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5/09/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns46)

Hatonn continuing, please.

Much happens in your world that ones are not aware of.  This receiver/translator goes through great trials and tribulations in this location with family and friends.  The problem is that he is not like those around him.  The masses of humanity—including the closest loved ones—are a great DISTRACTION.  Either you ignore the distracting elements and continue on with our work OR move to a location where there is complete isolation and obscurity.

The feelings of those around you do not matter IF they prevent you from serving God and His HOSTS, for man must be shown the way.  And it requires the ONE who is willing and commits enough to allow friends and family to fall by the wayside if they hinder your mission.  You cannot allow feelings of others to distract you from your higher purpose.  Satan means:  Anything that pulls you away from God.  PERIOD!

*        *          *          *          *          *

Now, what of your space wars and global terrorism???  The Zionist Jews are still in control of EVERYTHING, chelas.  They have been at it for centuries upon centuries.  And believe me, they have NEVER lost sight of their goal to destroy Christianity—AND THE CHRISTIANS!

Do you not even recognize your enemy???  Do you know that you have been protecting them???  Jews have you thinking they are God’s chosen people!  What a great and terrible lie your world is caught in!  SATAN’S OWN CHILDREN HAVE FOOLED YOU INTO HARBORING THY BITTER ENEMY UNTO THY BOSOM!  YOU GAVE THE BEAST THE POWER TO DESTROY YOU!  The Jew teaches your children and gives all your races poisons in the guise of medicine; he even dictates your foreign policy.  And they do not even care for your nation—AMERICA IS EXPENDABLE TO THE JEW.  You are to be sacrificed in global nuclear war and particle beam weapon blasts from orbit!

And yet, no one is the wiser.  How in the world did your nation sink so low, and so quickly at the hands of the evil Jewish empire?



“Gold is the greatest power in the world” to the Jew.  He uses it for force, reward, and the means of all pleasure; it has become everything man fears and covets.  Remember the golden calf of Moses’ flock?  That calf of gold that Aaron raised in the desert is the symbol of evil, precious friends.  It is the means by which man has been all but destroyed.

How is it that the most admired and prosperous nation in all the world owes everything to the Jewish Banksters in Switzerland?  How is it that the Banks of International Settlement, International Monetary Fund, and the so-called Bank of the World (World Bank) came to literally OWN America???!!!

You gave up your nation and demanded they take your hard-won freedom and independence to boot!

The Jew is a totally PHYSICAL ASSET-ORIENTATED SOCIETY.  THEY CARE NOTHING FOR YOUR SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT NOR YOUR CHURCHES.  THEY CERTAINLY DO NOT CARE FOR YOUR GOD—WHOM THEY MURDERED—AND GOT YOU TO DO IT FOR THEM!!!  Do you not see how silly you are?  The Jew laughs at you daily, while constantly running programs that PROGRAM your children, babies, and young people to the mindless ridiculousness of television.

Do you have any idea at all what children LEARN when they sit for hours every single day watching “cartoons” depicting “Christian” ordinary family life?  Or “music” that teaches nothing but total disrespect and murder of their own kind?  Women and very young girls having babies, while the little boys are having sex with whomever, and whatever, to supplement the daily killings of their otherwise boring and pointless SHORT lives—who is responsible for this insanity???  Not God.  Then who?


The opposite of light and goodness is Lucifer, the fallen one, remember?  When he is put in a position of power, you have a world dominated by evil.  Wars, sex crimes and prostitution, slavery (VERY PREVELENT TODAY IN ISRAEL AND SAUDI ARABIA!), robbery of all sorts—don’t you recognize the times, dear ones?  You are in it; those last days you read about are upon you.

Man alone can create an Armageddon WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM GOD—BELIEVE ME!  The secret technology the Soviet Jews (not Russians—who are Christians just like you in America!) gained from you during the so-called “Cold War”, is Space-Aged REAL Star Wars stuff!  You have never been given witness to the true capabilities of man in these final days of the closing of the Great Cycle.

That means it is easy to fool you.  You do not know of the true nature of magnetism and what you call “electricity”.  If you still do not KNOW that God’s HOSTS are extraterrestrial beings—THAT INCLUDES “JESUS”, I’M SORRY TO BE THE ONE TO BREAK THAT NEWS TO YOU!—then you cannot know what the origin will be of those ships dropping down out of the sky, can you??!!

The LIE OF THE AGES is the presentation of God, hidden by the false projections of the Satanic Jew in sheep’s clothing.  And the Jew will use TECHNOLOGY and GENETIC TAMPERING to deliver the final blow to a lost and confused humanity.  Did anyone expect the final confrontation between good and evil to be anything less than spectacular?!

If you have no knowledge of what has been done before, how can you hope not to fall into the trap—again?



If you think a few cloned farm animals and a house cat are whole of it, then you are insane.  YOU HAVE A “CLONE” ARMY OF POLITICIANS WHO RULE YOUR WORLD!  That is THE BIG SECRET on the planet—period!

If you don’t know that one, then they’ve already gotcha, regardless of everything else that has been kept from you.

The monsters from space will come, and they too will travel in wondrous flying machines you will call flying saucers.  However, everything that floats and zips around out there (or up here with us!) is not from the same origin.  Just like you have different people from different continents who behave and appear different from you in the United States of America, so too do the different planets in God’s Creation differ.

But it is not like lizards and giant insects and things who are coming for humans.  God would not send that to assist His children!  Think about it, chelas; you were created in God’s own image, so you will be similar to the HOSTS whom God sends as “messengers” (“angels” mean messengers in the Greek language).

Do not think Satan’s Jews have not made use of this situation.  “Many will come in my name”, said the Master Teacher; do not be fooled by the false prophets, for they, too, will land in chariots of fire and silvery craft!

What do you think those old Roswell UFO tales evolved into 70 YEARS LATER?!  All research and testing is underground and on remote government land stolen from you-the-people.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is how the Jew got all your National Parks and the remainder of YOUR public land.  The Resolution Trust Corporation is confiscating all your private property and homes.  Bankruptcy and foreclosure is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and wrong; the Jewish lawyers did an end-run around your Laws of the Land and ended up owning your Republic by calling it a “democracy”.

This allowed the Jew to use British Admiralty Law (the false American flag with the gold fringes around the outside edge—your rightful banner has no “gilding”) to do things your Founding Fathers prevented when drafting the Declaration of Independence.  Over the years, after you beat the British Zionist Jews (and yes, indeed, the Royal family is of Jewish heritage and Khazar lineage!) and won the war—AND YOUR FREEDOM—the Jewish spies worked tirelessly to get back at you for that.

You were setting the example for the rest of the world to follow, and the ruling monarchies gave way to the peoples they formerly “owned” as “commoners”.

Enter, once again, the use of gold.  With the skillful use of this most electrically conductive of all metals, the Zionist Rothschild Jews created the INTERNATIONAL—OR CENTRAL BANK (one institution specifically forbidden by your Constitution and Founding Fathers)—thereby creating the means by which your planet can be enslaved by the Whores of Babylon.



If you want a single family to focus on as to Lucifer’s most ardent follower and taskmaster—then it starts and ends with the House of The Red Shield.  In their native German, “Red Shield” means “Rothschild”.  The family head, the father, used his “pawn shop”, if you will, to organize and control the kings and queens of Europe, and then made his sons BARONS with the unbelievable, immense power amassed by the skillful use of gold.  Gold that was conned and manipulated from the commoners and “peasants”—EXACTLY THE SAME WAY THE “BIG JEWS” HAVE DONE TO YOU TODAY!


This allowed both ends to be played against each other, while the Rothschild patriarch sat in a corner on the London Stock Market and watched his fortune increase in unimaginable sums!  Do you see?  This is how the Jews play the game, dear hearts:  divide the people by color, by race, by creed—ESPECIALLY BY RELIGION—any way you can, and you control them.

War was the biggest money maker and the surest method to gain control of governments—and therefore the people—through EMERGENCY WAR POWERS ACTS.  For you see, while everyone is afraid of everyone else, the wolves (“Jews”) among you set about work usurping the laws and constitutions AND INSTITUTIONS of those nations.

Things that would be impossible and unthinkable during a time of peace for Jewish manipulators to try to do to you Christians (they’d all get their heads chopped off for treason!) was accomplished—not only with ease, BUT WITH YOUR DEMANDS!!!

How, indeed, could such a thing be done???!!  Worse, now in modern times the Jew is set to take you down once and for all!  Are you not smarter four or five hundred years later???

The solution for the Jew was simple—as Satan’s plan always is—use what works, and he doesn’t have to change a single thing except the name ….


Instead of war, revolution, or campaign, or “peace keeper”, the second from last label is “TERRORISM”.  This word is the catch-all phrase for the secret assassins of the Jews to instigate not wars this time—though you have plenty more of those on the drawing board as yet to be started—but EMERGENCY TERRORISM LAWS.

That is how you will be isolated once and for all, and it will be with such sweeping powers that you will not have time to think or act—only REACT to whatever they throw at you.  And it will be everything they have, including the kitchen sink, as you ones put it!

And then when the rivers flood, and the high winds and hurricanes come, and the earth shakes violently and the waves wash into your great cities, and sleeping volcanoes suddenly blast lava and ash miles into the sky (remember, the true Star Wars weaponry I spoke of that you don’t get to witness?), and then comes the final label change the Jew will use to crush your souls forever:  Alien Invasion!  As it so happens, God will also show up that day with HIS followers; your Holy Bible calls them Elohim.  They are the Nefilim Beings and the Anunaki, and, of course, “Elohim” means God.


And that has been the plan since the beginning of the time—as YOU remember it to be:  Get man to turn away from God—and kill the messenger!  Do I not speak the truth?  And here you are all set to do it again!

The HOSTS who travel with God come from space!  “Jesus” (Esu Immanuel “Jesus” The Christ—returning as SANANDA—remember, even your Holy Bible says The Master will return bearing “a new name”.  Sananda is the Egyptian word for “Christ”.  If “King Tut”/Tutankhamen and his predecessor Amenhotep IV, who changed his own label to AKHENATON, were not murdered for exactly what we today are efforting to accomplish right now, enlightenment would already be enjoyed by the planet and you would have no “wars” as such.  It would be a wonderful time and a great migration of the migrations of all time!  By the way, for those who do not know, Doris, the translator previous to Jonur, was Amenhotep IV/Akhenaton in another “incarnation”, if you’ll pardon the word.)  is coming from space.  He travels aboard my Mother Ship, which, incidentally, is larger than your planet!  Do you not think God’s “UFOs” are likely to be much more impressive than anything the Jews could make in the secret underground labs and bases in the American deserts of the South West??!!

Start thinking, people!  God gifted man with REASON; God Aton would not let His people go through all this stuff that’s coming without first sending the WORD and the ones to bring it.  You call them Angels, but you ALSO—NOW—CALL THEM ALIENS.  THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A WHILE.

You are still a primitive lot, you still believe in magic, and you are still afraid of ghosts.  This is what the true satanist WANTS you to believe.  Fear and confusion is how all this has been done to you, and I for one am sick and tired of watching you fall for it every time!

It is time for mankind to grow out of this childish non-sense!  You are coming into the Age of Character, and there is no more time for the spoon-feeding.  Use the brain God gifted each of you with and begin to think about some of the things you are not being told.


Your preachers and the church don’t know the truth either.  It is the blind leading the blind, for Satan captured the churches long, long ago!

Is that not where you expect evil to strike first???  The Jew said, “Let us declare open war on them!”  And they did that by first “attacking the ministers of the Christian religion”.  “Let us suggest suspicion as to devotion of their private lives.”  They use ridicule and jest so they can get the better of the consideration to the cloth and to the state.

Do you see why you have so many homosexuals as priests?  The Evangelicals are of Jewish SOCIALISM/“COMMUNISM” (Remember the bad Jews who WENT TO RUSSIA FROM OUTSIDE, called themselves Soviet SOCIALISTS—which is, believe it or not, much worse than so-called
“communism”.  However, they are part of the same machinery, just as the “democracy” they spawned to undermine and destroy your CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF AMERICA.  Remember the Pledge of Allegiance:  “… and to THE REPUBLIC for which it stands … with Liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL”.) thrust and secret origin.  Look at the faces and demeanor of those television broadcasts that are constantly thrown at you.  Don’t these degenerate deviants from the norm not look like the worst, most mixed up individuals to ever pick up a Bible—to hide behind?

That does not mean that a Joel Olstein and his wife, and a Wayne Dyer and family, are not out there too; after all, if there were not one or two Godly elements in the mix, no one would be watching!  If you call yourself “Christian”, you dare not show ones of light and goodness.

You each individually will have to take responsibility for yourselves and your brethren.  You are going to have to join together and fight this enemy to human decency and morally correct behavior and teachings.



The Jewish thrust is to keep you too busy JUST TRYING TO MAKE IT to even see what’s going on—much less to stop it!

Television, “music” lyrics, rap, fashion, anything to keep your minds exhausted from sun up till sun down.  It becomes a constant barrage of confusing, worrisome static.  The news broadcasts are no different; you are not given any “news”, only that which the Jews wish you to believe.

They do not want to take the chance of a person waking out of the mesmerized state they have worked so hard and long to get you Christians into.  One distraction after another, so you do not have one instant to go within to the only “Preacher” who matters—God.



God is not outside of man as he believes.  God is the light (“electricity” as you call it) within him and all other created things—organic or inorganic.  Light waves you can see are what you label electrical current.  Light waves you cannot see are what your scientists measure with these apparatuses and verify that “something” is beating your heart and causing your little finger to move, or your mouth to speak.

Science also determines that EVERYTHING is made of atoms.  Atoms are made of electrons, small bits of electricity (I must use your terms, though they are not, like your scientists think, the elements of so-called “matter”, which is not matter at all.  Just light wave “electric” motion at different speeds/frequencies—that’s all.) that seem to magically hold everything together like invisible glue.  And yet, sub-atomically, none of those “particles” (that are not) touch each other.  But your senses tell you differently, don’t they?

What, therefore, IS the connection, or “the glue that holds you and everything else together”?

There must be some interconnecting medium that tells every part of a body or thing what’s going on.  This medium is not just connecting the various parts and organs of a body, or tree, or rock, or frog, but it also connects planets, suns, air and everything EVER—known and unknown.  So when you hear something like, “God is as close as your very breath …” orGod is everywhere …” or that “God hears every prayer” and “He dwells within all beings …”, mightn’t “electricity” fit that description?


Very high and very low (fast and slow) frequency light waves (“electricity”) are all there is in nature and in all of creation EVERYWHERE.  Your brains are holographic in their interpretation of the universe.  The brain “electrically” communicates with its environment.

The “picture” you thus acquire gives you a three-dimensional construct of reality, much like your television screen does with pinpoints of light which flicker on and off in such a sequence as to create the ILLUSION of movement of bodies in motion AND SOUND.

God’s Omnipresent/Allpresent/Everywhere universe is like a giant invisible television vacuum tube, where points of light flicker on and then flicker out.  That is what suns/stars are doing; that is also what the tiny microscopic “suns” called electrons do.  The atomic electron systems that make up your body are super-tiny versions of the stars and planets that are throughout the universe of creation.  God would not make one set of rules for the incredibly vast, and another set for incredibly small.

Equally, He would not have one method for communicating for each end of the spectrum of life.  God speaks to all of His created things the same way—through the language of light.


This is called “Knowing”.  Once the reasoning mind grasps the concept of God’s total inter-connectedness with all things in The Creation—INCLUDING THE CREATION ITSELF—then man will begin to realize that he is truly ONE with God and that God’s power IS his power.

Would God be so foolish as to give you his Omnipotence/Allpower without you having learned HOW TO USE IT?  IT IS THERE FOR YOUR UNLIMITED USE.  HOWEVER, IT ONLY CAN BE USED IN THE AMOUNT OF YOUR AWARENESS AND KNOWLEDGE OF ITS PRESENCE.  Truth will not just sprinkle out on you like the Jews have instructed your pagan churches to teach you.  “Faith without works is the same as nothing.”  The Master taught that it is “works that make the man”, not simply faith.



The message is simple—it only takes one person to fully awaken from the Jewish nightmare of physical control and death and war—for all others to witness his awakening and be inspired likewise.

This is why they do not want you to have time to think to ask the still quiet voice within where God dwells.  Since no thing, not even Lucifer himself, can stand up to God (and Lucifer and all his warring angels certainly tried!), man of goodly intent and purpose does possess all he needs to slay the dragon.

The knowledge we bring gives you the power to defeat evil and turn this world of yours around, and put this other thing in the grave where it belongs.  But who dares to take up the challenge?

Someone must show these people the way.  I, Hatonn, cannot do it for you, for then it becomes MY experience and you are deprived of yours.  Each of you is a little, fledgling god, if you will, and you each are at different levels of experience.  However, all of your goals are the same.


When all is said and done, the final leg of the journey is to come back into the oneness with God.

Just as with the desire of any loving parent, you send the child off to learn and grow, and fill their belly, and nourish them with wondrous wisdom.  You want them to experience life and mature into a fine image of those who birthed the child.

And then, when the cycle finally closes, you are, once again, back home at the beginning—from whence you came.  Salu.

Hatonn to clear.

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