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3/17/11 by HATONN/jonur (ns41)

Good day, Hatonn present to commune.  I come in the light and Radiance of God.  Amen.


Off the southern tip of South America, deep under the ocean, is a continual outpouring of new land mass—LAVA—that is continually displacing water.  Water will seek its lowest point of wherever it can flow.  The Ring of Fire is an area of the Earth’s crust where geophysical activity is a constant ring of basically volcanic activity encircling the entire Pacific coastal region—from Japan, down to New Zealand, back up to the West Coast of the Americas, and up past Alaska, and back to Japan.  WHEN THIS AREA GOES YOU CAN EXPECT THE BIG ONE TO FOLLOW IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS!  THAT MEANS ALL VOLCANOS, EARTHQUAKE FAULT LINES, AND FISSURES WILL GO SIMULTANEOUSLY!  AND YOU WILL PROBABLY EXPERIENCE A MAGNETIC POLE SHIFT—AS WELL AS A SLIPPAGE OF THE EARTH’S PHYSICAL ROTATIONAL AXIS.  Much of the life on the planet will be extinguished if the much prophesied “Earth Changes” happen in such a manner.  Believe it or not, your Zionist-controlled SECRET GOVERNMENT has been trying to do just that for well over a hundred years!!  It is their answer to population control!

In Tunguska, Russia, in the Siberian North, an atomic bomb was detonated over the ground in an area that was calculated to trigger a POLE SHIFT THAT WAS TO DEVASTATE YOUR PLANET!  Areas that are now above the water would be sunken, and that which is below would become the New Continents!  In the process humanity, as a whole, would be wiped out.  Your evil rulers hope to ride out the cataclysms in specially selected areas and on floating orbital platforms in space.  Can you now fathom the mind of these ones who are pulling the strings of your puppet rulers in the military and in politics?  MOST OF WHOM DO NOT KNOW THE FINAL WORKINGS OF “THE PLAN”.  For you see, they will perish also, along with the rest of you “useless eaters”, as Sir Henry Kissinger labels the masses of humanity.

Does your adversary have the capability of triggering underwater quakes and devastating Tsunamis?  Oh, indeed yes!  A hundred years ago, Nicola Tesla could split the Earth like an apple.  Well, all that wondrous technology has been perfected now, and it is in the control of your Zionist anti-Christ/anti-God enemy.  However, by mistake, the Jews—then called “Soviets”—caused the highest of Tesla’s incredible inventions to wind up in the hands of the CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS.  AND THEY DO NOT LIKE THE ZIONISTS, AND IF PUSHED TOO FAR, THOSE GODLY RUSSIANS MIGHT JUST FIX THOSE SOVIET KHAZAR JEWS—ONCE AND FOR ALL!  You see, Christian Russia, those who fly the COSMOSPHERE SPACE “SHUTTLES” (ANTI GRAVITY “PLATFORMS”—“UFOs”, as far as you-the-people are concerned!) and who control outer space, the Moon and the planet Mars, are where your help is going to come from.

Khazars and “White” Russians, if you will, have been in a constant state of war for over 900 YEARS!  “Jewish” Khazars came from southern RUSSIA, my friends, and it is this imposter group of false Judean Hebrews who MURDERED 100 MILLION RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS IN THE REAL HOLOCAUST OF THE AGES!  (The Nazi “holocaust”, at most, accounts for NO MORE THAN 300,000—THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND—NOT EVEN HALF A MILLION—PEOPLE MURDERED!  One is a war crime, don’t get Hatonn wrong; however, the LIE that 6-14 MILLION Ashkenazi Jews were gassed and shot is simply not true!  And those Jews who were killed were not Khazar “Jews”—THEY WERE SEPHARDIC JUDEANS/SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE AS TO PLACE OF RESIDENCE.  Ashkenazi “Jews” means GERMANY, POLAND, HUNGARY, AND THE SOUTHERN RUSSIAN STEPPES AS TO ORIGIN AND PLACES OF RESIDENCE.  NAZI AND ASHKENAZI ARE BLOOD BROTHERS IN CRIME!)  The true Russian, therefore, is NOT A “SOVIET” SOCIALIST ANYTHING!  “RUSSIA” means “Rus” or “Blondes”; these were peoples from those regions of the North—Norway, Finland, Sweden—“where the King who wears horns on his crown” comes from (as “Jesus” Esu Immanuel referred to them)—Vikings.

So, basically you have the Nordic, Blonde, Christian VIKINGS versus the Turkic, Mongol, “ATTILA-THE-HUN” Barbarians—North and South Russian “cousins”.  One converts to Christianity and God (St. Petersburg, Russia); the other NEVER CONVERTS—BUT ADOPTS JUDAISM AS A COVER AND DECIDES TO TAKE THE ENTIRE PLANET!  “… An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth—AND I’LL TAKE THE WORLD TOO WHILE I’M AT IT!”

Which brings you to where you are TODAY as the Christians and Luciferians battle it out for possession of the SOULS OF EARTH MAN.  Pretty interesting, from my point of view; all The HOSTS can do (at this moment) is tell you how it is SO YOU CAN PUT A STOP TO THIS INSANITY.

Jonur, break here and continue with the Khazar Jew’s Protocols In Their Own Words.  I await your call.  Salu.  

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