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New Series 16: What's that new "sun" in the sky (concluding)

9/28/10 HATONN/jonur  (ns16)

Hatonn present.  Thank you.  I come in service to God Aton; let us continue, please.



I am aware that this information is very new thinking to the masses.  However, this is a reflection of the control your satanic adversary has upon the minds of the national and world citizenry.  Through the centuries, and throughout the evolution of humankind, the Dark Brotherhood has maintained such an iron-clad grip on all methods of communication (books, the press, computers, magazines, advertisements, art, science, AND IN PARTICULAR—HISTORY), that you have become The People of The Lie.

It is our mission, in these closing days of the grand cycle, to bring you the truth, and tell you how IT IS!  Space is from whence you came; it is the “Heaven” of which you have often dreamed and pondered about.  It is not magic and mystical; it is simply “a mystery” that you do not understand yet.  This is why we must go over and over these cosmic topics.

The evil that was once let loose upon the planet is now landlocked, if you will, right there where you are.  Remember, Lucifer was kicked out of “Heaven” and sent “down” somewhere.  Although he and his warring followers—the silver-tongued devil persuaded a great many to follow him in revolt against God—are on Earth, they still can travel to the Moon, Mars, and the other planets and moons in YOUR little solar-sun system.  They are, however, banished from interstellar (star) and intergalactic (the swirling pinwheels of billions of sun / stars) space.  [Losing] the freedom and ABILITY to travel the endless universe is the punishment, chelas, if God’s Laws and the Laws of The Creation are not followed.  You are not allowed to destroy the order and balance of the celestial spheres in the Heavens.  Period.

And so God gave you this planet (and there are others set aside for this purpose) for the hard lessons to be learned.  If you refuse to learn, and you break all the laws of God and the laws of The Creation, then the planet becomes over populated and is usually destroyed through war and incessant greed.  And you have done that many times before.  Look at those broken pieces of rock and rubble that orbit your Sun:  man did that, and enough is enough!  This time we will encapsulate the Earth to keep it from causing chaos with the rest of the stars and planets in the cosmos.  The instant it becomes inevitable that a chain reaction is unavoidable and immanent, we will evacuate all viable life forms, and place a plasmic / energy shield around Earth to contain the pieces.  In essence, the planet will be as a flaming sun / star, but it will hold its orbital plan, and the damage will be contained in your little corner of the universe.  This is not a pretty picture from your standpoint; however, these are the safeguards God has tasked we of the Hosts of Heaven.  Did you think Archangels only sit on thrones placed next to Aton?  Or, perhaps, do they CARRY OUT THE FATHER’S WILL IN MAGNIFICENT “CHARIOTS OF FIRE” AND GLEAMING “SILVER CLOUDS” THAT PATROL SPACE?  The time has come to face facts; the cosmos is inhabited and you are a part of it.  Not THE central focus, but an integral portion nonetheless.  Reach out to God and remember your past incarnations, for you are about to meet yourself, once again, as the mighty cycle comes back around.

Let us continue with Colonel Dean.  Salu.

The Coming of Nibiru, Interview:  Bob Dean, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quote:] … BD:  The stock market was rotten to its core.

KC:  Absolutely.  But are you telling people to leave, to go to South America?

BD:  No.

KC:  What’s your advice?

BD:  I’m telling people that you’re in for some difficult times, and I say this in my presentations.  I jokingly look at them and say:  You are all doomed.  There’s not a one of you that’s going to be around a hundred years from now.  You’re doomed!  So, the hell with it.  Enjoy the ride!  [Kerry laughs.]

No, I tell people who are interested in listening to whatever it is I have to say that you’re in for some difficult times.  It’s going to happen.  There is no way to avoid it.  We cannot go on as we were because some of our systems were rotten to the core.  [Hatonn:  Believe it or not, your Zionist Khazarian adversary purposely polluted the air and water supply of Earth—SO THEY CAN CREATE ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS AND UNLAWFUL TREATIES TO CONFISCATE EVERY MACHINE AND INDUSTRY YOU OWN!  This includes your national and local parks, rivers and streams.  Do you see the evil planning the satanic “Jew” conjures inside his secret Synagogue meetings?  Always, it is the MOSAIC (MOSES) TEACHINGS to murder Christ’s followers and steal their gold, land, and THEIR WOMEN!  Slavery, prostitution, pornography are Jewish trades, dear ones, and while secretly orchestrating these evil practices, they profess to you—in their control of your media—that he is the “nice Jewish boy”.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing!!??!]

And, our banking system, the insurance programs, all of that … stock market, Wall Street ….   Those guys were absolutely rotten.  [H:  Go back to your Bible lessons:  They are the Money Changers! Were they not the enemy of Jesus?  Did He not get dragged to the cross, and was nailed upon it, for telling you what they REALLY did inside the temple???]

KC:  The housing industry?

BD:  The housing industry!  That was bound to fail!  You talk about a bubble!  It was bound to fail.  It had to fail.  Well, I’m glad it failed.  Hope to hell that they learned something from it.  Now … [H:  Indeed they did!  The Jews learned how to steal the homes and property from Americans that you owned!  Chelas, if you can lose your house from a couple of dollars of property tax ON YOUR property—then you do not own it, do you!?!  The United States CONSTITUTION forbids these Jewish tricks from stealing American property from its citizens.  So the Esquires (Lawyers) from Old World Europe set about making new laws—which are not lawful—to convince you to tax yourselves right out of your legal inheritance.  Clever?  Now you know what Jesus was up against 2000 Years ago!]

KC:  OK, but we’re talking … are we talking about martial law in the United States?  I mean, what are we talking here?

BD:  You’re talking about a time when you may have martial law.  It’s only one step away.  You know that the authority has been given to the president to declare it.  [H:  Since the days of President Eisenhower, the Zionists have been trying to rework your REPUBLIC into a communistic, socialistic “Democracy”.  The elite do not like the spiritually minded Black races; now that you have a President that is Godly, the Luciferians have a real handful to deal with!  Because the Godly PEOPLE of your planet now see that the beast can be defeated—if everyone stands together.  Barack Obama told you he cannot do it for you; however, he did say that he will stand WITH YOU while “we” do it!]

KC:  Right.

BD:  Congress gave that authority to the president years ago.  I’ve even lost track of how long it’s been.  But anyhow, all the president has to do, whoever he may be … and that doesn’t matter much anymore either because one nitwit is very much like the other.  You have a “national emergency”, and it’s declared.

KC:  Right.

BD:  Boom.  Martial Law!  [H:  Through EXECUTIVE ORDER!  Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush set the trap of “E.O.s” as dictated by the Zionists who manipulated their puppet strings.  These “entities” whom you saw standing before you on the podium were killed and replaced by synthetic replicas of the original host human.  The ORGANIC ROBOTOIDS—similar to the cloning process, but completely different in manufacture—are soulless biological automations which can be PROGRAMMED JUST LIKE A COMPUTER.  This is how great atrocities can be committed against humanity, and the evil doers don't seem to bat an eyelash.  But, a point to remember:  Godly and Goodly persons do not work as puppet synthetic entities because, when the brain of a Godly man is downloaded, so is the Godly essence within the being!  So be it!]  You declare a national emergency, which has not been declared yet.  [H:  In other words, you create the “emergency” secretly beforehand, then pull out the “solution” to the problem—also quietly prepared beforehand.  Stage-managed Crisis Control!  Rent or order Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman’s “Wag The Dog” movie, it depicts just how your governments can “put one over” on you-the-people, and no one is the wiser.  Also get and watch “JFK”, by director Oliver Stone; it shows a bit of the workings of how a secret government operates from the inside.  It is time to see that film again.  Visual presentations speak volumes, dear friends; do not let just the “Hollywood Jews” make use of the cinema and TV.]

KC:  Right.

BD:  But we’re right on the edge of it.

KC:  Right.

BD:  And you’re going to have martial law.

KC:  Ok, so we don’t have an election.  Right?

BD:  Well, that’s ….  You’re thinking about an October surprise?

KC:  I have no idea.  I’m asking you.

BD:  Well, I don’t know about that.  I am not sure it’ll happen in October. I suspect it may occur within the next year.  But I don’t know ….

I haven’t had any dreams.  My dreams have been pretty fascinating recently.  But none of them have been terribly troubling.  And I know this is all happening.  It’s going to take place.  It’s inevitable.  It’s been orchestrated.

The Illuminati do exist.  They are in power.  They’ve been in power for years.  They’ve been demonstrating that power since 1913 when they created the Federal Reserve.

BD:  Federal Reserve, yes, which is a private corporation.  We lost most of it in ’47.  [H:  1947 was a big year.  It was the creation of “Israel” in Palestine, the creation of the CIA to control alien and UFO intelligence, and it was the famous SHOOT DOWN of a Reticulum Flying Disc in Roswell, New Mexico.  All are tied together with this New World Order / Global Government.]  I don’t know whether you were aware of that, but that was a big year.  National Security became everything.  It became a member of the triad.

In ’47 we declared … we made the National Security Agency.  We formed a pact with the Brits, the Australians, the Canadians, and New Zealand, the UKUSA Pact, which most people don’t know exists.  The UKUSA crowd, all of us, Britain, the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, are all like this [clenches hands together].  Whoever is in the White House and whoever is at Buckingham Palace … it doesn’t matter.  The power behind the scenes has been running this damn thing since 1947, and Ike [H:  Eisenhower, who met with my Command at an Air Force base in the western U.S.] saw it.  It scared the hell out of him.  [H:  And he asked his personal friend NELSON ROCKEFELLER to help him deal with “the alien question”.  Thus began the murders and the secrecy that brings you to this day.]  He met the Anunnaki.  That scared the hell out of him.  So they’re pulling our strings now, like they always have.

KC:  Ok, so what’s your solution?  What would you tell people?  I mean, in facing the future, in trying to reinvent the future.  Certainly Marcia is working with people to … to become enlightened, to apply ….

BD:  She’s doing a tremendous amount of work to help people trans … make this transition.  Kerry, we’re not just going through a transition.  We’re going through a transcendent transformation, literally … a transcendent transformation.

We’re going to come out of this thing, when it’s over with, a totally different species.  We’re not going to be the same people we were in the past.  And that’s good!  And it’s going to hurt.  And it’s going to be painful.  [H:  Not if you are prepared and are aware of what is coming!]

And I tell people … and I’ve said this repeatedly:  Don’t get too uptight about it.  You’ve been through hell before.  You’re going through a bit of it again.  But once it’s over, once you’ve made the transition, we’re going to have, hopefully, a new world, a new future, a new beginning.

And I think that’s the end of the Great Year that we’re going through.  We’re going through the end of a 26,000-year cycle.  [H:  Twice in a 24,000-year cycle.]

I tell you, 2012 … phhft, don’t matter!

KC:  So, are you … Is one of the remote viewers you’re in touch with Ingo Swann?

BD:  I haven’t been in touch with Ingo Swann for some time, but I … Kerry, I’ve been doing some remote viewing.

KC:  Right.

BD:  I’ve had a couple of out-of-body experiences.  I’ve been doing a lot of meditating.  When you go in … when you step into that world, there is no time, and you can talk to anybody, everywhere, all at once.  Now, that sounds silly to anyone who doesn't understand what I'm trying to say.

When you step into that realm of timelessness, and you remote view, and you step out of your body, and you go into altered states, and you meditate, you’re in a timeless, infinite reality that people communicate ….  You’d be shocked and amazed at the wealth of information that’s out there just to tap into.  [H:  It’s called the Mind of God!]  The old ones used to talk about the Akashic Records.  [Pause quote.]

The Akashic Records, the “Book of Life”, the DNA of God, this is what mankind is a part of.  You are manifested in the image of your Creator.  Dwell on that, for it is your heritage.

Gyeorgos Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency. Out.  SALU!

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