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New Series 11: What's that new "sun" in the sky (Cont'd)??

9/20/10 from HATONN/jonur  (ns11)

Hatonn present to commune with you.  Good afternoon, I come in service to Holy God.  Let us continue, please.  Thank you for your service, Jonur; we have a “remnant” to bring through these Ending Days.  May Aton be thy strength above all else.  Salu.



It is now impossible to hide our presence in your skies, precious ones; the time is at hand to meet your relations.  The lie must be sorted from the TRUTH!  It is only your very soul salvation at stake!  Participate with us of the lighted HOSTS—ask for help within thine own breath.  It is WITHIN that I speak to thee.  The last place you look for God is where you find Him, chelas (students), simply because, when you find Him, the search is over!  Knowledge is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven.  “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.”  So be it.

The Coming of Nibiru, Interview:  “Bob” Robert O. Dean, Colonel Retired U.S. Army; “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Begin quote:]

BD:  Yes, Wernher [Hatonn:  Wernher von Braun was one of the OPERATION PAPERCLIP Nazi scientists you grabbed at the close of World War II, and brought to the U.S. to work on your space program, and to create your Central Intelligence Agency.  Which, when the CIA was first put together, it was solely for dealing with the “alien question”.  The Soviets got most of the German scientists; however, as I have said many times in the past, Hitler and his UFO scientists escaped to the Antarctic via submarine.  All those U-boats that surfaced in South America AFTER THE WAR unnerved a lot of people who wondered what they were doing so far south.  The crews seemed to be soldiers who were married—triple strength manned—and all important equipment removed or destroyed.  What had been their secret cargo?  Argentina did a newspaper interview with Navy Admiral Byrd, after a large contingent of military ships and planes went to the Antarctic—on a “scientific survey mission”.] shared that, apparently, before he died, that he … It was one of the programs that the government at the time was considering.  You know, they had these little plots they’ve been working on all the time.  This war, that war, a stock market crash … this, that, you know … all these little magician things that, while I’m showing you this hand, I’m picking your pocket with this one.  [H:  Sounds like a Khazarian lawyer you know of?!]

They may have had that in mind at that time, but I don’t think they’re thinking of it seriously now, because I think that our so-called Powers That Be—which is a joke—are in such close relationship and collusion with the real powers [points upward] that it would never work.  They would never allow it.  [H:  God WILL allow man to make his “sins” (errors); that seems to be how you learn the most.  Though telling you “right” from “wrong” should be enough!]

It’s like they’re [points upward] not going to allow a thermonuclear war.  [H:  Don’t bet on that one!]

BR:  Yes.

BD:  There’s too much valuable real estate here!  Not just this rich gold mine of human genetics.  What a ripe reservoir we are, of genes and … God!  The whole species plus all of the other fauna and all of the other flora … this is a valuable planet.  And they love it.  They own it!

We’ve never owned it.  We just live on it.  They farm us, so to speak—God.

Charles Fort was right, to some degree.  We are property.  And we’re going to remain property until we reach a point where we can literally stand up and say:  All right.  We’re going to do this now ourselves.  And prove it to the universe.

We’re dealing with a universe filled with life!  And most of it is so far beyond our own!  I used an analogy one time.  And I said:  They look upon us like we look upon head hunters in New Guinea.

Now, you’ve seen the films, you know, History Channel and all the rest.  They’re naked.  They’re running around with these stupid things on their penises and, you know, bones through their … whatever.  Pathetic, sad, primitive savages.  They’re not to be feared.  They’re not to be abused.  They’re to be nurtured and cared for.

Well, the difference between some of them out there [points upward] and us is the difference between us and these poor guys in New Guinea and those rain forests out there.

Now, I joked about that, and then I learned later that that wasn’t really a very accurate comparison.  I learned later that I didn’t even come close to an appropriate comparison!  That the real comparison between many of them [points upward] out there and us is closer to how we feel about the Chimpanzee.

And, Bill, if you allow your mind to take those trips, and I know you do, there are creatures and life forms out there that are literally god-like.  A lot of the remote viewers [H:  Military psychics] who have encountered them—and I’ve seen a few of them myself—look upon them as transcendentals.  [H:  Could this also be a description of “angels”, particularly during Biblical times???]

[H:  The article depicts a stone Mayan Calendar; they also accurately chart these final days of the changing of the cycle, as did the Hopi Indians and many other ancient and “lost cultures”.  Perhaps those Mayans and Choo Cho Chan Native Americans who simply vanished without a trace, went back to their home in the stars—like their legends say they did!  THEY ALSO SAID THEY WOULD BE RETURNING DURING THIS TIME PERIOD TO ASSIST THEIR BRETHREN—YOU!]

They manifest as living energy life forms, forms of light.  They’re the same kind that appeared when Jesus was walking around.  Probably the same kind of guys that showed up for poor … what was it?  Joseph Smith.  I know the history of the Mormon faith.  Poor Joe had an event one-time happening in his bedroom where two brilliant, beautiful, tall, glimmering, glistening beings of pure light appeared in his bedroom.  Those were transcendentals.

Now, the difference between them and us is between us and the Rhesus monkey.  [Bill laughs.]  So, I think I’m getting close.  Maybe not.  But I’m thinking I’m getting close to an analogy that may be more realistic.

I have nothing but hope because I’m an immortal being.  I’m an infinite life form.  If you could see me the way I really am, Bill, it wouldn’t be in this pathetic body with the …

BR:  It’s only our bodies we’re describing.

BD:  Oh, that’s right!  You know, this is just the shell.  I’ve had it for 79 years.  I’ve used it badly, and I’ve abused it over the years.  [Kerry laughs.]  And I’m beginning to pay the lessons, the prices for that.  But if you could see me as I can see you ….  We are shimmering beings of light.

BR:  Yes.

KC:  Absolutely.  Well, OK.  I have a question for you because he’s [meaning Zecharia Sitchin] got a book out called End of Days.

BD:  Yes.

KC:  And, in that book, he actually talks about Nibiru and the return.  But he doesn’t say that it’s actually going to happen now.

BD:  He says … He thinks it’s about 2060.  That was his estimate.

KC:  OK.  And so, where does this information that you have, and 2012 … How do we put all this together?  Because I’m going to say something about what you’re telling us … because it’s clear that you’re something of an intelligence analyst yourself.  You certainly have an incredible background.  You can cross-correlate, and so on.  But you also have some insider contacts.  And you also have contact with Anunnaki, as you’ve said.  All right?

So, where are you getting your information?  And are they saying anything specific about what’s happening in 2012?  Because I’m not so sure about Zecharia’s conclusion.

BD:  He said 2060, but apparently it could be before that.  The department of Defense is quite concerned about it.  There are entire sections of the Defense Department that are working on that subject, particularly.

The big question is:  Are we and it going to be on the same side of the sun at the same time?  And some of our remote viewers have concluded, yes, it’s going to happen this time, that we and it will be on the same side of the sun at the same time.

And if the remote viewer … And they’re getting their information from ETs, and much of my information is from the same source.  And, yes, we’re in for some bad times.

KC:  And we’re talking about while we’re still here on the planet, because I don’t know that we’d be alive during 2060.

BD:  Well, I don’t know whether I’ll still be here or not.  You know, I’ll be 80 in March and, you know, I’ve got a ticket out of here.  I’ve got it stamped.  I’ve got it paid.  I’m nine years beyond my warranty as it is!

KC:  [Laughing]  No, but I think that you’re going to live quite a while.  So, what … OK.  So we’ve got this interesting thing going on and we’re getting … We have a huge crack-down on anything to do with Planet X.

BD:  Yes.

KC:  It’s been made the laughing stock.  It’s an amazing thing!

BD:  Oh, the ridicule is [shakes head] …

KC:  I mean, I think it supersedes even the ET ridicule.  [H:  Are not the “Jews” the jokesters and satirists of Hollywood?  Their Zionist Protocols tell them “to use jest and ridicule, and we will get the better of the consideration afforded to the state and to the cloth”.  If they can cause you to laugh at your brother who is bringing you truth, they can use distraction and manipulation to pull the wool over your eyes and ears.]

BD:  Oh, it does!  It does.

KC:  I think it’s been so strong.  And it actually has come, I would say, from the Vatican.  So what are they so afraid of, number one?  And, number two, have you heard the theory that basically what has to happen is, a protective shield is going to be put around the Earth such that this time it’s actually not going to have the impact that it has in the past?

BD:  I’ve heard that rumor in passing, and the technology exists to do that.  What I have a suspicion of is that much of what will transpire will be allowed to transpire.  The Earth is not going to be destroyed, and the human race is not going to come to an end.  But it is going to be a difficult period of time when it begins.  And let me tell you, it has already begun.

The reaction from the sun is a clear response to the presence of this other body.  Now, this other body has already been photographed by telescopes in southern Chile and in New Zealand.

I had asked Marcia to dig into her files.  I had an article from a good friend who publishes a magazine in Rome.  Adriano.  I don’t know whether you know about Adriano Forgione.  Brilliant young man.

KC:  Yes.

BD:  Anyhow, he has connections with the Vatican.  He has good friends who are Jesuit priests and astronomers.  And the Vatican is concerned about it.  Anyhow, Adriano sent me an article, including two photographs that have been taken of Nibiru—already!—taken by, primarily, I think, this observatory in Chile.

But they’ve taken pictures at an observatory in New Zealand, as well.  [H:  First of all, you ones must come into the understanding that this knowledge is not “just now” coming to you.  The history of your planet—in all your ancient cultures—already told you what is coming!  Your elite scientists KNOW.  Your top world leaders know.  They are all counting on you-the-people not finding out.  The hope is to catch you completely unaware.  Then, the evil controllers can say anything they want as to “who” caused it all.  Remember, a staged UFO invasion, and a staged “Second Coming”, if you will, is on the agenda, dear hearts; will YOU know the difference??!!!]  So, it’s close enough now that optical telescopes have pictures of it and they’re studying it carefully to try to determine … what is it they call it … the celestial mechanics of how everything moves.

Well, if our remote viewers are correct and the ETs have given us some run-down on it, it’s going to be a difficult passing.  Because we and it are going to be on the same side of the sun at the same time.  And that means all hell’s going to break loose.

Now, they have the technology.  We’re talking about not only Anunnaki.  There are intelligences out there that began a billion years ago.  And they have technology that puts them in a category of what Kaku would call a Type III Civilization.

KC:  Yes?

BD:  So, a Type III Civilization has the technology to ameliorate or mitigate the passing of Nibiru.  Now, whether they do that, as you say, put a protective shield around it ….

Nibiru has done that for itself.  They have a protective shield around their planet which is why in the photographs it comes out as kind of reddish-gold.  And apparently that’s why they came here in the first place, for the gold.  Because they were losing their atmosphere and they needed to seed gold particles in their atmosphere to keep the atmosphere from … You know, they go on a long trip out there.  [Pause quote.]

Break here, Jonur, Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency.  Salu!

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