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New Series 5: What's that new "sun" in the sky (cont'd)?

9/10/10 from Hatonn/jonur   (ns5)

Good afternoon, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, present to commune.  I come in the light of Aton (God, as first referenced by Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV / Akhenaton, the first person in recorded human history to speak of one omnipotent God) and in His service above all else.  May you ones of His little fledglings serve likewise.  Amen.



Your controlled ZIONIST major media are not telling you about the planet Nibiru that is now back in your sector of outer space.  This world also appears cyclically and interacts with the evolution and development of Earth Man.  Your Holy Bible speaks of these times and makes numerous references to the Nefilim, or “The Gods”, and their return.  Nibiru is a part of your solar system, but has an orbit that takes several thousand years in your counting of time.  The hope of the adversarial bunch is to stage a fake extraterrestrial event, while simultaneously ushering in a “New World Order” on the ashes of American sovereignty.

I understand that the information we bring you is very disheartening and “counter culture”, if you will; however, truth must be put on the table for your discernment.  That is why “SIPAPU ODYSSEY” is so important; only a motion picture can reach enough of you in time to thwart the Global 2000 Plan.  Jonur, let us continue with the “interview”, please.  Thank you for your service.

The Coming of Nibiru, Interview:  Bob Dean, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quote:] … KC:  Bill, go ahead with your question about Mount Ararat.  And then we’re going to move on from there.

BR:  I think it was Charles Berlitz who wrote a book, which was called The Lost Ship of Noah.  And he published a bunch of photographs—these photographs are on the Internet—of something that looks like a ship on Ararat.  And there are two versions of this, from what I’ve heard.  One is fairly low down and is an enormous thing that looks like a whole lot of ship’s timbers.

And there are persistent reports of another object that’s much higher up, way above the snow line, quite close to the summit.  And I wonder if you could say which of these, if either, has been picked up by the Keyhole satellites and analyzed?  [Hatonn:  A brief comment on American “Spy” satellites is that you have none.  The Russians shot down all that equipment—including Skylab—in the late 70’s, during the U.S. versus Kremlin, Battle For The Harvest Moon space war.  Now it is their “Cosmonauts” who control space.  However, your government does have some pretty nasty toys, too, to play with, and so a standoff with beam weaponry and nuclear terrorism is still a daily possibility.  Ten (10) feet of dirt still can protect you from just about anything, so get those shelters built!]  And when the SEALs were inserted, did they carbon-date the wood?

BD:  Oh, I’m sure they must have.  But I haven’t got any information on that.

My guess is, Bill, that the SEALs were inserted on the one toward the top, above the snow line.  That’s the indication that I got, that that was the one that …. They went in, they landed, they dropped; they parachuted in and spent a number of days up there, apparently.

But what they brought back in terms of anomalous artifacts is the thing that intrigued me.  Why would they classify it so far above Top Secret?

But that bunch of nitwits back there … and I’ve known some of them over the years, I’ve worked with some of them.  And I think they are a bunch of damn nitwits!  You know, there is no damn reason why they’ve classified so much.

KC:  What year was this when the SEALs were sent in?

BD:  About five years ago, from what I can gather.

KC:  Really?

BD:  Yes.

KC:  That’s bizarre.

BD:  Well, the Keyhole program was really big in the late ‘90s.  Now, I’m sure they’ve got satellite programs that are even better now.  We’ve got civilian programs that are so damn good that the Department of Defense will often go to the civilian contractors and buy photographs taken by civilian satellites that are outstanding.

So it leads you to suspect, maybe, what … how much better could be some of our Dod satellites.

K:  Right.

BD:  You know, they have classified Lake Vostok.  They took it away from JPL who was monitoring it and, you know, with satellites and all …. Are you familiar with Lake Vostok in Antarctica?

KC:  No.

BD:  Oh, God, that’s a sensitive story in itself!

Under the ice in Antarctica there is a fresh-water lake deep, deep down under the ice, that’s 100 miles long and 50 miles wide of fresh water.  The temperature in the damn lake is about 65 degrees, which is pleasant swimming, you might say.

But at the end of Lake Vostok is what’s known as a gigantic masscon—a mass concentration of metal, very similar to the masscons they discovered on the Moon—a gigantic, circular-shaped, metallic object deep under the ice at the end of Lake Vostok.

Highly classified.  JPL [Jet Propulsion Laboratory] had it.  The National Security Agency took it away from JPL.  [H:  That isn’t a surprise, since NSA CONTROLS ALL EXTRATERRESTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS AND THE “ALIEN” QUESTION AS REGARDING BEINGS AND THEIR CRAFT.  The Central Intelligence Agency was created solely for this purpose, but with the creation of the National Security Council and the “Agency” itself, CIA now totally runs the illegal drug trade.  Heaven help you if you operate OUTSIDE THE CARTEL, HOWEVER!]  It’s one of the most sensitive things in the world now, as to what is the anomaly at the end of the lake—the mass con—the mass concentration that is so easily picked up by satellite?  Another top secret, you know?

KC:  Uh-huh.  OK.  So, you know about the Secret Space Program.

BD:  Oh, yes.

KC:  And you know about the von Braun and the Nazis and what’s been carried over to the U.S. political system.  [Pause quote.]

Jonur, pause here please.  Hatonn moving to stand-by.


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