of violence and hypocrisy, not only for the sake of profit, but also as a duty and for the sake of victory.

Even in olden times we shouted among the people the words “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity”.  These words have been repeated so many times since by unconscious parrots which, flocking from all sides to the bait, have ruined the prosperity of the world and true individual freedom ….

On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy, we built an aristocracy of our intellectual class—THE MONEY ARISTOCRACY.  We have established this new aristocracy on the qualification of wealth, which is dependent upon us, and also upon science, which is promoted by our wise men.

… we always played upon the most sensitive chords of the human mind, namely GREED AND THE INSATIABLE SELFISH DESIRES OF MAN.

The fact that the representatives of the nation can be deposed delivers them into our power and practically places their appointment in our hands.


It is necessary for us that war, whenever possible, should bring no territorial advantages; this will SHIFT WAR TO AN ECONOMIC BASIS and force nations to realize the strength of our predominance; such a situation will put both sides at the mercy of our million-eyed international agency, which will be unhampered by any frontiers.  THEN OUR INTERNATIONAL RIGHTS WILL DO AWAY WITH NATIONAL RIGHTS.

The Administrators chosen by us from among the people in accordance with their capacity for servility will not be experienced in the art of government, and consequently THEY WILL EASILY BECOME PAWNS IN OUR GAME, in the hands of our scientists and wise counselors, specialists trained from early childhood for governing the world ….  The Goys are not guided by the practice of impartial historical observation ….  Therefore, we need give them no consideration.  Until the time comes, LET THEM AMUSE THEMSELVES OR LIVE IN THE HOPE OF NEW AMUSEMENTS OR IN THE MEMORIES OF THOSE PAST ….  Intelligent Goys will boast of their knowledge and, verifying it logically, they will put into practice all the scientific information compiled by our agents for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction which we require.

Do not think that our assertions are without foundation:  the successes of Darwinism, Marxism and Nietzscheism were engineered by us.  The demoralizing effects of these doctrines upon the minds of the Goys should be already obvious to us.

There is one great force in the hands of modern states which arouses thought movements among the people.  That is THE PRESS … but governments were unable to profit by this power and IT HAS FALLEN INTO OUR HANDS.  Through it we have attained influence, while remaining in the background.  Thanks to the press, WE HAVE GATHERED GOLD IN OUR HANDS, ALTHOUGH WE HAD TO TAKE IT FROM RIVERS OF BLOOD AND TEARS.

But it cost us the sacrifice of many of our own people.  EVERY SACRIFICE ON OUR PART IS WORTH A THOUSAND GOYS BEFORE GOD.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

As you can see in the Khazar false “Jew”s’ own words and world viewpoint—his “god” is the OPPOSITE OF THE GOD OF LIGHT AND TRUTH.  “… Ye are of your father the Devil; truth is not in you.  You are liars from the beginning ….”  Your Holy Bible, tampered and re-written by MEN over and over again, still tells you that those who call themselves Jews are of the synagogue of Satan.  And it is this bunch of evil Zionists who have brought the world to the brink of ruin and devastation.

Jonur, pause here please, and summon when ready to resume.  Hatonn moving to standby frequency.


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