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New Series 8: Canadian long-gun registry bill means: Gun confiscation

9/15/10 from HATONN/jonur  (ns8)

Good afternoon, Hatonn present to continue.  I am come on our Father’s business.  SALU!



Canada—the rest of your “North American” continent—is in the exact same boat as the United States “of America”.  You are not very much different from each other.

The evil Zionist “Jews” of Khazar descent mean to slay all of you in their New World Order / One World Government!  The controversial Long-gun Registry Bill is the prelude to total UNITED NATIONS CONFISCATION OF ALL CITIZEN FIREARMS!  How else do you take over nations of vast peoples and install “communism”, “socialism”, “Marxism”, without FIRST disarming the people???  Open your eyes, chelas; the Jews mean to get control of every aspect of your lives before they send you to the mass grave!

What is wrong with REGISTRATION of guns?  The adversary then KNOWS who has weapons of self defense and which doors to kick down!  Your U.S. CONSTITUTION is very specific making sure Americans had the means of protecting themselves against invading armies AND BRITISH TYRANNY!  Do not be fooled by the Jewish lawyers who try to tell you otherwise!  The original RATIFIED 13th Amendment to the CONSTITUTION also stressed that “ESQUIRES” (LAWYERS) WERE NOT ALLOWED TO SERVE IN GOVERNMENT JOBS.  It was/is the Jewish, double-talking, thieving lawyers from the English Bar Association that your Founding Fathers and the rest of the new, soon-to-be, “Americans” fled from in the first place!

British Zionism and Israeli Zionism are the Anti-Christ, dear ones, and they have NEVER lost sight of their goal to rule over the world in the name of Lucifer—who is soon to become “Satan”, in these last hours of this play of Creation.

Jonur, let us continue with the outer space aspect of the “Hollywood Jews”’ murder of your planet.  Jews live off of war, conflict, race problems—that they fan, and trickery.  So let us expose the secrets of the master magician.  AHO!



Can man not see God’s return unto thee?  Have not thy prayers asked for The Lord to “save” you?  From where dost thou expect Him to come?  Let us listen to the Colonel’s experiences for your discernment, and see what new visions visit your consciousness.  Is it not time to replace “War Of The Worlds”, “ALIENS”, and “Space Invaders” movies and video games and Saturday morning cartoons, with a bit of truth?!  So be it.

The Coming of Nibiru, The Interview: Col. Robert O. Dean, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quote:] … KC:  Uh-huh.

BD:  So, we’re dealing with four different groups that I’ve concluded—my own personal view.

KC:  Ok

BD:  You might talk to Jim Sparks and he might tell you there are eight, or ten, or a dozen more.  I don’t know.  I can only tell you what little bit I’ve learned over the years.

There are four different groups that I’ve encountered, and they are all humanoid.  One group is completely human.  And not all of the Anunnaki are nine feet tall.  They were human enough that we are related to them, and they’re related to us.  [Hatonn:  Isn’t that interesting?  Mightn’t that qualify as ancestral lineages?]

And that lovely little story in Chapter Six of Genesis is quite true.  They did, indeed, engineer the genes and chromosomes of an existing species on this planet … God knows how long ago—Sitchin [H:  Go look him up, please, his work, particularly, his book “The Twelfth Planet”.] says it was 200,000 years.

The information I have learned indicates one of the major tweakings took place about 60,000 years ago, that Homo sapiens [H:  Early, primitive man, as your archeological digs prove.] were tweaked and genetically manipulated even more.  So, we’re coming along slowly.

KC:  OK, so what four races?  Let’s name ‘em, in your opinion.

BC:  Well, there are the humans.

KC:  OK.

BD:  Some people call them the Nordics.  [H:  These are the “White” races.]  Then you have guys that are very pale, and very tall, and very broad … [H:  After this document, we will outlay the “Black” races and their Earthly beginnings.  Many will be shocked in a myriad of ways concerning African origins of this group and the evolution of what you have today as to the so-called “melting pot” of modern man.  So prepare for it!  We only are here to tell you the truth; it is up to you ones what you choose to do with it.]

KC: Uh-huh.

 BD: … which some people refer to as the big whites.

KC:  OK.

BD:  And then you have the little guys.  [H:  The adversarial elite only want you familiar with these, precious beings, for they suit the purpose of fear tactics much better than the entities who look like you.  The “Greys” have been secretly replicated in those underground facilities and are now poised to participate in the fake invasion scenario, as planned by the “Hollywood Jews”.  The original Greys were tricked into landing and meeting with your Zionist-controlled government, and incinerated.  Some of their craft have been confiscated and back engineered, and will be hovering over a few of your cities when the final “war” is announced.  Many will answer for this heinous farce of the cosmic order of things, I can assure you!]

KC:  The Grays?  And then the Anunnaki.  So those are the four you’re familiar with.

BD:  And not all of the Grays are an evolved species.  Some of them appear to be … What is the term they used to use?  They were an artificial life form.

KC:  Androids?

BD:  Yes, they were humanoid androids, but they were constructed.  They’re laboratory products.  And they often wondered why, in cases of crashes where there were survivors, that some of them didn’t come back and try to retrieve. 

And the story that came out among the military for many years was that they wrote ‘em off!  They went back and made more.

Now, there are some people who say, well, they don’t have a soul.  Well, I’ve run into human beings that I begin to wonder whether they had a soul.  [H:  It should begin to dawn on some of you why so many of your elected leaders seem “robotic”, unremorseful, and without souls.  How would they participate in such inhuman atrocities against their fellow man?  It isn’t just little aliens that are replicated in the underground bases, chelas; there is an “army” of politicians and “news” personalities that are “clones”, as you erroneously label the secret process of GENETIC REPLICATION to be.]

KC:  OK.  So ….

BD:  There are two types of Grays, from what I’ve learned.  There are the little guys who appear to be laboratory products.  And then there are the six-foot Grays whose eyes are more round.  And they’re not really gray.  They’re just sort of chalky, off-white color.  And they seem to be an evolved race all their own.  I think those are the ones that probably ran into Betty Hill and Barney at the incident many years ago.  [H:  This was the big one, this began all the stories of little “Greys” abducting innocent folks out for a Sunday drive in the country.  This mixed race, married couple (Barney was Black and his wife, Betty, was White) had a very traumatic experience that, at first, they could not remember.  But shortly, after the “incident”, they began having nightmares of things that they could not explain.  However, it was the “missing time” that puzzled them the most.  As far as they could remember, they were driving along at night, coming back home after visiting friends, when they saw a weird light in the sky above and in front of them over the road.  He got out to investigate AFTER THEIR CAR SUDDENLY STOPPED—ALL ELECTRICAL POWER WAS DEAD.  Then things got “fuzzy” as to what happened next, and soon they found themselves driving again towards home.  The nightmares got so bad that they sought help—however, there was the mystery of an hour or two that they simply could not account for.  After it was suggested that they see a hypnotist, they slowly began to recall what had happened.  Little, grayish-white beings with big black eyes, big heads, hairless, and standing no more than about 3 ½ feet tall, had apparently landed a “flying saucer”, as they came to be called, in front of them on the road, and took them into the craft.  Painfully, and with great dread, they recalled scenes of being examined medically on a sort of operating table.  Needles and probes were used, and Mrs. Hill reported being violated in the most intimate manner.  Then, after some time, they were put back in their car and sent on their way, with no memory of what had transpired.  The story became the classic “Alien Abduction” drama, and Mr. Hill later died from the shock of it all.  Scary stuff, wouldn’t you say?!  No beings in God’s service would EVER leave you in such a quandary!  So, that leaves your own little devils and some “cloned” creatures, beginning the set-up for what we are talking about this day, many decades later.  What they were not allowed to remember is your military staging and directing the whole show!  Let us continue.]

KC:  Have you heard about Dan Burisch talking about the Orions?  They’re sitting in ships, along with the military, actually watching the planet right now?

BD:  But I’ve heard bits and pieces of that.  I don’t know too much about Dan’s story.  He’s come out with a great many things.

KC:  OK.  But this is just new information that he has actually come forward with.

BD:  Well ….

KC:  And they’re watching the planet to see what happens, and whether or not we have a catastrophe of any kind … and whether they might have to step in.

BD:  We have photographs, and many of them I’m going to share at the show.  I have slides, and photographs, of gigantic objects.  I’m talking about humongous in space!  And many of them are satellites in their orbit around the planet.  Many of them are in orbit around the Moon, around Mars.

I have a couple of pictures I got from a Soviet cosmonaut on what happened with the Phobos thing.

The Russians … you know, their famous Phobos rocket system that they sent up there some years back which got knocked out of orbit by an “anomalous object” that came from the surface.  But, it took … It had taken a number of outstanding photographs before it was damaged and crashed.

KC:  OK.  What … Well, you called it an “anomalous”, I don’t know, “object” that came up from the surface.  Meaning the surface of the Moon?

BD:  Mars.  The Phobos program was sent to Mars because they had hoped to land a lander on the satellite [Martian moon] Phobos.

KC:  Right.

BD:  There are two circling Mars which are anomalous.  Again, that fantastic word:  anomalous.  Astronomers consider them anomalous because, first of all, they’re going in the wrong direction for a natural satellite, whatever that means.

They’re too small to be natural satellites, and they’re too close to the surface of Mars to have survived because, if they were natural, they would long ago have been brought down, sucked in by gravity, and crashed.  The fact that they’re still there puzzles everybody.

So the Russians said:  We’re going to land on Phobos.  It’s about twelve miles in diameter.  I think Deimos is only about six or seven.  And they were going to take some pictures on the surface.  Well, you know, apparently the intelligences up there decided, No, you’re not going to do that, and bumped Phobos—the satellite that the Soviets sent up—knocked it out of orbit, and it crashed, apparently.

KC:  But they’ve been doing that to the JPL [Jet Propulsion Laboratory] craft going up and around Mars for years now.  [Pause quote.]

Jonur, break here and nourish your body and do your push-ups; all ones on our team must remember to look after your “houses” if you want them to serve you well and with a minimum of aches and pains and bodily distractions.  They are simply tools that you need to do physical work while you experience on a PHYSICAL PLANE.  The real you, the soul, the spirit, has no need of such a cumbersome—LIMITED—vehicle of expression.  And always, exercise and consume food in moderation.  Too much of anything will only slow you down or make you fat, or create another thing for you to be obsessed about! 

Hatonn clearing frequency,



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