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7/09/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns54)

Hatonn present in the light of God.




To our new readers and listeners, THE ZIONIST JEWS OF ISRAEL AND THE BOLSHEVIK JEWS OF THE OLD SOVIET UNION, HAVE BEEN TRYING TO START A FIRST STRIKE ATOMIC WAR AGAINST RUSSIA FOR YEARS!  These false Hebrew Judeans, who call themselves “J-E-W-S”, have been using every covert method available to them—at the expense of you-the-people—in an attempt to get back at their old enemy.

The facts are, precious ones, that about One Thousand Years Ago, Christian Russia was pivotal in stopping the ancient Khazar tribe of imposter “Jews” from expanding their empire that terrorized Europe and Asia’s “Old World”.

These barbarian and physical asset-orientated Khazars, who were called years before the people of Gog from the land of Magog, TODAY make up 80-90 percent of so-called Jewry.  So what you look at now, and perceive to be traditional Jewish citizens in your nation and around the world, are actually TURKISH PEOPLE BY ORIGIN who are pretending to follow the Hebrew Bible, or Torah, from which the Christian Bible is based.  They know the truth of this deception, and these Turks have created another “bible” that they really follow called the TALMUD.  The Talmud is not a book of God nor does it try to pass itself off as being “inferred from God”.  Quite frankly, it is a compilation of “traditions of the elders”, literally, for the taking of the world.  Even most Jews do not truly KNOW what is in that Talmud.  It is a secret, and only selected Jewish leaders are allowed to study its full contents and interpret the meaning.  And remember:  YIDDISH is not Hebrew!  Khazars have their own secret tongue they speak in the synagogues amongst themselves—even the real “Jews” (Judeans) are not allowed!



Not only can tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, WILDFIRES AND THE ARID CONDITIONS THAT CREATE THEM all be created at will—BY MAN—but “Thunder Bolts of Thor” can also be ordered up on cue!  From high-altitude spacecraft (that perform like “UFOs”, as Adolf Hitler called his own “Last Battalion” who manned and operated his “Vonder Veapon”—or “Wonder Weapon”, he warned your government leaders at the closing of World War II!  Once again, for our new ones:  HITLER DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE—he went to the Antarctic in a fleet of German U-Boats/submarines and continued the war from bases under the ice!  Amongst some of those Arctic, and especially the Antarctic, are ringed TROPICAL VALLEYS!  Admiral Byrd and others have visited these places and your government knows about them.  More secrets kept from you nice Americans!) and from the Moon—powerful streams of subatomic, charged particles can be instantly focused on any Earth target with fantastic and devastating results!

A popular photograph of Nikola Tesla taken in about 1898—ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN YEARS AGO!—has him posing with his “Magnifying Transmitter”.  It was capable of producing millions of volts of electricity; the picture shows a discharge twenty-two feet in length.

Tesla invited the examiner-in-chief of the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, D.C. (A moment to comment on that other so-called genius, the Jewish Einstein:  Keep in mind that the evil Khazar Zionist, the false “Jew”, steals everyone’s ideas, patents, and inventions, kills and “breaks” the memory and legacy of the true inventor, and then secretly uses the stolen technology AGAINST CHRISTIANITY!  Albert Einstein was nothing more than a low-level clerk at the Patent Office, where he could take whatever he wanted and claim to be the genius!  Edison, Marconi of radio fame, and others stole from Tesla and took the credit for HIS DISCOVERIES!) to travel to New York for an unusual demonstration.  In a patent numbered 645,576, which Tesla called the “System of Transmission of Electrical Energy”, he proved that “it has become possible to transmit through even moderately rarefied strata of atmosphere electrical energy to practically any amount and to any distance.  When I turned on the current, I showed that through a stratum of air at a pressure of 135 millimeters, when my four circuits were tuned, several incandescent lamps were lighted.  I came to the conclusion that it would be ultimately possible, without any elevated antenna—with very small elevation—to break down the upper stratum of the air and transmit the current by conduction.”


Seconds before the launch of your “Atlantis” space shuttle, the Bolshevik Warlords were still on for their Project-Z war plan to start Nuclear War I / World War III with the Russians.

Again the old naval stratagem of “firing a shot across the bow” of an enemy ship, to halt further advancement prior to a battle or war, paid off.  This effectively “buys time” so that diplomatic and last-minute secret agreements can have a chance to preserve the fragile peace.

The water tower “lightning strike” was a spectacular show of force, which dramatically demonstrates WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO YOUR SHUTTLE RIGHT BEFORE THE EYES OF THE ENTIRE WORLD!  President Obama, and his dedication and commitment to “the continued exploration of space”, plus his huge world-wide following of humanity, earnestly believing in REAL CHANGE—FOR THE BETTERMENT OF ALL PEOPLES OF ALL RACES—gave you one more chance at turning your nation around.  For so goes America, so goes the rest of the world!  Remember, “humanity” is basically good, basically Godly; that means every opportunity for balance and harmony will be seized upon IF Hope remains alive.  The United States now stands for that hope because you-the-people stand by a living, breathing example of a family man and a President who actually CARES.

Much is still happening in the SECRET SPACE WAR above your heads and in space!  The technology is already on your planet.  It is only the sleepy masses who are kept in the dark.  This makes it very easy to fool you with light shows and genetic manipulations of which you have no knowledge.


“Even the Gods of old, in the wildest imaginings, never undertook such gigantic tasks of world-wide dimension as those which Tesla attempted and accomplished.”  This praise from John O’Neill is like every other person who knew of the amazing amount of work Tesla achieved during his lifetime.  The world would still be in the dark ages, by comparison, without the fantastic inventions of this Croatian-born genius of electricity and “Master of Lightning”.

William L. Laurence comments that, “If Mr. Tesla really fulfills his promise, the result achieved would be truly staggering….  The authorities in charge of building the national defense should at once look into the matter.”  AND IN SECRET THEY WERE!  Tesla’s papers, upon his death (murder, poisoned in the method used to kill one of your last Popes, so it appears to be “natural causes”) were seized and immediately classified “Top Secret”.  Through Rockefeller-Soviet Jewry double-crosses, and military back-door dealings with traitors in your own CIA with Kremlin KGB spies, Russia ended up with Tesla’s most important inventions.  They listened to Tesla and have since PERFECTED all of his works.  Russia’s new Christian rulers, however, now control the Cosmosphere Space Platforms and the other true Star Wars weapons that came from Mr. Tesla’s research and experiments.

Those evil little “Soviets” were mostly kicked out of Russia and emigrated en masse to your country, where they now use YOUR military and NASA space resources to try and smash their former “comrades”.  And I use that term loosely, because those Jewish Soviets invaded Russia in 1917 in the Red October Revolution—FULLY BACKED BY THE JEWISH BANKSTERS FROM NEW YORK—and slaughtered over 100 Million Christian Russians.

So, as you can see, the plan against you has its roots in other happenings hidden from the citizenry, but also visible in your history as the underlying causes of all the unfounded little wars the planet has been suffering through.  EVERYTHING IS RELATED TO EVERYTHING.  Let’s put the pieces in proper order and show the world what they have been sleeping through lo these many centuries.



How come no one knows about Tesla and this incredible stuff???  Were you not told when all these things were coming about in daily discussions and interviews with the public?  Yes, but with the Zionist Jews’ take-over of your media and publishing houses, all references to this man’s work have been dropped.  He is never mentioned, and if so, it is only a comment or two about alternating current or the Niagara Falls power station he built.  As I said before, it is the Edisons, Einsteins, and Marconis who falsely get all the credit, and the secret government who takes possession of the spoils.

“Free Energy” beamed through the sky, like radio station waves going to a receiver to play music and news, would solve the energy problem, and pollution would be non-existent.  No more oil crisis—and no more wars over oil.  The plan was to keep these advances out of your reach so that you could be manipulated and controlled through price-fixing and embargoes and such.  As you have witnessed, that part of the plan is plainly visible.

In 1934, The New York Times newspaper had a staggering front page story about Tesla’s Charged Particle-Beam.  It printed in big, bold letters:  “TESLA AT 78 BARES NEW DEATH-BEAM Invention Powerful Enough to Destroy 10,000 Planes 250 Miles Away, He Asserts.—DEFENSIVE WEAPON ONLY—Scientist, in Interview, Tells of Apparatus That He Says Will Kill Without Trace.”

He explained in the article that his invention “will send concentrated beams of particles through the free air of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 250 miles from a defending nation’s border and will cause armies of millions to drop dead in their tracks.  When put into operation, Dr. Tesla said, this latest invention of his would make war impossible.  This death-beam, he asserted, would surround each country like an invisible Chinese wall, only a million times more impenetrable.  It would make every nation impregnable against attack by airplanes or by large invading armies.”  It can also shoot down Space Shuttles trying to start nuclear war!


There ARE references to all this elite conspiracy garbage that were made during the early development and implementation of the Global 2000/New World Order “Plan”.  Some is in the form of “comic books”, but comics back in the day are not the same as you have now.  Today it is just silly science fiction; however, in the ‘30’s, ‘40’s, and ‘50’s, the stories and illustrations were rooted in factual science with real persons and actually depicted actual locations.

Even films of that era showed startling things that mirrored actual secret government activities and programs.  President Ronald Reagan made a movie entitled “Murder In The Air” which was about Tesla’s particle-beam weapon being used to destroy aircraft.  Still other motion pictures showed secret cabals hell-bent on world conquest and experimenting with alien technology.  However, in your more modern times, no direct connection to the conspirator’s plans are mentioned.  Particularly Khazar Jewish capture of the planet and German and Russian and American UFOs posing as invading “space aliens”.  Nor are there any depictions of God and His HOSTS landing in silver space craft and “seeding” Earth with His children—you.  The truth is the big secret now.  As long as the Devil can keep you shrouded in the confusion of the lie, he can manipulate your mind—and steal the gold from your pocket!

A declassified FBI document told you that “The Soviet Union has allegedly had access to some of Tesla’s papers, possibly in Belgrade and/or elsewhere, which influenced their early research into directed energy weapons….  Access to Tesla’s papers on lightning, beam weapons and/or “death rays” would give more insight into the Soviet beam weapons program.”

Also, in January of 1960, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev told the Supreme Soviet that “a new and fantastic weapon was in the hatching stage”.  This, too, was a New York Times article.  The clues were given, but no one noticed.  Even more recent news items pointed at the capabilities and advancements of Russia.  “Aviation Week & Space Technology” magazine from July 28, 1980, printed that “the beam weapon threat from the USSR seemed capable of neutralizing the entire United States ballistic missile force and checkmating this country’s strategic doctrine.”

Even one of your own Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project directors, Richard Briggs, confirmed that a secret, non-nuclear weapons race had been underway during your so-called “Cold War”.  “There was certainly concern that the Soviets would be developing directed energy weapons, just as they were concerned that we might successfully develop a directed energy weapon.  You have to realize that the thing in military technology that causes grave concern is a technological breakthrough.  Directed energy weapons, if successfully developed, would totally change the nature of engagement, offense and defense.”  The term “Directed Energy Weapon” (DEW) was only declassified in the 1980s—they do not want ordinary citizens to know that man can strike lightning just like God now.

Jonur, break here and have nourishment and respite.  Hatonn to clear.  Salu!

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