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New Series 14: What's that new "sun" in the sky (concluding)

9/26/10 HATONN/jonur  (ns14)

Hatonn present to resume our discussion on your Cosmic Brethren and the arrival of the planet Nibiru.  I come in service to Holy God Aton.  Amen.



Jonur, let us move smartly along, please.  Thank you for your service.

The Coming of Nibiru, Interview:  “Bob” Robert Dean, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Begin quote:] … Now, astronomers have seen these pictures, but that dishonest bunch of nitwits won’t discuss it.  They’re scared because … you know why?  Ninety percent of their income comes from government grants.  And when you’ve got a government grant and that’s your prime source of income, you’re going to say whatever the government says you should say.  Or don’t say whatever the government doesn’t want said.

Well, anyhow, there is some atmosphere on the Moon, at least in the base of several of the larger craters.  There is water on the Moon.  But there is major activity going on!  I mean, we’re talking about engineering activity.

There are giant ships that come and go out of the craters.  There are lights all the time.  They have noticed bridges appearing and then disappearing.  I mean, they’re active as hell on the Moon!  But the same activity is going on on Mars!  You’ve seen my photograph, I guess ….  It’s not only my photograph.  But there’s a city the size of Chicago underground on Mars that’s generating so much heat it shows up in infrared [Hatonn:  Or heat.  You also have facilities under reservations and military bases throughout your nation and elsewhere.  SOMEONE is obviously planning something widespread and massive which does not include you-the-people!] photographs.

KC:  Are you in touch with John Lear?  [H:  Lear, Bob Lazar, and other “insiders”, have flown our super spy plane, the SR-71 Blackbird (Lear), and worked at Area-51 and the ultra secret base called Site-4, both in the Nevada Desert (Lazar).  They were “allowed” to see things about UFOs and alien beings that could be leaked to the masses.  Remember, the elite conspirators WANT PEOPLE TO HAVE THEIR VERSION OF SPACE VISITORS.  Unfortunately, it consists of little “Grey” men (replicas manufactured at such as Site-4) come to devour you, while holding your government hostage.  Sounds like good science fiction to me!  And so it is!  The elite plan to scare the world into accepting a global, United Nations takeover of your planet.  Marshal Law, suspension of the CONSTITUTION and rounding up citizens in concentration camps—already set up—using a staged emergency in order to bring in foreign troops.  This is very real, chelas; The Brookings Institute / Report calls for exactly that:  secrecy about ETs and lying to the public for the purposes of global control!]

BD:  I’ve met John.  I’ve been at his house a time or two.  I’ve visited him.  I have a tremendous respect for him.  The reason I like John is that he’s been nailed, as I have, as a damn fool maverick, you know?

KC:  I mean, this is his pet, you know, project.

BD:  The establishment has tried to ridicule John Lear, and you can’t ridicule John Lear because he’s got sources, similar to some of my own, that are beyond question.  He’s getting people inside feeding him information almost on a regular basis.  [Kerry laughs.]  I get mine in bits and pieces when I go to conferences and when I meet people, you know.  But John gets it direct.

KC:  Ok.  I have a question for you about Arlington Institute, and what’s happening and might be happening in October, because we have a lot of information coming out about October and about something that may be planned.  I don’t know if you’ve heard some of this stuff.

We have ….  Our top secret witnesses are coming out and saying, you know, that the economy is being engineered to crash here in the U.S., that ….

BD:  Oh, this whole thing has been engineered.  [H:  Indeed!  The Jews control and LOVE money, remember?  You Christians are their hated, bitter enemy.  After all, did they not nail your God to the cross??!  Were they not the evil MONEY CHANGERS during Esu Immanuel’s (“Jesus”, the name Saul/Paul gave Him AFTERWARDS) time two thousand years ago??  You are in the worst DEPRESSION this world has ever seen!  The “financial world war” was engineered by the beast, dear ones, and your Holy Bible told you exactly how it would be!  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive the mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:  for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”  The central apparatus for its global monetary system is the World Bank, a UN agency.  Interesting, the World Bank code number is six-six-six / 6-6-6!  A researcher, Dr. Mary Relfe, spent thousands of dollars investigating the origin and development of BAR CODES (Universal Product Code).  She found that, however the computer code was designed, it proved to be built upon the framework of 3 code bars presenting the number 6.  She also discovered that whoever designed it hid the fact that all bar codes—the way they are grouped together—point back to the 666 of their origin.  Computers are designed NOT to show you this satanic link—but it most certainly is there!  The Khazars do not want you citizens to connect the dots in the 6-6-6 barcode lines, to the global dictatorship described in your Bible.  John of Revelation said this global dictator, whom he called the “BEAST”, would arise shortly before the return of Jesus the Christ.  That’s now, chelas; and John said the BEAST would be enormously anti-Christian and that it would kill citizens who refuse to cooperate with—or “worship” the system.  “… If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation ….”  The unlawful Internal Revenue Service (IRS)—the private police force, of the privately owned Jewish Khazarian “Federal” Reserve Bank—teamed up with the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION to assure that every man, woman, and tiny baby IS ASSIGNED A SOCIAL SECURITY IDENTIFICATION NUMBER.  Dear friends, the SSN is that mark John described in Revelation!  The SSN is “ … the number of his name.”

KC:  All right.

BD:  It’s been diddled.  You know, this is a joke.  And the poor guy out there, the poor working man on the street, as it were, is being screwed royally!  But, you know, this whole thing ….  Kerry, I would almost come to a point that 90% of what call reality—our threats with the Russians, the Georgia invasion, the stock market collapse—all of this is all engineered.

KC:  So tell us about it.  So tell us about Georgia because ….  OK, to get back to … I know you know the guy who’s head of, or was head of, the Arlington Institute.  They are sending out a newsletter saying … inviting people to tell them what dreams and visions they’re having about October because October has become such a hot month.

In tracking, there is something called Half Past Human.  Have you heard of them?

BD:  In passing.

KC:  They’re doing, you know … they do language.  They track the web bots all over the internet, basically track where language is going.  They’ve been doing it since ’98 with computers and so on.  And they were able to chart, like before 911, this huge rise in consciousness that some event was imminent.  [H:  Which helps when you secretly plan and “stage” the terrorist, etc., event yourself!]  What they’re getting for October is the same thing, only something even more long-range in its effect.

BD:  Well, I have a tremendous respect for John Peterson.  He’s a brilliant guy.

KC:  All right.

BD:  I’ve known him for some years.

KC:  So, Arlington Institute is suddenly asking for people’s dreams and visions about October.  Why?

BD:  Marcia … Marcia is more in touch with John now than I am.  She’s a computer person, you understand.  I won’t touch the damn thing!

KC:  I understand.

BD:  Because, as I told you earlier, I enjoy my privacy.  And if you’re on the worldwide web, you don’t have privacy.  [Pause quote.]

Jonur, pause here, please, and return promptly to the pen.  Hatonn moving to stand-by.  Salu!


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