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New Series 4: What's that new "sun" in the sky?

9/07/10 from Hatonn/jonur  (ns4)

Good day, Commander Hatonn to continue, please.  I come in the service of God Aton—The ONE Lighted Source.



As ones go about their daily lives, the fact remains that God and His HOSTS FROM AFAR have returned.  Who are/were the Thunder Peoples and your Star Brothers?  Who are the Bird Tribes who have come, once again, to assist humanity upon the orb you call your “Earth”?  Is it not feasible that God created other “earths” out among His kingdom of “mansions” “prepared for you”?  “Earth” is simply a generic term, like “mansion”, for places separated from the “firmaments” for you to experience in.  Allow us to pick up where we left off, in that a few topics can be touched upon, before we discuss “SIPAPU”’s 2012 shooting schedule.  Aho!

The Coming of Nibiru, Bob Dean’s Interview, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quote:] … Well, there were some intriguing questions being raised by a number of people about what was known as the Ararat Anomaly.  Are you familiar with the Ararat Anomaly?

Bill Ryan:  Mount Ararat.  Noah’s Ark.

KC:  OK.

BD:  And so, the guys in the NRO [Hatonn:  The super-secret National Reconnaissance Office] took their Keyhole system and focused on the Ararat Anomaly, which is, you know, a puzzle.  Well, when the word got out, when the pictures were finally down-loaded and they computerized and enhanced them and cleaned them up, and they pushed them on the wall or they broadcast them on the wall there at NRO, the remarks went something like this—and these are actual quotes:  Jesus Christ, it’s a god-damn boat!  Christ!  It’s a big boat!

OK.  One would say:  Why would something like that be so highly classified that it is way above top secret?  [H:  Why indeed????]  Why would the discovery of a boat on Mount Ararat be classified so far above, you know … anything?  [H:  The truth of your ancient past, and that which is coming upon you now, is of your Space Brothers and their role in shaping human history AND EARTH MAN’S EVOLUTION!  Your adversary is utilizing those secrets so they can manipulate your response to these cyclic events.  You have had at least FIVE ICE AGES, PRECIOUS FRIENDS, WHICH CAME SUDDENLY TO THE PEOPLES.  Are these not massive, world changing situations that require the assistance of Angels (“Hosts”) who ride within “silver clouds” (space craft)?!

Anyhow, the story comes out.  The reason they classified it is because, after they discovered that it is a god-damn boat, they inserted a team of SEALs [H:  Navy Sea, Air, Land commandos—DELTA Forces, British Special Air Service (SAS), etc., etc.—these are the enforcers of the Elite now, and the Zionists are using them to keep the UFO and Alien Question out of the public domain—EXCEPT WHEN IT SUITS THEIR PURPOSES OF FEAR AND INTIMIDATION OF THE MASSES!  No longer are your “enemies” your neighbors across thy borders; YOU NICE CITIZENS OF ALL THE EARTH’S NATIONS HAVE BECOME THE TARGET!  Global control under Jewish dictatorial rule—and you thought it was just the communists out to get you!  Well, communism, socialism, Nazism, Marxism, take your pick, SATANISM is what you truly have as the various “isms” have the very same goal:  Annihilation of the species of man and the planet.  This is a very, very old story, chelas (students); when the Evil One is allowed to gain control of a world, the end result is always the same.  Is it not time to see through the tricks and false promises and come back to the Laws of God and the Laws of The Creation?  Disobedience to God has but one outcome for the play of life.  Why not take the chance and ask for help and guidance from those who come in love and service of the God of love and eternal light?  How many more days do you REALLY THINK you have left?!!?  Ponder that most carefully.] on the site.  That’s a term that the military uses to put a bunch of guys on a scene.

KC:  Right.

BD:  Apparently they dropped them by aircraft.  They parachuted down, a dozen of them or so.  They inserted them onto the scene and these guys spent several days in this god-damn boat.  And then they extracted them by helicopters.

And when they extracted them, the guys brought with them some “anomalous artifacts” which have never been described or named.  But those anomalous artifacts are what led to this whole thing being classified not only Top Secret, but the way the hell above.

And that’s a little bit of information that’s come out via the network of the Old Boys.

KC:  So are you saying this is Noah’s Ark?

BD:  No one knows what it is.  It was originally the Ararat Anomaly, but then they discovered that it was a gigantic boat, apparently, and …

KC:  But a boat built by humans?

BD:  Well, it appears to be.  It’s essentially, from what they gathered, wood.  But, it’s a work of genius, apparently.  It was intricately put together, and it’s really …

KC:  And it’s survived all these years.

BD:  Well, apparently.  The question, how many years?  You know … when was the flood?  [H:  Keep in mind, dear hearts, when the Ice Age(s) come to an end and the snow melts—you have great floods, do you not?!]  The last rumor I heard had that it was 12,000 years ago:  10,500 BC.  [H:  This coincides with the 24,000-year cycle of your own solar system through that of the Pleiades Star System.  The Photon, or LIGHT belt, which all your planets and sun pass through twice, cyclically, causes this freezing and “thawing” that you know of as Ice Ages and those great floods written about in your ancient histories.  This is science and history, my friends, which your satanic adversary keeps ABOVE TOP SECRET to pull the wool over the eyes of the world citizenry!  By keeping the average “man-in-the-street” out of the loop, the evil controllers can cause you to believe God is angry and vengeful to his peoples.  Know what is really happening with the circumstances of the planet and do not allow evil to manipulate you further.]

KC:  When are they saying?  I mean, I’m sure you have a theory.

BD:  Well, you see the religions implications of it.  You know, every ancient culture on the planet has a similar tradition about a flood, and I’m sure there were many Noahs, so to speak, wherever.  [H:  Just as there is TODAY!  Heed the warning, get informed, tell your brother—AND GET PREPARED!  The elite have their food stores and their shelters and have set up locations in safe areas of habitation.  You of God’s lambs, however, have the assistance of the Mighty HOSTS of Heaven; do not be fooled by the false presentation of blood-thirsty aliens from space come to devour you!  Is not “Jesus” Esu Immanuel SANANDA and God also coming back to earth from somewhere out there???]

But the idea of this particular thing is so theologically sensitive that some yo-yo back there at NRO decided to classify it …. And then they sent the SEALs in and the SEALs brought back artifacts.  Well, there you are, you see!

What could they have possibly found in this big wreck that is so sensitive?  The question arises.  I don’t know the answer to that.  Hopefully, if the Old Boys still [stay] alive a few years, we might find out.

I find that interesting and I share it with people because it gives you an insight into that bunch of nitwits back there that classifies everything!  [Kerry laughs.]  [Pause quote.]

Jonur, break here, please, and nourish that body and rest the hands.  Let us resume straight away, as we have much to do.  Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency.  Salu!

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