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5/13/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns48)

Good day; Hatonn present to commune.  May insight be your guiding light as you make your way through that which is thrust upon you by our adversary.  Amen.



Zionism and Khazarianism is the “Jewish” threat that plagues not only America, but all the world and its goodly inhabitants.

This sounds like bigotry and so-called “Anti-Semitism”, but it is not.  The Jew is not a “Semite”/Shemite.  The Jew is the most racist person on your planet.  Hebrew Judaists are not “Jews”—that is a negative slang term to the Hebrew people.  Even the word “JEW” is counterfeit; it only came into being a short time ago to fool the world into believing Khazar “Jews” are Hebrew “Jews” from the Holy Book (Bible).

And yet, the entirety of your species of humans has fallen for the lie.  Now the sons of Lucifer have hold of your destiny as a people.

The presidential cabinets of all your U.S. administrations have been GREATLY INFLUENCED BY THE FALSE ONE LABELED “JEW”.  The Zionist influence is what runs the world’s governments and positions nation against nation, people against their brothers—so you become indebted to the Jew as you pay the cost of THEIR war.

Your CIA is nothing more than a world-wide drug cartel that runs and oversees the opium, cocaine, heroine, and marihuana that comes from places like Turkey, Afghanistan, South America, the “Golden Triangle” of South East Asia, etc.  They also supply the illegal firearms that support “the business”.

Central Intelligence has good guys in its ranks who confront the bad ones; however, the agency has been completely overrun by the “Soviet” Jews and their Khazarian KGB (by whatever name they call it today, the Soviet spy machine is still your bitter enemy!) infiltrators.



Make no mistake about facts, chelas; your President is in the middle of The Jewish Khazarian pit of evil vipers.  They have taken control of sixty-five percent of your U.S. Congress, and everyone else is blackmailed by them!

The Jews took over NASA (that’s why you never went back to the Moon—publicly) and the Pentagon; this means THEY CONTROL AMERICAN MILITARY MIGHT AND THE “MILITARY” USE OF SPACE.

Still, you do not compare with Christian Russia’s incredible Space Triad of “UFO”-type space vehicles, particle-beam weapons, and orbital manned “killer” satellites; however, the weapons the Zionists do play with that are yours, can literally destroy the earth itself.  (Again, I now speak of Russia’s new Christian rulers.  The “Soviet” Russians, who are communists/socialists, were booted out in the 1970s when the Christian Russians—who are not Khazars like Stalin and Lenin and Trotsky, et al.—regained control of the Kremlin.  Those exiled “Soviets” flocked right there into your own U.S. government AND JOINED HENRY KISSINGER AND ZBIGNIEW BREZINSKI.  That is why these two evil creatures seem to hold so much influence in American foreign and domestic policy.)

“Israel” is the stolen Palestinian land the Khazars and the British Crown use to further “the lie” of “Jews” being God’s chosen people.  They are not.  The word “Israel” is also a misnomer.  There was no such place as “Israel”; it was never even a proper noun!  Just as with the Khazarian invention of the word “Jew” so they could hide in the heritage of King David and Judaism, THE TERM “ISRAEL” ALSO IS A CLEVER USE OF WORDING TO BRING ABOUT POLITICAL ENDS.

There was no “place” called “Israel”—PERIOD!  The word was spelled with a small “i“ (israel), and simply meant Godly people or people that tried to be goodly, according to a higher SPIRITUAL VALUE and belief system.  Only when the Zionist Khazars and King James—A BRITISH “ISRAELITE”—created THE REVISED HOLY BIBLE AND MADE CHANGES DID LABELS LIKE “JEW” AND “ISRAEL” COME INTO BEING.  EVEN THE WORD “HEAVEN” WAS INSERTED IN THAT REVISED NEW BIBLE—IN PLACE OF ALL REFERENCES TO UFOs AND THE WORD “SKY”!  So you see, the UFO and alien cover-up began long, long ago in your counting of “time”.  The major push of Lucifer and his fallen angel cohorts is TO KEEP GOD’S PEOPLE IGNORANT OF THEIR INHERITANCE AND ORIGIN FROM—AND BACK TO—THE STARS.



By Stephen M. Walt, December 11, 2009, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Quote:]  There was an amazing story in Ha’aretz recently on the “pro-Israel” litmus test that determines who is permitted to serve in the United States government.  Here’s the sort of lead you’re not likely to read in the New York Times or Washington PostEvery appointee to the American government must endure a thorough background check by the American Jewish community.

In the case of Obama’s government in particular, every criticism against Israel made by a potential government appointee has become a catalyst for debate about whether appointing “another leftist” offers proof that Obama does not truly support “Israel”.

The story goes on to rehearse what happened to Chas Freeman (whose appointment was derailed by the Israel lobby because he voiced a few mild criticisms of Israel’s behavior) and reports that similar complaints are now being raised against the appointment of former Senator Chuck Hagel.  Even more bizarrely, the Zionist Organization of America and other right wing Jewish groups are complaining about the appointment of Hannah Rosenthal (who is Jewish) to direct the Office to Combat and Monitor Anti-Semitism.  Why?

Apparently, she’s been involved with J Street and other “left wing” organizations that ZOA et al. deem insufficiently ardent in their support for the Jewish state, and has suggested that progressive forces need to be more vocal in advancing the peace process.  One has to feel a certain sympathy for Ms. Rosenthal, who is forced to defend her own appointment by telling an interviewer: 

“I love Israel.  I have lived in Israel.  I go back and visit every chance I can.  I consider it part of my heart.  And because I love it so much, I want to see it safe and secure and free and democratic and living safely.”

These are fine sentiments, but isn’t it odd that she has to defend her qualifications for a position in the U.S. government by saying how much she “loves” a foreign country?  For an American official in her position, what matters is that she loves America and that she believes anti-Semitism is a hateful philosophy that should be opposed vigorously.  Whether she loves Israel or France or Thailand or Namibia, etc., is irrelevant.  (And yes, it’s entirely possible to loathe anti-Semitism and not love Israel).

But the real lesson of all these episodes is the effect of this litmus test on the foreign policy community more broadly.  Groups in the lobby target public servants like Freeman, Hagel, and Rosenthal because they want to make sure that no one with even a mildly independent view on Middle East affairs gets appointed.

By making an example of them, they seek to discourage independent-minded people from expressing their views openly, lest doing so derail their own career prospects later on.  And it works.  Even if the lobby doesn’t manage to block every single appointment, they can make any administration think twice about a potentially “controversial” choice and use the threat to stifle open discourse among virtually all members of the mainstream foreign policy community (and certainly anyone who aspires to public service in Washington).

The result, of course, is that the U.S. Middle East policy (and U.S. foreign policy more generally) is reserved for those who are either steadfastly devoted to the “special relationship” or who have been intimidated into silence.  The result?  U.S. policy remains in the hands of the same set of “experts” whose policies for the past seventeen years (or more) have been a steady recipe for failure.  If a few more Americans read Ha’aretz, they might start to figure this out.

Stephen M. Walt is the Robert and Rene Belfer Professor of International Relations at Harvard University.  [End quote.]

Pause here, Jonur; Hatonn moving to stand-by communication frequency, Earth Project Intergalactic Federation, Space Command.  Out.  SALU!

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