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New Series 3: The Coming of God and "the HOSTS"!

 8/11/10 from HATONN/jonur  (ns3)

Good morning, Hatonn present to commune.  I come, as always, in the light of Holy God.



Long has man awaited for this moment in time—when he comes into knowing of His Creator.  However, your satanic Jewish Khazarian adversary has created a false version of this event.  You have been groomed throughout the thousands of years of Earth Man’s evolution, and now you fear that region where God’s Hosts will descend from.  If your Master Teacher Sananda—your Christ Being—is off your planet, and you await His eventual return PRECEDED BY “THE HOSTS” SENT OF A CREATOR/GOD, FROM WHERE DO YOU SUSPECT THEY WILL DESCEND?  Space is the obvious (and only) choice for manifested physical beings like you.

You need food, water, toiletries, a dwelling place, etc., etc.; man cannot survive very long, in the physical form, by himself in a desert wilderness or space.  Any “rapture” needs a spaceship.  Period.  So your adversary scoops up any information about UFOs, and civilizations on “earths” that circle other stars in your night sky.  You are not the ONLY people God created—and you certainly were not the first!  You do have Brothers who came before, who also migrated out into the Cosmos.  Where, on Earth, do you think those stories of Sky People (Angels and such) come from?

The hour has arrived for “graduation”, chelas (students), and you will have to make a decision.  The belief system has been worn to a frazzle by the lies and deceit of your Zionist caretakers, “Gog from the land of Magog”, as your Holy Bible lists them in Revelation.  Satan, whom Lucifer will become at that hour, has caused you to fear the very existence of extraterrestrial human beings—and ALL SPACE ENTITIES AS A WHOLE.

Do you not have different looking people in different parts of your own little Earth?  Would it not be prudent to assume that it would be even more so, with people living around other stars than the one you live near?  This is where the “test” comes, dear ones; reason is going to have to prevail here.  Therefore, We bring the message:  You all are extraterrestrial beings—God is the only ONE who isn’t!

Let us continue with the lessons.  “THE SIPAPU ODYSSEY” personnel must be versed in the history aspect of your Cosmic neighbors.  The word of mouth of this one film opens the door to everything else.  So, you can expect fires, delays and last minute coming togethers, as the focus of the planet shifts to “SIPAPU”.



At the polar axis of your planet’s position in space, there appears a “second sun” next to yours, as both sit just above the horizon!  It is obviously not a sun/star; however, it is almost half the size of the sun as you see it from Earth!  Could it be that it has already begun, and the masses of citizenry do not yet know?

It is the Second Millennium and time to see some of these events that have been foretold in the Holy Scriptures OF ALL YOUR RACES.  Are there not enough things flying around, and shuttles going up for decades, to reason that something and someone is going to stop by and “say hello”?  And, if it has already happened, is it not finally time for someone to let the cat out of the bag?  The dam is full—to bursting at the seams and foundation!  The “Alien Agenda” is coming to light, and everyone had better awaken to the TRUTH of God and His dwelling place—both within the souls of men AND in outer space!  And know, the adversary can make “toy” spaceships to try to fool you.  Know the difference of good cosmonauts versus bad.  Good does not force nor abduct, and evil does not have the high spiritual or technical abilities of The Lighted Brotherhood.  Thus, enters reason ….

Interview:  Bob Dean

The Coming of Nibiru, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Quoting:]  Ed Note:  There is a growing body of evidence that seems to indicate that once every 3600 years, another planet visits our solar system, and in so doing creates untold havoc and destruction.  The ancient Sumarian[s] called this planet “Nibiru”.  While the theory is controversial and thus far not “proven” in the annals of mainstream astronomy, NASA announced its discovery in 1983, built an expensive telescope in Antarctica where Nibiru is now allegedly visible, and has been strangely quiet of late about the whole topic.  This interview with Col Bob Dean by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of casts new light on Nibiru as it relates to some of the more interesting aspects of the “visitation” scenario.  Robert O. Dean has been engaged in the field of UFO research for the last 40 years.  He began this research on active duty in the US Army where he served for 27 years.  He retired as Command Sergeant Major from the Army in 1976 as a highly decorated combat veteran after having served as an Infantry Unit Commander in combat in Korea and Vietnam.  He also served in Intelligence Field Operations in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam.

Additionally, from 1963 to 1967, he served at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), NATO, as an intelligence analyst with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance.  [Hatonn:  Those security clearances keep getting higher and higher, don’t they!?]  Dean worked in the Operations Division and was a member of the inner Command Staff thereby working with and seeing the SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) [H:  Considering that the “UFO and Alien Agenda” is the highest of all your security clearances—EVEN OVER THE HYDROGEN ATOMIC BOMB!—it should come as no surprise coincidence that “cosmic”, and (flying) “saceur”/saucer, are implied by the acronyms.] almost every day.  It was while he was stationed at SHAPE that Robert’s interest in UFOs first started.  One night, while on duty, Robert removed a file from SHAPE’s security vault called “‘The Assessment’—An Evaluation of Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe”.  This file was given the highest security classification, COSMIC TOP SECRET.  It retains that security classification to this day.  The contents of this file opened Robert’s eyes to the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.

He has, since reading “The Assessment”, dedicated his life to one goal:  Bringing to light the true facts surrounding the UFO phenomena and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.  –Ed.

Phoenix, Arizona, September 2008

KC:  I think that in many ways you put yourself on the line, and you actually embody the curiosity that was, like, rampant in all of us.  And you did it at a time when … and in the military, no less.  And you broke rules, and you kind of stuck it out.  You’re like a one-man disclosure project.

BD:  Well, thank you, Kerry.  That’s very kind of you to say that.  But let me explain something.  I was a “normal human being” for a big portion of my life.  You know, I was a career military, no-nonsense kind.  I wore a crew cut.  When I learned what I learned in 1963, ’64, ’65, it changed my life.  It changed my way of thinking.  And I became obsessed with what I had learned.  And, over the years, I’ve learned so much more.

And as I may have mentioned to you earlier, I learned a little bit; I wanted more.  You know, talk about an addiction!  When you start learning some things about a subject that is so profound ….  The more I learned, the more I wanted to know, and the more I wanted to know, the more I learned, and the more I learned, the more obsessed I became, and ….

You talk about losing your paradigm.  My old paradigm literally crumbled around my knees.  You know, the world that I thought I lived in, I learned, was not the world that I lived in.  And the reality that I looked around and thought I saw was not the reality that exists, that much of what we see is an illusion.  It’s a result of our own illusions.

We humans sometimes, rather than face reality, we create a little world of our own.  You know, we get up and go to work.  We raise the kids.  We buy a house.  Buy a car.  Take a vacation.  Go about our lives.  Try to save money, put a little in the bank for the kids’ college.  And live a “normal life”.

And then I leaned that there’s no such thing as a “normal life”, that the world that exists is not at all what we think it is.  As I said, my old paradigm crashed around my knees ….

I’m sitting here in front of you as a human wreck, you might say, you know, as to what I used to be.  Because I lived in a world that was rather cut and dried.  Oh, you know, do this, do that … You pay your bills, you … It’s not that way at all!

KC:  Well, let’s cut to the chase here, because you have come forward with something new to say.

BD:  I have been a member of what we used to jokingly call The Old Boys’ Network.  I’ve been a member of it for over 40 years.  And when we created this group, it was made up of military types, primarily, all ranks, all services.  And we even had a couple of cosmonauts who were connected with this who were providing information.

Well, over the years, the old boys have shared information with each other, because we’ve had a variety of assignments and jobs in the military.  We had a couple of admirals.  We had a general, and two cosmonauts.  We had innumerable colonels and command sergeant majors and people from all walks, everywhere, who provided information we used to share with each other.

And some of us have been in very sensitive positions and had access to very highly classified material.  And we’ve been very open about sharing that with others, which kind of kept us going for a long, long time.

There aren’t a hell of a lot of us left.  The last time I ….  Originally, there was roughly about 150 members of this group, and today there’s probably not more than a dozen left.

We lost a good one.  You know.  Graham Bethune died here, about a year ago.  And Graham was a retired Navy Commander who was a dear man who had some very sensitive information he used to share with us.

But, as I point out, we shared among ourselves. And then a few of us came out blatantly, purposely, and started sharing what we had learned with the public.  Frankly, I never thought I was going to get away with it!  I thought that they were going to stomp on me, and you know, eliminate me, or whatever.

There were even rumors, for God’s sake, that they were going to call me back to active duty and court martial me!  [Kerry laughs.]  You know.  Well, I’m going to be 80 at my next birthday, so I don’t think they want to call me back to active duty.

But, I think why I am getting away with what I am getting away with, so to speak—where I am releasing bits and pieces of this cover-up—is that there’s somebody back there somewhere who wants me to do what I’m doing.  Or I would not have been able to do this.

But let me give you a tiny tidbit of bits and pieces that come from The Old Boy’s Network:  There is an organization called the National Reconnaissance Office.  [H:  This is a biggie, the NRO is THE top secret organization that controls the “Alien Agenda”, precious friends, and they hold all the secrets.  Their tactical satellites (the field of expertise of my scribe/recorder) and communications networks are where the truth of Space Command and Earth human are stored.  These military personnel KNOW THE TRUTH!  They will usher in the new teachings that man has long sought lo these many years.]  You’ve probably heard of them.

KC:  Absolutely.  [H:  If you have any doubts, consult John Coleman/Joseph Pavlonski and his “journals” of “Executive Review”.  They will verify Hatonn and the Intelligence connection.]

BD:  A very super-secret group [H:  Indeed, indeed!], a super-secret group among super-secret groups.  God, we’ve got so damn many groups now.  [H:  Remember, Satan rules by confusion and subterfuge!]

As I used to jokingly say, when poor old Ike [Eisenhower] left office, he tried to tell us about the military-industrial complex?  Well, it’s a triad now.  It’s not just the military and industry.  It’s the national security agencies as well. So, if he could see it today, he’d be shocked even more.  [H:  “Shocked” is not the right word, for he was a Khazarian Jew and a part of the Zionist “New World Order”, but let us lay the cards where they fall for now.]  Of course, I’m sure he’s alive and well somewhere, probably looking down [H:  Or up!] and chuckling.

But we are a triad now; [H:  The Trilateral Commission is another secret/semi-secret organization that plots the Zionist course for a New World Order.  Set up for the financial aspect of things, the Rockefeller interests hoped to steal all your wealth under the guise of this, seemingly, government group.]  The super secret agencies with the military and the industries.  It’s all like this [clasps hands together].

But, anyhow, there are people who I think want this out.  We’ve known for years that among the “in crowd” … whoever the hell they are, and no one really has ever been able to put our finger on it.  We’ve been able to grab a couple of ‘em from the old Magi Group.  The Wise men, they called themselves … the Magi.  You’ve heard them referred to as the Majestic Twelve.  Well, they are a lot more than twelve now.  [H:  Majestic, or “MAJORITY 12”, is that same little group made up of government and big business elite that has been causing all your troubles.  This is the operating arm of your secret government, as controlled by the adversary.  They are the policy making body of the Global 2000 planners.  This includes those contingency arrangements for an extraterrestrial invasion force being readied to spring on you unsuspecting citizens.]

Anyhow, I’m getting away with sharing bits and pieces and tidbits which intrigue me because I think somebody wants some of this out.

But the story I was going to share with you is that ….  In the National Reconnaissance Office about, I guess, four or five years [ago] now, they had for a number of years a series of satellites called the Keyhole System.  Have you heard of it?

KC:  Ah, yes.

BD:  Keyhole.  It was super-secret and probably the very best satellite system in the world.  Well, they’ve probably made it even better now.  They could supposedly read a postage stamp from space.  [End quote.]

Even though you no longer have these spy satellites, due to Russian space platforms shooting them down, the capabilities of the so-called “Super Power Nations” still can destroy all life on the Earth.  The space initiative is far more than the antiquated trash you are shown on television.  “Star Wars” weapons have been with you for many decades; it’s just that the real dandy stuff is kept out of the press.  How else can fake aliens blast cities if not with your own hidden technology?!

Jonur, pause here, please.  Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu!


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