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New Series 15: What's that new "sun" in the sky (concluding)

9/27/10 from HATONN/jonur  (ns15)

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, commander of the “star” ship PHOENIX—formerly called “The Bethlehem Star” during your Biblical times.  It is now time to come into the understanding that most of the twinkling orbs seen in the night skies ARE ACTUALLY SPACE CRAFT.  Either posing as recognizable stars and planets—or orbiting in front of them.  All of your top astronomers and military space telescopes know the truth of it—you nice citizens are purposely kept in the dark.  The Global 2000 Plan of the Zionist affiliated false “Jews” is to stage-manage a global takeover.  Executive Order and “crisis creation” in order to manipulate Federal Emergencies in their favor are what Lucifer’s plan is all about.

Jonur, let us continue straightaway, please; thank you for your service.



There are many, many ones who desire to come forward and tell you-the-people what they have seen.  It is up to you citizens to demand that the truth comes out and is shared with your fellow man.  These writings, this NEWSPAPER and The Phoenix JOURNALS, are the “hope” of your nation.  America must lead the way once again, for the people are lost and the evil Khazarian “Jew” is in total control of the planet!  I repeat for our new readers—I speak not of the goodly Hebrew Judaist and followers of Juda; these dear ones ARE the people of the Book.  They know that the imposter is stealing their heritage!  All Bibles, BEFORE the corrupt King James re-wrote them, clearly told of the Khazar treachery upon humankind.  For instance, in the “King James Version”, Zacharia 14:14 says:  “… And Juda shall fight at Jerusalem”; in Bibles before the “reformers” changed it to suit King James, Zacharia 14:14 originally said:  And Juda shall fight also against Jerusalem.”  It only takes one word to completely change the meaning of something, chelas (students), so let us get with turning this world around, back unto the light.  Even Juda fought the imposters, who today have invaded Palestine and now call it “Israel”.  There never was such a “PLACE”—the word Israel only meant followers, or believers, or people of God.  It was always spelled in lower-case letters—israel.  It was then changed to a proper noun and the “i” capitalized.  Just as the word “Jew” did not exist at all.  In the 1600s, “Jew” and “Israel” were purposely created so the barbarian Khazar tribe—remember, there were only 12 Tribes of the Hebrew people—the imposters are a 13th Tribe.  Gog and Magog from Revelation ARE THE KHAZAR PEOPLE “AGAINST WHOM GOD HAS INDIGNATION FOREVER”.

Isn’t TRUTH better than fiction?!!?  Now let us return to the stars.  The Coming of Nibiru, Interview:  Colonel “Bob” Robert Dean (Retired U.S. Army), “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quote:] … KC:  Ok, I agree with you there, so ….

OK.  But you know him.  And I’m just basically … you’re saying this thing is engineered.  So what happened in Georgia?  What do you know about it?

BD:  Oh, it was all engineered.

KC:  OK, so the Russians, you know, were tipped off.

BD:  The President of Georgia did what he did just to lure the Russians in.

KC:  Right.

BD:  And, he went in ….  The Russians could not have ignored him, for God’s sake!  He invaded one of their little … well ….

KC:  So, what’s the purpose behind it, though?  We know what happened, but why?

BD:  I think … what could the purpose be other than to distract people’s attention from this over here to this over here?  While our economy was falling around your knees, we’re all paying attention to the Russians invading poor little Georgia!

Well, the Russians didn’t invade poor little Georgia.  They went out and whacked the President of Georgia’s little pee-pee [Hatonn:  Pardon Col. Dean’s candor, please], as it were.  [Slaps his hands together.]  Stop that! And they pulled back, you know.

KC:  Right.

BD:  You know how a magician works?  [H:  Particularly the “Hollywood ‘Jewish’ Magician”; he tricks you using your gold, money, property, economy, and politics as a whole.  Their REALITY SHOWS do not just consist of television families staging pretend quarrels, and illicit sex acts for children and teens to emulate.  The Khazar Jews mean to create chaos and confusion in order to take your world from you.]  He gets you in front of, you know … and he’s doing this hand while he’s picking your pocket with this one.

KC:  That’s right.

BD:  And that’s what the government is doing.  And when I say government, it’s not the government you think you’ve got.  [H:  Precisely!  You have TWO UNITED STATES, the evil Jewish lawyers (The original 13th Amendment said no Esquires—LAWYERS—were to serve in government, nor hold ANY public offices!  Your White House and Congress buildings were sacked and burned to the ground, during the War of 1812, by the British Zionists, to hide that fact from the American people!  A new Amendment was substituted in its place, so the British Bar Association could use the secret societies’ lawyers belonging to—Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, etc.—to undo your CONSTITUTIONAL Republic of The People, not “Democracy”—your founding fathers knew of all the traps the Jews set to destroy nations in “Old World Europe”.) used the American Flag, the tool the conspirators used.  There are two:  The Red, White and Blue with stars—which is yours.  Then they created a separate U.S. flag; this one HAS A GOLD FRINGE AROUND THE OUTSIDE EDGE.  This is NOT of your U.S.A. !  This imposter banner is BRITISH ADMIRALTY LAW, CHELAS!  IT IS USED BY THE INTERNATIONAL ZIONISTS TO USURP YOUR CONSTITUTION AND REMOVE ALL YOUR RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES YOU FOUGHT FOR, AND DIED FOR, WHEN YOU GAINED YOUR INDEPENDENCE FROM ENGLAND AND THE ROTHSCHILD JEWS!  This is not binding in any way, however; but because they told you it is, and you believe the ploy, they have sold your nation and literally stolen it out from under you, through illegal and unlawful treaties.  Ask the Native Americans what damage treaties can do to your beloved lands you cherish so dearly!  They can be reversed, through provisions in Black’s Law Dictionary; but you must KNOW the laws of your own land!  So get with it!]  It’s not the, you know … God, that’s all a façade in itself!  The government we’ve got is probably being totally run by the Anunnaki because there is a power beyond power [points upward] that’s pulling the strings.

KC:  Right.

BD:  They call them the Illuminati, but there are guys above the Illuminati that are really in power.

KC:  OK. But we’re told the Vatican is behind a lot of it, and that ….  In other words, the Vatican is behind what’s going on in the U.S., that there’s a plan.  And you’ve got the Anunnaki.  This is not a positive plan, OK?  To take down the U.S.

BD:  Well, they think it is.

KC:  Do you think it is?

BD:  Their ultimate idea is, yes, a positive idea.

KC:  OK, what is it?

BD:  A one-world government.

KC:  Oh, all right.

BD:  Of course that’s what they want.

KC:  Right.

BD:  And they’re going to have it eventually.

KC:  Absolutely.  Now, you can have a positive one-world government.  Right?

BD:  But the growing pains … the growing pains that we go through before we get there … it’s going to be pretty horrendous.  Not only are we going to have to put up with this crap with Nibiru, which is a real thing ….

But this growing process that we’re going through to end up eventually with a one-world government is going to be painful as hell!  And there’s going to be a lot of blood on the streets before it’s over with.  [H:  But it does not have to be!  Open your eyes to the false presentation of war with Space Aliens—this is your own government conspirators preparing to do this to you—not God of Light and Space Command.  The Christ rides with me aboard the Phoenix Star Ship, the “golden” radiance star your astronomers ignore, and refuse to comment on.  Esu “Jesus” Immanuel—returning as SANANDA, just as your Holy Bible told you:  “… He will come bearing a new name.”  This new label is the Egyptian name for Christ.  Pharaoh Amunhotep IV, who changed his name, in honor of God Aton, to Akenaton, was murdered, along with his beautiful wife, Nefertiti, and his successor relation, Tutankhamen (King Tut!)—because of this Truth of God and His return IN YOUR PRESENT TIME.  Do now see how long Lucifer and his “angels” (who also have a few of those silver “flying saucers”—though there is zero comparison to God’s HOSTS and their “silver clouds”-ships) have been plotting against yea ones of His flocks?  Know who is who, and you do not have to get those toes singed in the fire!  You goodly people outnumber the Khazar tribes Billions to one—plus, you have The Creator on your side!  However, you must ask for help, and do YOUR PART, for [neither] the Father nor His Angelic HOSTS from afar will do of a thing FOR you.  This is your lesson and graduation time.  You alone are responsible for your own salvation.]  Sadly enough, that’s, in my opinion, a fact.  And that’s being manipulated [points upward] from a very high level.

KC:  OK, but we have “white hats” in the U.S. government that are actually trying to prevent this.  Are they not?

BD:  We have some good men and women who are well aware of what’s taking place and what’s transpiring.  And they’re trying to modify, ameliorate … is that the right word?  To make this growth pain as painless as possible.  They’re trying to not have as much blood as it might take.  [H:  It does not HAVE TO take any blood, dear ones; come into knowledge of thy plight.  “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”  Always remember thy Father’s teachings in TRUTH, and it will be your impenetrable lighted shield and buckler!

Growth from adolescence as a species and as a society is somewhat like the painful growth of an adolescent kid 13 years old who’s trying to grow up.  Do you remember when you went through that?

KC:  Sure.

BD:  It was not a fun time.

KC:  Absolutely.  So … OK, but let’s get down to the nuts and bolts.  The stock market is crashing.  You need to invest in gold and silver if you want to stay alive.  [Pause quote.]

Jonur, pause briefly here and return promptly, please.  Hatonn to clear.  Salu!             

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