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5/25/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns50)

Good afternoon; Hatonn present in light and service unto Holy God Aton of The ONE Source.  Amen.

Today I need to catch up our new readers to some very earthly lessons FROM YOUR PLACE.  Man does not yet believe the Hosts of God, “Jesus” Esu Immanuel (“SANANDA” in ancient Egyptian, when The Master walks among you again), or the “angels” and “messengers” come from space.

Man does not comprehend that so-called “CLONES” of human and animal bodies can be recreated in the laboratory.  This is still just so much science fiction to the masses on your planet.  Nevertheless, it is true.



In addition to the invisible, man also needs to get his information about world events from tangible sources.  This means humans who have been in those secret, closed door meetings regarding the fate of the rest of the citizenry.  Only the “insider” can bring these hidden facts to light.

Dr. Peter David Beter was a very high-level analyst in Washington, D.C., and worked very closely with the Kennedy brothers and “the good guys” in your U.S. intelligence community.  He had access to pure “intelligence” (Military definition:  Information about enemies or potential enemies, at home or abroad, that is studied, organized, and assessed, and finally presented to the President in that he can make informed decisions regarding the policies of the United States), and many of his contacts were also high-ranking Generals and State Department personnel.

These were the Christian Patriots who faced the sudden onslaught of Soviet Jews who invaded your nation as they were being expelled from Russia.  Keep in mind that “Soviets” are not Russians and Russians are not Soviets.

Russia was founded as a Christian nation just like you in America.  The Kremlin capital of “St. Petersburg” is representative of the “Rus” (Russian for “Blondes” as in the color of the hair of their peoples) and their acceptance of Christ as their God.  You see, Christ-ness was the consciousness that was sweeping the world.  That does not mean just Jesus; it included Buddha, Islamic Beliefs, Native American beliefs, and every society that wanted goodly ideals to live and work by.  Only the Khazar tribes rejected the teachings of a (or any) “Christ”.  That is why you label them “anti-Christ.

The Khazar tribes are the ones from your Holy Bible who “call themselves Jews who are not”.  Revelation speaks of the evil they will do in THE NAME OF the Hebrew people of the Book.  The Luciferian influence is embodied with this particular group of beings, who truly are aliens in thy midst!

The secrets are kept in the secret synagogue meetings, and have since—THROUGH THE LONG CENTURIES OF HUMAN SOCIAL EVOLUTION—moved on into the British Freemason Order, and then right along into the sanctioned world of Secret Agents and Spying.  Intelligence “agencies” became the new Jewish synagogue meeting and planning places.  For you see, once the Jew is able to put his own Khazar spies and traitors into positions of power, they gravitate on up to those offices that allow, through their very nature, secret backdoor dealings to take place.

Spying gets pretty tricky as to who is spying for whom.  However, the Jew has a distinct advantage over regular “nationals” who spy for their own particular nation or leader.  The Jew has no nation as such to be loyal to.  Remember, Israel was not even a country before 1947.  Where was Jewish loyalty and patriotism all those eons of time before now???

And since “Israel” still is not officially recognized the world over—even by Jews themselves (particularly Orthodox “Jews”)—where might their loyalty really lie?


The government spy agencies throughout the world have become the exclusive domain of Jews.

Starting with British Intelligence (Military Intelligence Division Six—“MI-6”) and the Zionist Khazars who could pass themselves off as White Anglo-Saxon “White people”, the European royal families made sure to install as spies in their far-flung territories so as to keep an eye on things for the king or queen back home.

As Freemasonry took hold worldwide, the Zionist agents could recruit more Khazars from other countries to be their eyes and ears on the ground.  “Jews”, after all, do not consider themselves to be of any one nation.  They believe that they were “scattered all over the world because the world ought to belong to us”!

What holds them so tightly together through their “dispersion “is the control they have at THE TOP LEVELS of such as Freemasonry or “Classified” Levels of government secrecy.  The “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” mentality of Jewish thinking also plays a big role in their dealings with the rest of the world.

Khazar “Jews” are borrowing the lineage and story of King David, a Hebrew Judean—NOT A “JEW”—and posing as a people who escaped bondage in Egypt, wandered forty years in the desert, and suffered a holocaust in Germany.  This never happened to the Khazar Jew; they were never in captivity in Egypt.  Nor were they wandering in the desert looking for a homeland.  In fact, the Hebrew Judaist, or real “Jews”, had their FIRST WAR—WITH THE KHAZAR TRIBES—JUST AS THEY ESCAPED EGYPT!  David is chronicled to have had fierce battles with the Khazars, whom the Judeans defeated on several occasions.

Since the warrior, nomadic Khazars were, and still are, barbarian robbers of gold AND EATERS OF BLOOD.  (Hence the Jewish Blood Libel where Christian children are kidnapped in great numbers and ritually murdered in the semblance of Jesus, and their blood used in bread that is consumed in religious ceremonies.)  “Burnt Offerings” of human and animal sacrifice ARE NOT OF GOD OF DIVINE LIGHT!  They are, however, routinely practiced by Lucifer’s following, and Khazar “Jews” guard closely their evil secrets, chelas.

Let us examine some IMPORTANT State Department secrets the Khazar “Soviet” Zionist “Jews” have been trying to keep under wraps all these years in recent American history.


For our older readers, the Rockefeller Cartel is the power behind the scenes of the United States political sphere.  For many decades, Rockefeller agents were instrumental in giving America the government puppet leaders people saw propped up in front of them.

The Rockefellers also were known as giants in business and banking.  Even giant oil companies came to be regarded as wholly owned Rockefeller interests, completely out of the control of public influence.  A very powerful family, indeed!

Many are still not aware that Rockefeller power was a branch of Rothschild Sons International Banking House, or “The House Of Rothschild”.  Remember those Rothschild spies and agents sent forth to procure property and resources abroad for good ol’ Mother England?  Well, the Rockefeller family was their highest operating group.  They were well financed so that John D. Rockefeller, Sr. (and the earlier generations—even of different names SO YOU DO NOT MAKE THE HISTORICAL CONNECTION BACK TO GERMANY AND BAUER/ROTHSCHILD, OR ROGENFELD/ROCKEFELLER!) could have seemingly unlimited funds to buy up property and industry SECRETLY for his European Rothschild backers.

That is how the Jews were able to attack Christian Russia and turn it into COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST “Soviet Union” and thereby kill off 100 MILLION Christian Russian citizens, priests, teachers, and political leaders.  Rockefeller/Rothschild financing from New York paved the way for spies and revolutionaries to infiltrate Russia and finally overthrow the Czar’s government and replace it with a government of Khazar Jews.

The Khazars spoke broken Russian and did not resemble the historically “Blond” (“Rus”) people, who were those Vikings who came down from the north and eventually settled along the central rivers of such as the Volga.  Though the Khazars were originally from the area of the Black Sea, the Caspian (or “Khazar”) Sea, and the sheltering foot of the Caucasus Mountain Range, their appearance was distinctly different from their Russian neighbors to the north.

In any event, the Rockefeller influence thereafter turned Russia into a nightmare of Sovietization for almost one hundred years.

Nelson Rockefeller was the point man for all the secret dealings between the now Soviet Union and the Rockefeller-dominated spy agencies in America.  This allowed the public to be manipulated into thinking your two nations were at war, when all along Russia and America have NEVER been anything but allies!

Wars were the key method the Rothschild Dynasty of Big Jews, and their private family of international banks, made all their wealth.  By gaining secret control of your nation and open control of the new “Soviet” Enemy, the Money Lenders of old would be in a position to greatly enhance their incredible fortunes, while at the same time reducing Russia and the U.S. to impotent colonies, once again under British rule.

Staging conflicts between Russia and America—and their friends—the Rothschild/Rockefeller alliance stood to gain complete mastery of literally the Earth itself!

But as always among thieves of the worst kind—which is always the Khazarian Jewish thief—there was no honor among thieves this time.  After a series of double-crosses, Nelson Rockefeller was shot in the head and killed.  Those old enough to remember the strange happenings surrounding his death and funeral will note that the murder was quickly covered up and the body was hastily buried, completely “uncharacteristic” of Nelson’s flamboyant style and Rockefeller family “showboating”.


Dr. Beter writes:  A secret Bolshevik purge of the Rockefellers was underway, bloody, but hidden from public view.  But last month I revealed that a secret Intelligence war between “doubles” had erupted for control of the United States Government.  When I recorded Audio Letter No. 45 last month, the situation was confusing and fragmentary, but I told you what I could—and now I can tell you more.

The war of “doubles” involves not only the Bolsheviks, but the clandestine services of Russia, Great Britain and Israel; but the basic battle lines are being drawn between Russia and the Bolsheviks.  [Hatonn:  Bolsheviks are a political party of Jewish Khazars who took over Russia in 1917 and renamed it “Soviet Union”.]  As of now, the Russians appear to be gradually gaining the upper hand, thanks to their use of an astonishing new Intelligence weapon.  There is irony in what the Russians are now doing in the war of “doubles”.  They are raising the ghost of none other than Nelson Rockefeller—and in a way that he would have appreciated.

… The neutralization of General Brown was part of an effort by the late four Rockefeller brothers (killed and/or replaced) to reinstate their former secret alliance with the Soviet Union.  The Brothers simply could not believe at first that the alliance was gone for good.  It was not until mid-1977 that they received evidence convincing them that their old allies in Russia, the atheistic Bolsheviks, were being overthrown.  Up until then, the Brothers were still trying to glue things back together.

In this regard, a little known practice of the late Nelson Rockefeller is now acquiring crucial importance.  Of the four brothers, Nelson in particular always lived in fear of being assassinated.  Like a moth drawn to a flame, he craved the limelight and yet feared it at the same time.  Most of all, he was always worried that someone close to him, someone he himself had placed in power, would some day double-cross him.  And as I revealed in Audio Letter No. 43, his fears were well-founded.  For Nelson Rockefeller, the lust for power was rivaled by only one other emotion—revenge.  He never forgot a grudge.  For example, three decades ago a young California Congressman named Richard Nixon marked himself for Rockefeller’s hatred.  Nixon went after an intimate associate of Rockefeller named Alger Hiss, charging treasonous activity by Hiss.  Finally Hiss wound up behind bars—not for treason, but for perjury in connection with treason.  Rockefeller was enraged and vowed to “do in” Nixon one day.  Later when Rockefeller created the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution, he kept Nixon in mind.  The 25th Amendment was the means by which Rockefeller intended to become President without being elected.  The stage was set for a scandal called WATERGATE, and Nixon was maneuvered into the Oval Office so that it would be he who was ruined by WATERGATE.  As planned, Nixon left the presidency in disgrace, and Hiss left prison as a sympathetic figure in the major media.

In the same way, Nelson Rockefeller wanted to make sure that, if he should ever be murdered, he would have his revenge, even from the grave.  And so over the years, he made a habit of keeping a complete list of all the people placed in important positions by his brothers and himself.  Periodically he provided copies of the latest list to certain elements within Russia’s Intelligence community.  His political testament contained instructions that were very simple:  “If anybody ever killed me, use the list; find out who did it.  I don’t care if you have to get rid of everybody on the list, just do it.”  In doing this, the one thing he never anticipated was that the Rockefeller-Soviet alliance itself would come apart.  Even so, the Rockefeller “Hit Lists” are now coming into their own in a way that he could never have anticipated because the Bolsheviks who carried out the coup d’etat against the Rockefellers are also the enemies of the new ruling faction in Russia.  So Russia, for her own reasons, is now using Nelson Rockefeller’s “Hit List” in the secret Intelligence war now going on.  They know exactly whom to go after here in America and have known for years, and they have been preparing for years to be in a position to use the list if that turned out to be the best way to proceed.  Here, my friends, is where the new Russian Intelligence weapon enters the picture.


What I am about to reveal, I am revealing primarily for history.  I know even before I reveal it that some of my listeners will desert me after they hear it, saying, “It just cannot be”; but, my friends, I also know that the events in the days ahead will be impossible to understand without knowing this secret.  So I do not ask that you believe it simply because I say it.  What I do ask—and I ask it for your own good—is that you keep an open mind.  Listen and hear what I must now reveal, then watch events themselves.

My friends, since World War II and before, scientists the world over have been probing for the basic secrets of life itself; and in this field as in others, progress has been much faster than the public has been led to believe.  Today it’s common knowledge that heredity is governed by something called genes, yet barely a generation ago this relationship was only beginning to be suspected.  When it was suggested in 1944 by a theoretical physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, it was a novel idea. Beyond that, no one was too certain what genes were, aside from huge molecules or clusters of molecules.  Some thought they were molecular chunks of protein; some thought they were something else.  When Schrodinger’s ideas about genes were published, World War II was still raging and basic scientific research was on a back burner; and yet, barely a half a dozen years later, researchers were zeroing in on a building block of life even more basic than genes.  The solution was found to this revolutionary puzzle in April 1953 at Cambridge University in England.  Scientists James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins were later to share the Nobel Prize for solving the puzzle.  They had discovered the molecular structure of DNA, the famous “double helix”.  In 1968 Watson published a book titled “THE DOUBLE HELIX”, published by Athenaeum, New York, N.Y.  To understand the overwhelming importance of the double helix discovery in 1953, one need go no further than these few words on the jacket of the book:

“DNA is the molecule of heredity, and to know its structure and method of reproduction enables science to know how genetic directions are written and transmitted, how the forms of life are ordered from one generation to the next.”

In other words, to understand DNA is to begin to understand life itself.

It has now been over a quarter century [H:  That was May 28, 1979—32 years ago.  And still, the secret of secrets has been kept from you!] since the crucial discovery of the DNA double helix.  And since then, research in molecular biology has not been standing still, but speeding up.  In some cases research has gone in directions which are deliberately sheltered from publicity because of the fear of public reaction.  Not so long ago, for example, universities doing research into artificial microbes found their neighbors in an ugly mood when they found out about it.  Test tube babies are now a reality, and that began not long ago in England where the mystery of DNA was first unraveled.  Then of course, there are clones—that is, creatures which are reproduced by artificial means and which are exact duplicates of an original.  Clones of all kinds of animals have been produced successfully in the laboratory, but that is not what bothers people.  In the recent past, it has been claimed that human clones are also possible and that some may already be in existence.  These last claims about human clones have been ridiculed, denied, and suppressed by all kinds of officials—the reason being that the idea of duplicate human beings impinges upon a super-secret realm of Intelligence activities by both Russia and the United States.  True clones are not involved, but something that bears a superficial resemblance to cloning is going on; and the last thing the powers-that-be want is for you and the public to have any hint about what is afoot.


In Russia as well as in the West, research has been underway for many years in biological synthesis—that is, artificial life forms; and according to high intelligence, a stunning breakthrough took place in Russia some years ago.  The Russians refer to this breakthrough as a "providential discovery”, something they learned almost by accident.  They discovered the key to creating what are known as “organic robotoids”.  An organic robotoid is an artificial robot-like creature; it looks and acts exactly like a human being, and yet it is not human.  A robotoid is alive in the biological sense, but it is an artificial life form.  Robotoids respond to conventional routine medical tests in the same way as humans do; they eat, they drink, they breathe, they bleed if cut; and they can be killed.  Robotoids can also think, but they think only in the sense that a computer thinks.  Like any other computer, the brain of a robotoid has to be programmed for each assignment it is given; but unlike many electronic computers, the biological computer brain of a robotoid possesses an enormous memory.  As a result, robotoids can be programmed to communicate and think in such complex patterns that they act human.

Organic robotoids are remarkable creatures, but they have many drawbacks.  They don’t grow or reproduce, but must be manufactured one by one in the desired form.  They also have a very limited life span, measured in months or even weeks, depending upon how they are utilized.  This is due to the fact that their metabolism, while it resembles that of humans, is very inefficient.  A robotoid can be manufactured on very short notice, a matter of hours; but after a few weeks or months, it suddenly begins to degenerate physically and mentally.  [H:  Doesn’t this explain ones such as former Attorney General Janet “Butch” Reno and Russian ex-president Yeltsen stumbling around and barely able to finish a sentence while speaking publicly?  And how about Henry Kissinger?  Many are wondering, “Why don’t you die already?!”  Where does he get the strength to outlive and out-serve all his Cold War buddies over the decades?  The real Kissinger was killed long ago, my friends, after he KILLED NELSON ROCKEFELLER.]  When that takes place, the robotoid has to be removed from service and disposed of.  To extend its useful life as much as possible, a robotoid is customarily cooled down to slow its metabolism between assignments.  Organic robotoids are extremely expensive, troublesome creatures to produce and utilize; and robotoid capabilities do not exceed those of human beings.  [H:  However, Russian “Bio-Robots” are very sophisticated, and the SOLDIERS they have are pretty fierce!  The Kremlin technological lead is indeed great.  It is not just spacecraft, mammoth titanium submarines, and particle-beam weapons on the Moon and in orbit that you cannot touch—but genetic replication as well!]  All they can really do is simulate human beings; but, my friends, for Intelligence purposes, that’s all they have to do!

To produce an organic robotoid, it is necessary to have a pattern to go by.  The pattern required is that of genetic coding taken from a few cells from the body of a human being.  In this respect, the Russian technique sounds like cloning, but the technique itself is totally unrelated to genuine cloning.  A robotoid is produced within a matter of hours, and it simulates the human donor at his current age.  Like any man-made copy of anything, a robotoid is never a perfect copy of the human that is to be simulated; there are always small discrepancies in appearance and behavior, but these are seldom great enough to arouse any suspicion.


When the initial Russian breakthrough in robotoids took place years ago, the Rockefeller-Soviet alliance was still functioning.  The Christian group who now rule Russia were already secretly more powerful than the Bolsheviks, but the final overthrow had not yet taken place.  When the robotoid breakthrough took place, they moved quickly to minimize the amount of information obtained about it while those Bolsheviks still retained positions of power.  They also tried to prevent information about it from leaking through Intelligence channels to the CIA; nevertheless, partial information did reach the CIA and the late four Rockefeller brothers.  [H:  A quick note:  David Rockefeller is still very much a part of the Global Conspiracy—yes, he is also a robotoid being, but he is a dangerous entity to be sure!  The gold grab is orchestrated through him and his Trilateral Commission/CIA infrastructure, and Lord Rothschild is still the master overseer of these evil dealings!]  By early 1975, the Russians were known to have successfully created at least one organic robotoid in the laboratory.  Meanwhile, the CIA was coordinating a feverish research effort aimed at accomplishing the same feat.  Up to now, robotoid technology in the United States is far behind that of Russia.  The American capability in robotoids is not even close to being operational, whereas the Russians are deploying them right now.  [H:  Today your “clones” are much better; however, the Russians are still way out front with all their tinkertoys.  That is why the Bolsheviks who run the U.S. Pentagon and NASA are planning this very second to catch the Kremlin by SNEAK ATTACK FIRST STRIKE NUCLEAR WAR.  And as a result, Russian Cosmosphere Space Shuttles—UFOs!—have devastated the middle portions of your country with Tactical Tornadoes guided right to these targets.  If you want to see “man-made disasters”, look at what happened to Joplin, Missouri!]

But there has been at least one attempt to create an organic robotoid for public use in the United States, and I am referring to the final fate of the late General George S. Brown.  In April 1977, I revealed how much General Brown had sacrificed by that time as the price of doing his duty for America, but not long after that, General Brown paid the supreme price for his actions.  It is only now that I am free at last to reveal it.

On July 10, 1977, General Brown was taken to CIA headquarters near Washington, D.C., in Virginia.  There he was taken to one of the many secret rooms designed into the CIA building by Nelson Rockefeller.  The room was a laboratory, and the attempt was made to create a robotoid replacement for General Brown.  The techniques employed were far more crude than those used in the Russian process since the CIA process required General Brown to be on the scene.  [H:  Keep in mind always—IT IS NOT EASY TO REPLICATE A GOODLY MAN; YOU WILL NOT GET GOOD RESULTS.  AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE A GODLY MAN AND TURN HIM INTO EVIL.  God does protect His ones from the vipers from the pit!  But you must ask for that assistance.]  The attempt ended in complete failure.  A crude facsimile of General Brown was generated, but it refused to come to life.  Even so, General Brown could not be allowed to live because now he knew too much; and so on the evening of July 10, 1977, General George S. Brown, the last great patriot in the United States Government, was MURDERED.

A normal human “double” was found for General Brown since a robotoid attempt had failed.  This was the man who testified in the role of General Brown at the Congressional hearings on the Panama Canal Treaty, September 27, 1977!  At his side throughout, briefing and prompting him, was the Secretary of Defense Harold Brown.  Occasionally the “double” would be flustered by a question and looked down at the table in front of him until the Defense Secretary whispered something in his ear.  Then he would look up again, say what he had been told, and so on.  Once the Panama Canal hearings were out of the way, the “double” for the late General Brown was seen as little as possible in public.  Soon there were stories that he had contracted cancer. Then the Air Force Chief of Staff, General David Jones, began acting as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs months before the end of General Brown’s tour of duty.  In June 1978 we were told that General Brown was retiring, and last December 5, 1978, we were told that he had died of cancer.  At that point the General Brown “double” collected his pay and headed for Frankfurt, West Germany, where he landed on December 11, 1978, at 3:30 AM local time.  It is a standing rule that “doubles” for important people never live long, and so at about 7:30 that evening, General Brown’s “double” was shot to death in the back of the neck.

                                       *                  *                  *

Jonur, pause here, please, and nourish the body and allow us to continue when you return.  There is much happening in space right now, and your nation and world are being held hostage by the Khazarian elite.  The Christian Russians and We of God’s HOSTS are all who stand in the way of “a Jewish scripted Armageddon” of fire and brimstone.  Hold this in your hearts, precious ones, and await thy call to serve.  Hatonn to clear.  Out.


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