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New Series 23: Unfolding of "the plan" before your very eyes!!! Hitler is half khazarian

12/08/10 from HATONN/jonur (ns23)

Hatonn present in the light of Holy God.  Let us continue, please.

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Hitler’s Germany and “The Jewish Question”.  Make no mistake about the issue, chelas; the Zionist affiliated “Jews” of Khazar—NOT HEBREW—lineage ARE THE ANTI-CHRIST FROM BIBLICAL PROPHECY!

Hitler, himself being HALF KHAZARIAN, did not fancy his “Jewish” heritage.  He had no desire to see Germany destroyed by the Zionists.  And so they allied themselves to create a “World War” against the Fuhrer and all of the German people.

Today, these same counterfeit Jews have taken over America in similar fashion; however, the Zionist control of U.S. news and “entertainment” media outlets have far surpassed anything done to the German citizenry.  They at least knew WHO THEIR ENEMY IS—YOU DO NOT.



It is long past the time for God’s People (followers of Godly principles, no matter what our “faith” happens to be) to see the handwriting on the wall or, more accurately, the television screen.

The nightly images and seemingly unrelated news events, and the Jewish Global Plan 2000 depopulation program, are clear signs of the times, precious friends.  You are watching the transition of your planet into a so-called “Communist” Prison Planet.

Now, you have all the tools in place, and a President of the People who will “stand with you while WE do it!”  Do not lose that CONSTITUTION!  And never allow you-the-people to be disarmed in the face of what is coming.  Red China, Soviet Russia—how in heaven’s name do you perceive that these two giant nations fell to such an evil system where virtually all the citizens became slaves overnight???

Who took all the people’s arms for defense of their homes and property?  How is it that only the “communists” had guns and told everyone else what to do?  After all, Jews only make up a couple of percent of any given situation.  How is it that their cleverness has outsmarted all you goodly Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and even atheists??  The answer is simple:  Today it is summed up by two letters—TV.

Now that “The Press” has been all but killed off, the so-called “Boob Tube” is basically where Americans get their news, information about health and the environment, rumors of wars, and the stock market.  Even what is still allowed to be shown through your Internet must eventually end up on television for the masses to quantify it as “fact”.

And this is where they spring their trap.  This is where the international banker cartel of satanic crooks goes into action!  Since all entertainment and media companies all answer to RCA (British Intelligence operation's Radio Corporation of America), one group of people can manipulate EVERYTHING THAT COMES INTO YOUR EYES AND EARS.  A story can be presented, pushed, and rallied into the American psyche to the point of having you demand that the shackles be placed on you.  Making matters worse is that the motivating news “story” is a total fabrication.  You no longer get the truth from those who pretend to be journalists.

Military Intelligence IS the source of all information you label “news”.  The stories kept in place and built up over the decades are sheer fairy tales!  Everything from little boys wearing explosive underwear (????), to leaked secret government documents and “unrelated sex charges”, have no basis in fact.  It is the bigger picture, always, that you should sharpen your focus on.  Each time one of these shocking revelations come out, is it not obvious that A NEW SET OF RULES IS IMMEDIATELY BANGED DOWN ON THE SLEEPING POPULACE?  IS IT NOT INTERESTING THAT THOSE NEW RESTRICTIONS WERE SITTING THERE, ALL HAMMERED OUT AND SIGNED BY ALREADY WRITTEN EXECUTIVE ORDERS FROM PAST ADMINISTRATIONS?  The “PLAN” is being followed most carefully, indeed!

Jonur, pause here, please.  

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