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New Series 51: You must have a clear understanding that, not only is your government able to do things like control the weather and cause earthquakes and fly spacecraft that look like UFOs, but so do Russia, China, and other “special” factions you are unaware of—possess those capabilities.

5/26/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns51)

Good afternoon; Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God.  Let us move right along with Dr. Peter David Beter’s “Wikileaks” of your State Department and Above Top Secret Intelligence files.

You must have a clear understanding that, not only is your government able to do things like control the weather and cause earthquakes and fly spacecraft that look like UFOs, but so do Russia, China, and other “special” factions you are unaware of—possess those capabilities.

The history of the so-called CONSPIRACY exists in the records of your National Archives.  However, no one ever thinks to go and look these things up.  Until that proof is brought out into the open, the same tricks can be pulled on you over and over and over again.  Do your homework; it will not just spill out all over you.  And what you are reading is a good place to start.  The TRUTH comes forth through The WORD, and this scribe is the conduit for We of God’s HOSTS.  Jesus The Christ rides with Us and He is our Commander.  Salu!



Dr. Beter:  … Last month I revealed that an Intelligence war of “doubles” had erupted in the United States.  President Carter, Vice-President Mondale, and their wives had fallen victim to this war of “doubles” as their Easter breaks away from Washington were ending.  Now I’m sorry to report that Amy Carter, Billy Carter, Lillian Carter, and Hugh Carter all died soon after Jimmy and Rosalyn did.  All of them, including Amy, have been replaced by “doubles”; but instead of the Bolshevik “doubles” who had been waiting in the wings, those we are seeing are Russian organic robotoids.  The voice of the Jimmy Carter “double” which was reproduced last month in Audio Letter No. 45 is the voice of a robotoid.  That robotoid was the one who was dazzling everyone with his vigorous new image.  [Hatonn:  How about the latest Kissinger “clone” propped up in front of you on television?  Even though these are robotoid beings, they are still very dangerous to your nation and world.  For they do not have that Grace of God called “Soul”, which means they will not hesitate to kill millions of people, if programmed to do so.]  Only a few months ago, Carter had been limping around with what we were told were severe hemorrhoids; but now, out of the blue, here was a Carter who was a powerhouse—hiking, fishing, and jogging ten miles a day; he also looked and sounded younger than before—that was the first robotoid “double” for Carter which I referred to last month as Carter No. 2.  By the time I recorded Audio Letter No. 45, there was also another Carter robotoid making the rounds—this one, Jimmy Carter No. 3, was the one that attended the Holocaust observances in the Capitol building here in Washington.  By contrast with Carter No. 2, No. 3 looks noticeably older and more haggard.  As I mentioned earlier, robotoids are very good copies, but they are not perfect; no two look exactly alike.

Last month I mentioned that the “doubles” for Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter were spending a great deal of time at the Russian Embassy here in Washington instead of at the White House.  Now I can tell you why.  Robotoids are programmed at the Embassy for each assignment.  Between assignments, they simply rest there in a state of reduced metabolism.

When the Bolshevik coup d’etat against the Rockefellers began four months ago [H:  This was recorded May, 1979], the Kremlin rulership already knew that Bolshevik “doubles” would soon be on the scene, and they knew that, if the Bolsheviks were allowed to complete their take-over of the United States, Russia would soon suffer.  The Bolshevik plans for nuclear war against Russia are a blueprint for suicide for America—but they have not been abandoned. Up until now, the Russians had been keeping the robotoid capability under wraps, and there was a real question whether they would ever be used; but the Bolshevik coup d’etat convinced them the time had come to deploy the robotoids.  Now that they are using Nelson Rockefeller’s “Hit List”, and using their robotoids, the Russians have already altered the course of world events in dramatic ways.

*        *          *

The secrets that have accumulated in U.S. State Department records testify to the development and existence of ELECTRO-GRAVITY-POWERED CRAFT—“UFOs”, if you’ll pardon the expression.  Again, high-ranking military personnel have come forward, trying to tell you-the-people what your nation is up against.  Real patriots do that.




Dr. Beter:  … The strategic goal in the new American first-strike strategy is to undo the total Russian military domination of space which began eleven months ago.  We often hear these days about our so-called “triad” of strategic weapons—meaning ICBMs, Missile-launching Submarines, and Bombers.  The Russians, of course, possess a similar triad, which in fact is now more powerful than our own; but today the Soviet Union possesses in addition a “space triad” of strategic weapons—and the central objective of the American surprise-attack plan is to bring to ruin the Russian space triad.  One leg of the space triad is the moon, which bristles with Russian Particle Beam-weapons.  They can blast almost any spot on earth within the course of any 24-hour period.  Whenever the moon is above the horizon where you are, you are subject to practically instantaneous attack from the moon.  The second leg of the Soviet space triad is the fleet of Cosmos Interceptor Killer Satellites in orbit around the earth.  These Space-Age sentinels are manned and armed with Charged Particle Beam-weapons with which to blast all non-Soviet military satellites out of existence.  Months ago they completed the task of wiping out all of America’s early warning and spy satellites, making necessary the Korean air liner intelligence mission of four months ago.  [H:  Around February 1977, for those who want to look it up.]  Now they remain on patrol, ready to nip in the bud any attempt by the United States to re-establish a military toehold in space.

[H:  This is what the Shuttle Orbiter Mission is all about.  The payload is a “Cosmic Background Camera” that allows detection of X-Rays and such from the farthest reaches of outer space—Or, detection of such rays from much closer to home.  Gamma Helium Rays are also “X-Rays”, and they are the signature of nuclear detonations.  A surprise first strike against Russia would need to be VERIFIED by high altitude aircraft or satellite.  All your military and early warning satellites have long been shot down.  All you really have left IS the shuttle, so you can be sure the Bolshevik war planners are going to make use of it!]

The third leg of the Russian space triad is the fleet of Cosmospheres—electrogravitic Hovering Weapons Platforms called the “anti-war machine” by the Kremlin.  [H:  That is also what Nicola Tesla called it; after all, this is his technology going back over 100 YEARS AGO!  The Russians listened to Tesla, while J.P. Morgan—A Rothschild banking agent—and your Rockefeller-controlled government—destroyed his equipment and then murdered the man.  Tesla was poisoned in the same manner as was done to one of your previous Popes.  When the various U.S. technical secrets were stolen and shipped to Moscow, the Rockefeller Brothers thought “THEY” could control America and the rest of the world from Soviet Russia.  However, as Dr. Beter describes, when the Rockefeller-Soviet coalition collapsed and the Khazars were kicked out of Russia, THE KREMLIN KEPT CONTROL OF ALL THOSE NICE LITTLE SECRET WEAPONS—THAT WAS ACTUALLY U.S. TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW SIMPLY GIVEN TO THE SOVIETS—AND NOW RUSSIA IS AHEAD OF THE REST OF THE WORLD.  Lucky for you, however, the Christian Russians expelled all their Jews from power—you have not!  So they are the only ones who can keep the Khazars in check.  Not to mention, we of God’s Space Command are above them all!]  As I discussed last March in Audio-letter No. 32, the late, great General Thomas Power gave a public warning thirteen years ago about the coming threat from these Platforms, but he was ignored.  The United States could have developed these Platforms too, but did not; and now the Russians have deployed them over strategic locations worldwide and in great numbers.  Armed with Charged Particle Beam-weapons, they can produce weather-modification effects by means of defocused blasts into the upper atmosphere.  In the process, they also generate violent air blasts, which were heard last winter over the United States.  But they can also focus their Particle Beams in order to vaporize targets on the ground, at sea, or in the air.

So long as the Russian space triad remains intact, the West has no hope of victory, or even a draw, in a war with the Soviet Union.  But our Secret Rulers cannot shake their dream of world domination; so instead of taking measures that could prevent war, they are trying to position themselves to smash the Russian space triad.  Even if they succeed, a furious and massive Russian counterattack is a certainty, and our Secret Rulers know it.  But they believe there is a chance that the conflict will finally sputter out into a stalemate IF the Russian space triad can be neutralized; and beginning from the smoking ruins of this stalemate, they think they will be able to start over again about as well off as the Soviet Union. The price of achieving this desired stalemate has already been studied with the aid of think-tank computers.  If the American first strike turns out to be a spectacular success, there could be 255,000,000 fatalities in the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain—plus a few million in selected other target areas.  But even in this best case, however, more than half the casualties will take place in the United States which, unlike Russia, is naked in terms of Civil Defense.  If things do not go so well, though, the computers say that up to 350,000,000 (350 MILLION) people may die before the stalemate point is reached.  The United States has no effective means by which to attack the Soviet space triad directly; but there is one weak point which is shared by all three legs of the Russian space triad, and that weak point is Logistics.  The cosmonauts who man the Particle Beam bases on the moon depend for their lives on regular supply missions from earth; likewise, the Cosmos Interceptors in earth orbit can remain operational only so long as their crews can be rotated and re-supplied from earth; and the Cosmospheres, too, require periodic servicing and re-supply in order to keep operating.

The centerpiece of the American first strike, my friends, is to be a knockout punch at Russia’s space logistics network.  The plan is to destroy all four Soviet Cosmodromes, plus the Cosmosphere installations in Central Siberia, in a fast, well-coordinated blow.  Immediately following this initial blow, there is to follow a full-scale nuclear attack by the American triad of ICBMs, Poseidon missiles, and bombers.  The key weapon to be used in the attack on Russia’s space bases is a secret weapon which, until now, has never assumed great importance.  For a change, it is a weapon which the United States did develop while Russia did not.  It is a strange hybrid machine called a Submersible Aircraft, or Subcraft for short.… 

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