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New Series 47: Amenhotep IV changed his name in honor of God and introduced the concept of revering ONE GOD instead of the pagan ritual of many gods. This is where the Age Of Character began for human races. And if it was not for the JFK/Martin Luther King Jr.-type assassination plot against this man and his family, your world would be much, much different today!

5/12/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns47)

Good afternoon; Hatonn present to continue.  I come in the Radiance of Holy God ATON, as given the name by God, by Egyptian Pharaoh, Amenhotep IV.  This revolutionary human being from the lineage of Egypt’s Kings was the first in your recorded human history to speak of ONE Omnipotent (All Powerful) God.

Amenhotep IV changed his name in honor of God and introduced the concept of revering ONE GOD instead of the pagan ritual of many gods.  This is where the Age Of Character began for human races.  And if it was not for the JFK/Martin Luther King Jr.-type assassination plot against this man and his family, your world would be much, much different today!

Research the story of “King Tut” and Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) on your Internet access while you still have somewhat free use of online information.  The Jews do plan to shut down every avenue of truth remaining, just as they did to your PRESS (NEWSPAPERS).

The knowledge of what they are doing to you Christians, and the diseases the Jew has plagued your citizenry with, is what they are trying to keep from you.  They can’t let you find out the truth, do you see?  The Jew’s main thrust is to operate under a cloak of total secrecy, shrouded in a web of lies.  By keeping the masses confused and afraid of the “rumors of war”, God’s People are captured in the trap laid down by Lucifer’s evil followers.


President Barack Obama silences the silly noisemakers once and for all.  Every excuse to quietly play “the race card” or “the Muslim card” has fallen flat on its face.  The point is that “A President of The People” has come, and in these final days of the evolution of a planet and its inhabitants—YOU NEED THIS MAN IN YOUR CORNER.

He is a compilation of ALL OF YOU.  He is White, he is African; he is regarded as Muslim and as Christian; he is highly educated, yet he is regarded as the son of God’s “least”; however, his hope and his dream is the same as everyone who considers himself “American” AND Godly.

The bickering can be put aside now, the divisive tactics of divide and conquer—as foisted off on you-the-people by the satanic Jew—can be buried in the grave of dead things where it belongs.  Man must prepare for what is about to be revealed to him.



Are you not expecting SOMETHING TO HAPPEN IN 2012????  The end of the world?  Alien beings making contact?  A nuclear war?  Financial collapse of your nation and world?  The coming again of a Messiah?

The ancient calendars and the prophets of old have told you of this counting which adds up to these days you are now living in.  Even man, now, has the ability to play god, if you will, and no one would be the wiser, would they?!

You are IN THE LAST DAYS!  How can I reach you who hear me?!  Each breath you draw and every moment you have left counts, chelas (students).  We of The HOSTS of Heaven (Space) have returned!  Quite frankly, We have never really left!  You would not know a “real” alien if he sat in on your signing of the Declaration of Independence—which I did!

So how can you, as a species of humans, be so smug in your limited belief systems as to not know that those stories from your precious Holy Bible are, in fact, based ON EXTRATERRESTRIAL HAPPENINGS?

While you wonder about the JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND—and the real capabilities and weapons that are used—the Zionist Anti-Christ/Anti-God element who secretly control your government’s military are preparing the world for the “Panic Project”.  And it will come right smack in the middle of everything else that will be unfolding!  The goal is to hit you with everything at once so you cannot mobilize any defensive posture.  The steam-roller will just keep on moving, crushing everything in its path—welfare, infrastructure, gang war in the city streets, massive power failures, and terror tactics as yet unseen.  That IS the steam-roller, my friends, “chaos and control”, all combined into one super problem that the Jews have created.



Yes indeed, “the Pacer” in the Pakistani million-dollar compound was Osama Bin Laden.  The reason he was pacing was because he knew his fellow JEWS had turned on him.  Osama knew he was being led to the slaughter and sacrifice.  Jews will kill their own to further their goals,  people; never forget that!  Satan frequently eats his own if it serves his purpose!

And just like a Lee Harvey Oswald—the patsy for the JFK murder—Osama suddenly realized he was going to be the sacrificial suckling pig for the roast.  His days were now numbered.

Without the protection of the Bush/Clinton Administrations, the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabian “Cement-company Mafia” players were left with their assets (and their asses!) dangling in the wind.

Bush and sons and the Clintons were forced to choose the side of you-the-people on this one, precious ones, for the mask is about to come off the beast, and the criminal cartels wanted to escape the “wrath of God”—if at all possible!

God angry???  When his people are set up for wholesale slaughter by THE BILLIONS???  YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT!  God’s anger may not be recognized as such as you define the emotion, but it is there.  Very, very fervently.  God will give every man/woman the opportunity to come back into the light to s-a-l-v-e (heal and apply balm and clean dressings) his or her soul.  However, I would not advise waiting until the last second, for you might not come out of it without burnt little toes!



President Obama has the respect of the Muslim world for many reasons; however, the fact that he spoke to them of peace and goodly intentions from day one, and the tactful way of handling the body of Bin Laden in as close as possible to the traditions of Islamic Law, takes it over the top.

Keep in mind, chelas, that the Armageddon script calls for a massive war beginning in the Middle East that will “set up a foundation for a bloody ending to this world”.  Jesus Esu Immanuel told the Jews who brutally beat and mocked him that it will be your kind and the followers of Mohammed, at war with each other who will bring about the end of the planet.

If you did not have Obama as the leader of the (so-called) “Free World”, your nation would already have been a smoldering pile of ashes.  Starting with the Jewish Khazarian capital of the world—NEW YORK!

So you have BORROWED TIME, and your elite controllers know it.  Both factions in your intelligence community know it also—the good guys and the evil-intentioned ones.  That means you’ve reached a stalemate of sorts, and that means more time to get in touch with God.

Bin Laden’s mother and Heinz Stern’s (Henry Kissinger’s) mother lived in the same part of Israel.  By Israeli law, residents must be Jewish by birth.  This is also why the Muslims do not consider bin Laden to be “a true Muslim”.



While all the coups (secretly-sponsored take-overs of governments) in the Arab world were “spontaneously” sparked and raging, the final Space Shuttle Mission was to get underway—which was to include the shuttle commander’s DEAD WIFE flown to Cape Canaveral to witness the launch, with all you good American citizens watching in awe.

My Command was AND STILL IS on high alert because of the big show-and-tell light show the Zionist Khazar Jews have planned for your world.  The launch delays are nothing more than threats and counter actions by the players in the real Star Wars games.  The Russians of Christian belief (not the anti-Christian “Soviet” Jews) still rule outer space, dear ones, and they do not want that shuttle to take off.  The Zionists do not want their last shuttle shot down—once again—on camera for all the world to see.

And yet, the space shuttle (of which there are backup shuttles with the same names stamped on the side so you ones believe you are seeing one shuttle from start to finish—from liftoff in Florida to landing in California (WHICH INCLUDES A “CLONED” CREW FOR GOOD MEASURE!)—is needed for Nuclear War One or World War III; call it what you like, it will be the final war.

That’s why Russia’s secret space weapons and “UFO”-type space platforms are also on high alert status!  The Kremlin does not want this world to have a bloody end—the Zionists will sacrifice all to attain THEIR goal, even unto vaporizing the planet itself!  Which they most surely can do!

Do you see the delicate balancing act we have to contend with?  How to protect God’s people from the evil that has taken over your world, while at the same time not getting you killed or incarcerated for meeting with aliens from space!

Copies of politicians, military leaders, astronaut crews, journalists, even weird alien monsters from the cosmos, can and are being manufactured—GENETICALLY, AS SYNTHETIC REPLICAS OF LIVING ENTITIES—“ROBOTOIDS”.  Cloning is just a simple biological process of Nature that the conspirators use to throw you ones off the scent.  Cloning is nothing more than allowing a transplanted and fertilized egg cell to grow at a natural pace as it reproduces the DNA of the donor.


In other words, dear friends, the whole of your human experience on the planet is a clever illusion.  You do not KNOW anything … is what I am trying to tell you.

You are going to have to come within to find YOUR truth.  The false prophets were to be watched for, remember?  “Many will come proclaiming to be Me.”  Do you see how incredible this becomes?  If man can “do greater things than I” at some point in his evolution, mightn’t this information open your eyes to some very interesting possibilities????

And could Osama bin Laden be a “double”?  Sure.  Could your President be a “clone”?  Of course.  All is possible during these ending times, and YOU will not be able to tell who is a SOULED being and who is a synthetic replica—WITHOUT SOUL.

However, to put your mind at ease, no, Barack Obama is not a “bio-robot” or “synthetic” replica.  And yes, Most Wanted Terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed, and his body taken and verified, by direct orders of your Commander-In-Chief.

You are at war, and there are going to be casualties in war.  The war was not begun by you-the-people, your President, nor the two previous Administrations—THE JEWS AND THE BRITISH ISRAELITES HAVE BEEN PLANNING EVERY “WAR” SINCE BEFORE YOU BECAME A NATION UNDER GOD.  That is HOW they got to be your rulers and overlords, by getting you citizens fighting against each other BY USING YOUR DIFFERENCES AS AMMUNITION!

This is how Satan/Lucifer and his precious “Jews” do it.  By whatever name—and there are many right in your own Holy Bible!  Always the same people … for “whom the Lord has indignation forever!”  Isaiah 34:5, “Though, my sword is bathed in Heaven, behold, it will come down on Idumea!” (Greek name for Edom—Khazar false “Jews”—not Hebrew Judaists).  Zechariah 14:14, “And Juda shall fight against Jerusalem!”  This goes on and on in your Bible; this is why the Khazar Jew grabbed hold of your religion and your education system, all the while pretending to care so much for your welfare and learning—you have been deceived, and now you are The People of The Lie.  It is time to awaken from your slumber, dear hearts.  God’s trumpets are sounding.  Are you too busy and too distracted to hear?



The enemy of God’s People is great.  He has had eons and eons of “time” (in a universe where, believe it or not, “time” is an illusion) to prepare and practice his evil ways unto perfection.  By comparison, you have only begun to suspect an enemy in your midst as deadly as this beast.

In the past, it has always been something far off out there somewhere.  A fairy tale or a prophecy with hidden, cryptic meaning that no man of mortal being was meant to figure out.

However, that is not the case; YOU ARE the prophecy.  You are that reflection of God that is facing the final test of this transition into a new level of spiritual enlightenment.

When did you believe that YOU would be Daniel in the lion’s den?  Or Joseph who is charged with caring for the Mother and a baby Jesus?  You yourself are in the Valley of The Shadow of Death—RIGHT NOW!  Do you not see it EVERYWHERE?!!  Doesn’t television show you, night and day, the atrocities committed by your fellow man on every channel and in every drama programmed for your “entertainment”???

You need God’s help—NOW.  Tomorrow may be too late.  You are not promised tomorrow, and yesterday is ONLY A MEMORY.  Today, this moment, is when God can help you.  You do not even conceive of the evil that is waiting to be loosed on an unsuspecting world.

You cannot see what is coming, so we are here to tell you.  All you have to do is heed the messenger’s message.  The Angels (“Messengers”) have returned, as God always requires they do when man faces great problems and great change.

Didn’t Ezekiel get help from Messengers/Angels?  Did he not see God’s HOSTS descend from out of the sky in a brilliant silver craft—a “flying saucer”, if you will, that looked like … “a wheel within a wheel”?  Were there not alien beings inside who got out and spoke to him?

The TRUTH has always been right there before your eyes, but the way was blocked by your Biblical “adversary”.  The Jew knows the truth.  Steven Spielberg and George Lucas know the truth.  Their version of aliens and body snatchers is the lie conjured from the truth.  This way they can control YOUR SOUL and what you are to believe.

And the only way the secretive Jew can do this to you is because you think he is your bosom buddy—and “chosen” of God as His favorite.

What does that make you?  It makes you less than nothing in the Jew’s eyes because he knows it is a lie.  He is trying to hide behind the faith of Abraham and the Hebrew heritage!  He knows God is not too pleased with what they’ve been doing to God’s flock—true Judean/Judaists to boot!

But the fun part to the Khazar “Jew” is that you swallow and believe every single lie they tell you!  Their cartoons they tell you are for adults, or “mature audiences” of 14 and over, but they really are for your babies to be programmed with, as well as adults and the elderly.

You see, after awhile the brain begins to see no difference in so-called “make-believe” and the real thing. Over and over and over, the daily and nightly programming continues—without letup.  Do you really believe your SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND IS ASLEEP TO THE CONSTANT ASSAULT ON THE MIND?

The war between good and evil is in the mind, friends; it has been right in front of you all along.  Only you were TOLD that it is just mind-less, harm-less “entertainment”.

Oh, how come the Jews do not let anyone else play in that Hollywood game of simple fun and jokes?  Why are they making BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and yet they do not share all the fun and games with non-Jews?

There must be more to it than that, seeing the incredible Beverly Hills estates and expansive AND EXCLUSIVE clubs’ golfing greens.  Does the picture fit the claim of unimportance?

The Hollywood unions of the Jews are unmatched anywhere in the world of labor.  They want to be sure you “Goys” (non-Jews or sacrificial cows—FOR SLAUGHTER!) do not penetrate the so-called “holy of holies”.

The entire film and television industry—and including the movie theaters and big major (and minor) production companies/studios that house it—IS 100% JEWISH KHAZARIAN OWNED, OPERATED AND CONTROLLED—NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE TOLD OR WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

The beast is right in front of you, devouring your nation and world right before your eyes, and he is telling you that it is candy.  He laughs at your stupidity and at the ease with which he has all but enslaved the planet and now focuses on mass depopulation of the species of man itself!

Know thine enemy, chelas, for he certainly knows who his enemy is!  And he has never lost sight of that, you can be sure.

You ones who call yourselves “Christians” had best be in the serving of the One you proclaim to serve.  God Aton will not do your end of the deal.  YOU will have to build your own bridge to commune directly with our Father.  You will need to see how and what talents God is using to express His omnipresent IS-NESS, so that your brother can also be inspired to greatness.

Then you can create something better to educate and “entertain” God’s children who are struggling to find the light and, once again, be of service to The Most High.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn clearing this frequency.  Out.  Salu.

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