Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Series 38: The word of Truth shall set you free : The Internet as a tool for truth

3/07/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns38)

The word of Truth shall set you free.  There is great peace and comfort—AND TREMENDOUS POWER—when you choose to refuse to be deceived by the Jewish lie.  Ultimately, victory is yours, for if a great majority of you ask and pray to be rescued when “the boom comes down,” the spacecraft will be sent.  The Zionists (Khazar “Jews” of Turkish descent—and who ARE NOT Semites/Shemites) seem to have won, but keep in mind that there is only a small handful of them; you outnumber them billions to one.  That is why the imposter Jew has divided the people so that you fight with each other instead of getting along together in spiritual harmony.  Only TOGETHER as a nation of ONE do you have enough strength to slay the dragon.

Hatonn present in Aton’s Divine and Holy LIGHT.  Let us continue.



This is a bit difficult for Jonur as we increase energy flow, for when man asks for God’s help, it is given in your desire and measure of your ability to comprehend and utilize it.  On your part, you have to be willing to receive divine guidance and put Aton (“Aton” is the name of the Father and Creator of all the human races.  The Egyptian pharaoh, Amenhotep IV, was the first person in recorded human history to speak of ONE omnipotent—all powerful—God.  Amenhotep IV was considered a revolutionary during his short reign on the throne of the Egyptian pharaohs.  He brought harmony and peace to his vast sphere of influence in the then known world.  He would wage no wars, and he got rid of the pagan worship of many gods, as had been required by the greed and manipulation of the heretic priests.  He and his family were “taken out”, and the Egyptians returned to the pagan worship of many gods.  However, the world was forever uplifted and changed by this Godly man.  In honor and reverence of The ONE God, Amenhotep IV had his own name changed to Akhenaton.  Study this pharaoh’s emerging life as it is uncovered after being stricken from the list of kings of “the Valley”.) first in all of your endeavors.  Never forget the words:  Seek FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be freely added unto thee.  Very smart words to live by, indeed.

When man puts his spiritual needs (note, I did not say “religious” needs) ahead of his physical desires, the answers to his questions come flooding in.  He comprehends and understands God and the purpose of life.  Right now, that which you call “the Internet” can be utilized as a magnificent tool!  It will allow you ones to communicate and unite as a force to repel the Jewish Khazarian onslaught mobilized against you.

Yes, the Internet is monitored and information is controlled; however, it has grown too fast and is too popular to overtly censor and shut down.  Much can be done if this information goes “viral”, I believe you call it, and The WORD can circle the globe many times before the Jews can have time to react!



It is going to have to be a unifying effort on the part of You-The-People!  WORLD WAR III or NUCLEAR WAR I—take your pick, for the results will be the same, precious ones.  Waken from your slumber and see the Jewish version of ARMAGEDDON play itself out!  That is what all the unrest and back-biting is DESIGNED to do.  How else can the Zionist Khazarian goal of world domination be accomplished without a great big "something” to get all you Christians and Moslems under control???

United Nations troops—in service to and manufactured by the false “Jews” of Revelation in your Holy Bible—are on stand-by to raid the United States and establish “SOVIET LAW on the streets of your CONSTITUTIONAL Republic.  Keep in mind that “Soviets” ARE Jewish Khazars—Russians are CHRISTIAN WHITE PEOPLE FROM THE NORTH.  Remember the October Red (“Soviet”) Revolution in Russia in 1905 and 1917?  That was when Jews from New York overthrew Russia’s Christian ruler Czar (pronounced “Zar”) Nicholas and his family in a very bloody and violent political takeover.  And the false one labeled Jew loves this type of conquest; he is known throughout human history for subversion, assassination of political opponents, and brutal DICTATORHIPS, THAT THE JEW GLADLY BLAMES ON THE ONE BEING VANQUISHED.  The “Soviet” Jews lost control of Russia, however, and flooded into America to be with their New York banking buddies who financed the 1917 Russian Revolution.  These are the secret agents who took over and now overrun your CIA apparatus.  Soviet spies covertly subvert U.S. laws so you become an UNARMED POPULACE AND MILITARY, making it a simple matter to “communize” your Christian nation.



The Zionist Jews ARE ready; this has long been part of their planning to get rid of you Christians.  Deep Underground Military Bunkers, space stations (you are not aware of), and Moon bases—only the innocent civilians of your planet are in the dark about what Armageddon REALLY MEANS!  This is not Aton’s Biblical Armageddon; this is Lucifer’s script for the ending of the cycle upon planet Shan—“Earth” as you refer to your world.  “Shan” is the name of your yellow star you call a “sun”, so that is how your planet is recognized out here in the cosmos.

You do not realize this, but you are marching to Satan’s drum beat, heading directly to nuclear confrontation in Biblical writings by the Luciferian Jews.  God actually wrote very little of those surviving manuscripts that finally became the Holy Bible you recognize today.  Revelation, however, tells it like it is.  Man was ordered not to tamper with John’s dictated “visions”.  And what is the nature of the Beast with crowns and horns and many eyes, who feeds on numbers?  IT IS A COMPUTER, CHELAS!  ONE THAT IS HOOKED UP TO SATELLITES THAT INSTANTLY TRANSMIT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO ANY PLACE ON THE GLOBE VIA BAR-CODES.  IN OTHER WORDS:  YOU CANNOT BUY, SELL, OR TRADE WITHOUT THE MARK OF THE COMPUTER BEAST UPON YOU.  The number the beast fed on was the number of man, remember?  That, dear friends, is your social security identification number—IN BAR-CODE FORM!  THE NUMBER OF HIS NAME.  As you see, the script has been written long, long ago, and mankind is at great disadvantage.

This is why the Internet can be utilized most effectively IF everyone takes this information and immediately scatters it to the four corners of your world.  Make your voice clear and to the point.  Use that which the Serpent People (what the Khazars labeled themselves—you know, the snake from Adam and Eve, or the doctor’s emblem of staff and snakes wrapped around it?) created for your enslavement and demise, and turn it around against them!  You have to be “as clever and cunning as that serpent, but as peaceful as the dove”.  You do that by taking TRUTH AND FACTS, and they will be your sword and shield.  Force is not of God, war is not of God—DEFENSE IS.  Don’t start a war.  You will lose; the enemy has more powerful weapons capabilities than do you patriots.  M-16s and grenade launchers and Claymore mines ARE PRIMITIVE SLINGS AND ARROWS—AND YOU WILL BE FIGHTING AGAINST THE HIGHEST TECHNOLOGY!  So don’t be foolish; when the time comes for defense of your family and property, what you have will be sufficient for that purpose.  And you will get assistance to hold onto your REPUBLIC; many are they who wish to stand by you Americans and your desire to remain FREE.  Christian Russia is among those pulling for you!  (I did not say “Soviet” Jewry.)  As is the Islamic world, for they, too, base their spiritual beliefs on Christ Ideas.  That is why the Jews are giving them such grief in the Middle East and abroad.

Use the Internet to spread this knowledge to your brothers of seemingly differing faiths; let them see that your enemy and their enemy are one and the same.  Israel has stolen the land of the Palestinians and the heritage of King David and the Hebrews.  Know the evil beast for that which he is and understand his method of deceit and pitting brother against brother.  That leads to the mutual destruction of ALL parties involved.  You have one planet to share; how can you survive World War III with the massive armaments that have been developed—particularly of the Star Wars variety?!

Jonur, break here, please.  Salu.   

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