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New Series 12: What's that new "sun" in the sky (Cont'd)?

9/20/10b from HATONN/jonur  (ns12)

Hatonn present to continue, please.  I come in service to the Creator SOURCE, Amen.



The Coming of Nibiru, Interview:  Col. Bob Dean, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Concluding quote:] … KC:  OK, but the Anunnaki are here, you’re saying.  And, yet, the Anunnaki are supposedly on Nibiru as well.  Or, what are you thinking?  Or, what are your sources telling you about this?

BD:  The civilization, the Anunnaki civilization, is on the planet, but the Anunnaki are on this planet as well, all over the damn place … under the sea.  The facilities that we know about … [are] inside Mount Hayes in Alaska, inside Mount Peridido in the Pyrenees.  There’s one right in the middle of Australia, which is near … what, Alice Springs?  And what’s the facility out there?

BR:  Pine Gap.

BD:  Pine Gap!  Yes.  Thank you, my friend.  Pine Gap.  [Hatonn:  This is a huge installation; they also utilize the equipment there to eavesdrop on U.S. telecommunications with the National Security Agency (NSA).  By routing all domestic calls OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, through NSA and British Super computers (Australia is a British colony), before being re-routed back to U.S. domestic lines, the calls can now be “legally” scanned as a “foreign call”, which allows your spy agency to screen all calls coming into your country.]

BR:  Are you referring to …

BD:  And that happens to be the R+R?  I’m sorry ….

BD:  Rest and relaxation.  [Kerry laughs.]  It’s what we used to call it in the military when we ….

KC:  The R+R facility for whom?  What, the Anunnaki?

BD:  For the ETs and the Anunnaki.

KC:  Pine Gap.

BD:  And they’re dealing with human beings, they need rest and relaxation!  [Kerry laughs.]  But anyhow, the rumor is that Pine Gap is primarily an R+R facility.

KC:  Have you been there?

BD:  I’ve been to Australia.  I haven’t been to Pine Gap, no.  [Smiles.]

KC:  Would you lie to me?

BD:  Sometimes, maybe, but not right now, no.


BD:  No, I haven’t been to Pine Gap.  A lot of my work has been the result of analyzing and sifting and evaluating the work of others.  That’s what an intelligence analyst does, takes data from a variety of sources.  But I have some information that I have been provided from sources within the U.S. government that tell me that, yes, they are deeply concerned about it.  And they’re worried sick about it.  And they don’t know what to do about it, because we don’t have the power to do a damn thing about it!

BR:  Is the estimated date, as best you are given time to understand by your sources, in the next few years, rather than Sitchin’s estimate of 2060?

BD:  Well, let me tell you something about ….  You talking about 2012?

BR:  I’m talking … well, there are some serious Planet X researchers who say that we’ll see the thing next year, and things could be starting ….

BD:  I think you may see it next year, but I don’t think you’re going to have all hell breaking loose until maybe about 2020.  You’re going to have a build-up of factors.  It’s not going to happen all of a sudden, just like that.  [Snaps fingers.]  You’re not going to go out the front door and all hell’s breaking loose.

You’re going to see a series of events taking place involving our geologic structures.  You’re going to have increased volcanic activity.  You’re going to have increased sun spot activity.  We’re at a low right now!

KC:  (Agrees.)

BD:  But you are going to see tremendous sun spot activity. You’re going [to] see tremendous geologic activity.  The Ring of Fire will probably erupt.  Now, these are all going to be clues that all hell is coming, you know.

You’re going to have storms.  The cyclones have been getting worse, and the hurricanes have been getting worse.  You’ll begin having hurricanes showing up in places that they really haven’t troubled us for a long, long time.  So, you’re going to have a build-up.  Not slowly, but a consistent build-up of geological and weather and sun spot activities.  And you’re probably going ….  The estimate that I’ve heard from people who have studied it is about 2020.

KC:  OK, but we have heard that Sitchin, as well-meaning as he may be, is working for the government.  And my understanding would be that they don’t want this information out.  So they’re doing everything in their power to make sure that it’s ridiculed, as we’ve observed.

BD:  Kerry, what could the government, or anyone else, tell you?  What could they say to you?  Would they tell you that … grab your hat, dig a hole, hang on?  Would anything they say ….

KC:  Well, is that what the underground bases are all about?

BD:  Well, I’ve always had the conviction—and I’ve put this together over the years—that the so-called elite, the crème de la crème (they’re self-designated, you know), they have been preparing for chaos for years!

It initially was initiated by the thermonuclear threat with the Soviets—underground, you know, fall-out shelters where we could go.  [H:  I repeat:  Russia, China, Switzerland, and your elite bunch of criminal politicians have massive below-ground facilities to survive nuclear war.  You in America—the citizenry—do not!  If you did, like the Swiss and the Russians, etc., ALL OF YOU could survive quite nicely through the worst of it.  Americans were purposely maneuvered into not building shelters, domed dwellings, and emergency tunnel systems, so your nation’s peoples could be wiped out!  Remember Henry Kissinger’s (aka Heinz Stern, whose mother was of the infamous terrorist organization—The Stern Gang) Depopulation Program?  How about his M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) Program concerning nuclear war with the Soviet Union?  Americans are slated to be killed off.  You are the light of the world.  So the adversary wants you out of the picture.  Do not let them do you in because of your lack of knowledge!]  We have our own air-conditioning.  We can have our own food supplies and our own water supplies.

That was a program that began that I worked very closely with when I was with FEMA over the years.  I’ve been in underground facilities you wouldn’t believe!  [H:  Indeed!  You have no idea what the elite conspirators have set-up and planned for YOUR demise—and their security!]  And there are facilities everywhere that are not known.  I mean, there’s a big facility right under Fort Huachuca here in Arizona.  I mean a massive one!  That will never come out.  I’m telling it now, but, you know ….  There’s a deep, deep, massive underground facility under Fort Huachuca.  They’re all over the place.

And I went to a Department of Energy school at Camp Mercury in Nevada.  That was the first time I visited Site 51.  [H:  Area-51, as you know it.]  I may have shared that with you.

KC:  Yes.

BD:  Anyhow, I went to school in, oh, ’79, a Department of Energy school on radioactive energy disaster response, anyhow.

KC:  So, you went into the underground base at 51?

BD:  No, I talked to the guys who built some of them.  I also took a bus over the pass from Camp Mercury, which is the atomic test facility there, over the pass.  I went into Site 51, Groom Lake, from the rear.  And it was no big thing, just a tremendous facility there.  Most of it was underground.  And the hangers ….

KC:  So.  Ok.  First they reacted to the Soviet threat and all that, and the nuclear ….

BD:  It’ll build up slowly, and it’s already subtly begun.  And they don’t want to talk about it.  No one wants to share it.  I mean, look, for God’s sake, at the lid they’ve kept on the reality of ET activity on the Moon and Mars!  [H:  Open your eyes!  You went to the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn’s moons, etc.; do you think the adversarial elite don’t know!?!  YOU are the ones who do not know!  The “Jewish” (not the goodly Hebrew Judeans) elite are planning a grand magic show over you Christians, a staged Second Coming, and a UFO invasion of sorts; would they not corner the market, if you will, over events—thought-to-be acts of God???]

KC:  Mm-hm.

BD:  With the ridicule factor, and the lid coming down ….  I think Robert Harrington did lose his life because he said too much.  He says:  Oh, it seems to be a rather nice planet, and we know about it, and all we need to do is name it.  And, then, bless his heart … You know, he’d never had a heart problem, but within a year he was dead with a heart attack.  [H:  The method of choice for the assassins and killers of today!  CIA and military assassins use SECRET ELECTROMAGNETIC AND RADIOACTIVE TECHNOLOGY to get rid of their enemies.  That means you-the-people who wake up and take a stand!  Get shielded from this onslaught.  Ask for God’s light, and His HOSTS, for your protection and constant security!  It is the only thing that can save you against what they now use against the people!]

You know when Ike [H:  President Eisenhower, that Khazar who met with the Space Brothers] met that crowd at Muroc, which is now Edwards?  [H:  Edwards Air Force Base in California, in the Mojave Desert, near Tehachapi and the giant underground crystal, which is about two miles in size!]

KC:  Right.

BD: … in ’54, he met the Anunnaki.  Poor Ike, not long after that, had a heart attack.  It was more than he was able to deal with.  [H:  Or, could he have met with a fate that many, many others shared who came into the truth of Extraterrestrial and UFO incidents???]  The shock of that reality took a toll on him. And that’s one of the reasons why the Brookings [H:  Institute] Report reached the conclusion it did!  You can’t tell those poor folks out there all this.  [H:  Yes, you can; however, the Jews would have you believe differently!  They think they are supposed to be the ones to give you the truth—even though TRUTH is not in them!  The Khazar “Jews” are known throughout your Holy Bible as being the people who brought you the lie.  Now they present themselves as givers of divine truth???!!!  Nay!  It is the Serpent himself who feeds you the poison, and tells you it is candy!]  They couldn’t handle it!  Well, bull …, they can handle it!  Damn …, human beings can handle anything.  I mean, we’ve gone through hell over the centuries.

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  We can handle Attila the Hun [H:  A very close relation to the barbaric Khazar tribes] and Adolf Hitler [H:  Who was half Jewish—his father was a Rothschild, for goodness sakes!]; we can handle anything.  We’ve been designed to handle anything.  We haven’t been designed to live very long [H:  Actually, you were!  You were created in the image of The Living God of Creation!  The conspirators messed up your planet and atmosphere so that the life expectancy of the body diminished greatly.], but then again, there’s another story there.

KC:  Right.

BD:  [From] where did you think that this tremendous outpouring of knowledge on the double helix, our RNA, our DNA and all of that has been coming forth?  Is there some connection with the fact that maybe we now have a relationship with the guys who originally designed us in the first place?

KC:  Sure.

BD:  Of course we have.  We’re now in the process of redesigning and engineering our own DNA.  [H:  And that’s when you first got into trouble with God and The Creation.  Genetic tinkering with The Creator’s creation—AND atomic experiments with nuclear weapons of tremendous power—marked the downfall of human civilization.]  And we’re being told how.  We’re being shown how.  And thank God, they’re sharing it with us now, because the first time poor old Adama and Ewa wanted the knowledge, they threw ‘em out of the Garden, as it were, you know?  [H:  Oh?  What changed the “second time”???!  Breaking the laws then was just as bad as breaking them now!  How dare you think YOU can improve on God’s creation???!  But is that not the all-time greatest lesson?  Man, or Lucifer, thinking he can do a better job than Him who created thee.]

And that’s another thing I want to talk about briefly in passing … is that there’s no such thing as original sin.  And that’s a crock of manure that’s been forced down your throats for thousands of years.  There is no such thing as original sin.  The human race never fell.  It was pushed!  [Kerry laughs.]  [End quote.]

Pause here, Jonur, and we will resume when you return.  Salu.  

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