Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Series 53: “KNOWING” One word: “Knowing”. The ability to choose wisely and make correct decisions is what it boils down to. Man must grow out of the human need to do the wrong thing.

7/08/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns53)

May the wondrous mercy of God abide with you all of His children through these days before you.  I am with you, chelas, as the Dark Brotherhood lays out their plan against you.

The hour is nigh upon the land and all things are ready to be loosed on you-the-people to cause panic and mass confusion.  This is how Lucifer operates, precious ones, for in the ensuing chaos the control is filtered down, and suddenly you have INSTANT martial law (military law).

Every extra moment man has to experience allows you to be one step closer to coming into Cosmic Awareness.  The destruction of the planet itself interrupts your lessons; man must GROW into his inheritance in natural progression, just as all things in The Creation “grow”.  The Luciferians interfere with that Universal process, thereby “stunting” the mental and spiritual development of the being.  The understanding of who, what, and where you are—AT THE TIME OF TRANSITION (DEATH)—determines where you go to experience next.

That is why suicide is such an “error” in judgment; it only leads to further confusion—you do not have any arms or legs to help you get about—plus you lose the ability to R-E-A-S-O-N.  Thought processes that require reason are lost and all you are capable of is just response.  The gift of God to man IS reason, and man’s level of awareness is what separates him from the other creatures of God’s imaginings.

Humanity must now come into knowing what the fuss is all about!  Why stay alive?  What IS the point, after all?  Hatonn present in the light of service.  Amen and Salu.


One word:  “Knowing”.  The ability to choose wisely and make correct decisions is what it boils down to.  Man must grow out of the human need to do the wrong thing.

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”  This says it quite nicely.  When “Jesus” Esu Immanuel spoke the words during His sojourn there with you two thousand years ago, you failed to comprehend the meaning of the message.  You cannot come back into ONENESS with God until you have learned your lessons.  So until that time, you go around and around and around and around, REPEATING BASICALLY THE SAME MISTAKES over and over again.

You are given Free Will on the particular planet you are on, which allows for greater growth and learning than on other placements, but also harder lessons.  However, you have been given, within, all that you need to make it through, as birthed into the physical by The Creator Source.  The problem comes from those who would deceive you.  Just as your evil manipulators today try to control your lives through trickery and false teachings, the Luciferians have been working since the beginning to hold God’s little, young souls captive.  And this is most easily accomplished through religious teachings based on mysticism.

The occult and New Age charlatans aim to separate humanity from God by using false claims cloaked in magic, thereby setting up a buffer zone between God and you.  Then, instead of seeking “The Kingdom Of Heaven Within” you, man looks outside of himself.  And there will be the trap laid for you, waiting to feed esoteric nonsense—instead of spiritual truth—to the starving masses looking for salvation.

So when the false light show begins, your adversary will be directing the projected image he wants you to believe.  A very interesting way to capture wayward and lost souls trying to find their way back home, don’t you think?!

Jonur, pause here, please; the body must remain hydrated, especially when the temperature is high.  Have nourishment and respite, and return.  Thank you for your service.

Hatonn moving to stand-by.  Out.

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