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New Series 13: What that new "sun" in the sky (cont'd)???

9/23/10 HATONN/jonur  (ns13)

Good day; Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn / ATON present to commune about your space brethren and your ancestral lineage out among the stars.  Salu!  Let us continue, Jonur; thank you for your service.



How much longer will it be, chelas, before you look to the sky for your birthright?  Does not every aspect of human spiritual endeavor point to “the firmament above”?  Is not your Christ coming back, and down, from somewhere?  How much longer will you ignore the celestial spheres and the song of the Cosmos?  Has the density of the 3rd Dimension—physical earth—dulled your understanding and memories of your immortal part?  It is time to believe and KNOW God, for the hourglass has run out, the ancient Mayan and Native American calendars have ended.  You have had enough Sunday school classes and worship services to realize that it is The Heavens (SPACE) from whence thy beginnings were seeded upon the planet.

The “many mansions in my Father’s house” refer to the many inhabited, and habitable, planets of The Creation.  What is so difficult to comprehend??  Where else could all this “stuff” be if not outside your floating, spinning orb?  Is mankind so stupid as not to have figured these things out for himself?  Or is it possible someone has lied to you and has taught you falsely?  Is not the Fallen One the “Prince of Deception”?  The grandest of all deceptions would be in this area of human interest, wouldn’t you say?!

And so it is.  The battle between the dark and the light of spiritual awareness and ultimate salvation happens, dear ones, in the mind.  Since only WITHIN can man “find himself”, it is there you must look for God.  Only YOU will know when the Father speaks to you.  Only the soul, the real “you”, can hear the still, silent voice within.  No man or woman can reveal that to you.  Thus, we of God’s HOSTS from afar have come to give you the knowledge to discover the Kingdom of Heaven for yourself.  Because without that knowledge—and the WISDOM that slowly comes from it—the Luciferian forces can sway you from your path.  And so we continue to offer the TRUTH; we can do no more than that at this moment.  Ask constantly for protection, information, and divine guidance, for we can give you that!  Then make use of it, for we cannot do of a thing FOR you.  You are the fledgling (tiny little bird just out of the nest), and this is how you learn and grow.  This is the road map back to The Creator, Himself born of The Creation.

The Coming of Nibiru, Colonel “Bob” Robert O. Dean, United States Army, retired.  “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Quoting:] … And this species that you and I are a part of, this beautiful, wonderful, hopefully incredible race of humans does have a future.  And it is in the stars.  And we are going out there to reclaim our rightful place, where we should have been in the first place.

KC:  OK.  And this gets into the Secret Space Program [Hatonn:  And boy, you certainly have one!] and terraforming, because there is some terraforming going on, preparing for what might happen if Nibiru comes through, and if the Earth is in such a state … We’re talking about terraforming Mars, maybe beyond.  Have you heard things about this?

BD:  Yes, terraforming is a fine art.  It’s been going on for millions of years.  The Earth itself was terraformed.  [H:  “… And I go prepare a place for you …”—when Esu Immanuel “Jesus” SANANDA said that, might He not have been speaking of “a place” as large as a planet?  After all, there certainly are a lot of humans that will need a new home (even if temporarily) if you blow up this one or render it uninhabitable for a few million years!  Think about it, chelas (students):  reason is THE GIFT God gave man over all of His other creatures-creations.]

KC:  Right.

BD:  You know, it was prepared.  The Garden was prepared for life.  And then life was introduced and has been nurtured ever since, from the very beginning.  [H:  The Zionist “Jews” would have you think everything just sort of “happened” out of the blue.  With no plan, no guidance, no Divine Creator to set it all in motion.  Do you humans not plan and construct even your daily lives, as you go to work or take your children to school?  Your DNA is a plan, a blueprint, of sorts, of the function and mineral make-up of the body of man.  Since EVERY CREATED THING has a DNA/RNA blueprint, it obviously took an immense brain to plan and set into order, all of that!]  Terraforming is a fine art, and some of those guys out there who’ve been around a billion years are pretty good at it!

So, you see, I don’t know whether they’re planning to re-terraform us after Nibiru passes.  Or whether they are going to try to help alleviate the damage in the meantime?  I would suspect the latter.

Maybe they are planning, through their engineering genius … and, my God, the fact is ….  You know, they’ve got artificially constructed objects in space, in the rings of Saturn, that are over 2,000 miles long!  [H:  For those still not yet familiar with Hitler’s “FU” (or “FOO”) fighters, the UFOs (flying anti-gravity discs) American and Allied fighter pilots frequently saw in the skies with them over Europe, at the closing months of World War II—much of the technology was given to Germany by beings from one of Saturn’s moons.  Yes, in your own solar / sun system!  Hitler made a treaty with these entities, which gave Germany the initial lead in space and weapons development.  More secret history not taught in the school room.]  Space ships 2,000 miles long!  I have pictures.  I’ll share them next week.  I have photographs taken by Apollo 13, and you won’t get a one of ‘em to admit who snapped the shutter on that camera.  But the film is there and the negative number is there.  The roll number is there.  And, there it is—a NASA photograph of a five-mile artificial space ship!  [H:  Do you see how seriously the adversary is concerned about “the UFO question”?  Those astronauts were severely traumatized when they got out into space, and got to the Moon, and realized they were used by their own government in such a grand cover-up.  And, under penalty of DEATH, they shall not speak of it!  Some have been murdered for speaking out—“accidents”, you know.  Yet, the Khazars have all the key bases covered—which is the media:  if you citizens don’t see it, or hear it, or read about it in your Press, then it simply cannot be!  But always remember, JEWS—ONE SMALL GROUP OF ENTITIES—CONTROLS TELEVISION, MOVIES, MAGAZINES, RADIO, AND THE FEW NEWSPAPERS YOU HAVE LEFT.  THEY ALSO HAVE ALL YOUR GOLD, TOO!  Therefore, it becomes simple to mislead the masses in whatever the Zionist affiliated, Khazar “Jews” dream up.  Hollywood “magic” suits reality just as well to them.  The Christian enemy, and their Savior, are despised and hated by the evil Jew; there is nothing the Khazars will not do to take your world from you—NOTHING!]

KC:  Well, let’s talk about the astronauts for a minute because … what’s going on with Clark McClelland?  And why is he having such a problem coming forward?

BD:  I didn’t know Clark was having a problem.

KC:  He has a book that he’s trying to write.  He’s penniless.  He’s had a terrible time.  They don’t want him to talk.

BD:  No.  They probably don’t.

KC:  OK.  And, have you met … you know, have you talked to the astronauts?  What about Edgar Mitchell?  Have you talked to Edgar Mitchell?

BD:  I … I talked, before he died, with Gordon Cooper.  I was on the phone a few times with Cooper.  He even sent me an autographed photograph of himself.  I admired him because he was one of the mavericks that had the courage to come out and say what he had seen.

I’ve known Ed Mitchell for some years.  Every time I get a chance to see him, I chat with him, and I consider him a delightful man.  He’s very warm and terribly bright.

KC:  Are they mind controlled?

BD:  To some degree.

KC:  Have their minds been wiped?

BD:  Cooper … Cooper never was.

KC:  OK.

BD:  They never got to Gordon.  And I don’t think they got to Neil Armstrong either.  But, all the rest of them, to some level, have been kind of … what’s the word I’m looking for here?  [Sighs.]  They have been conditioned not to speak.  And in some cases, they may have been hypnotically affected to not remember. 

In Dark Mission, Hoagland [H:  Hoagland is famous for drawing world attention to the ancient ruins and stone “Face on Mars”] says—and the evidence is pretty clear—that they hypnotically … debriefed is what they called it.  But supposedly they were hypnotized to help them enhance their memory, to recall.  Apparently some of them had been hypnotically advised not to remember certain things.  [H:  A sad use of a wonderful spiritual / psychological / and medical tool; hypnosis is a major method to reaching that high Godly state of being.  Again, the Jewish magician and trickster uses God’s gifts to mankind to do you in.  However, when you KNOW what the evil controllers are trying to do to you, it will not work!  The puppet strings, if you will, are exposed, and the false illusion is revealed to the world!]

As much as I admire Ed Mitchell and respect him—a tremendous, wonderful guy—he has admitted publicly in front of other people that his time on the Moon, walking on the Moon, was kind of vague.  He can’t ... he can’t recall anything.  And, of course, that’s sad.

I don’t think they ever got to Neil Armstrong because, when he got back, he left the program and said:  To hell with it, I’m out of here.  He went back to Cincinnati and started teaching math at the university there.  And Armstrong hasn’t said five words publicly since.  [H:  Now you know why!]

KC:  (Agrees.)

BD:  And then you have the case of Aldrin.  Now, Aldrin has had experiences where he has been with friends and the subject would come up.  And Buzz would start to cry or he would get nauseated.

One time—and Hoagland touches upon this, I think, in Chapter Ten in the book—where Aldrin was in conversation with a few people and with his wife, having a few drinks and it was just relaxed.  And somebody asked him a blunt, straight-to-the-point question, and he had to run out and throw up.  Now this, to me, is the result … and I’ve studied it enough over the years to know that it sounds to me like hypnotic suggestion.

KC:  (Agree.)

BD:  He has been hypnotically conditioned not to remember, or to not even discuss it.  He gets nauseated.  And in one instance with a bunch of friends, old Fly Boy types, he ended up starting to cry.  Now, this breaks my heart because Aldrin is a good man.  He was one of our better men to be selected for that program.  You know the story, and this is common knowledge.  They got back from Apollo 11.  They put Aldrin in a sanitarium for about six weeks.  He had … [was] suffering from alcoholism.  Do you believe that?  [Kerry laughs.]

Do you believe one of our best and bravest, one of the finest in the Apollo Program, suffered from alcoholism?  Nonsense!

You know … apparently, it was the programming, to be reinforced.  [H:  He is not the only one—all of you reading this document have been “programmed”.  Particularly in America where you are the most programmed; the “Social Scientists” of the Jewish elite, use all manner of “entertainment”, drugs (legal and illegal), subliminal messages, and EXTREMELY LOW FREQUENCY (ELF) electronic pulses to keep the population in a blind stupor.  Even the fluoride in your toothpaste and in water supplies is there because of the numbing, poison effect on the brain.  Before the Bolshevik Jewish Revolution in 1917, sodium fluoride was only used as rat poison!  The “Jews” added this neurotoxin to the water supply of the Russian people “to make them more docile” and accepting of ANYTHING the Bolshevik Jews did to them.  And with fluoridation in the West, you Americans also found it impossible to stand up against the step-by-step stealing of your beloved and blessed nation.  Fluoride has never been proven to do ANYTHING for your teeth and gums.  However, allowing fluoride to absorb into your blood and nervous system—through your mouth!—affects certain mental functions that are very useful to invading “communist / socialist” Jews.  Know the tricks they use against you and you can neutralize the hypnotic effect!  Ask for protection from God and the HOSTS of Heaven, and you cannot be touched.  It truly is as simple as that!]  Now why would a grown man with his background break down and cry like a baby or end up getting nauseous and barf on this subject?  That’s hypnotic, post hypnotic stress.

KC:  So what is on the Moon that is, you know, that is so important that they want to completely whitewash it out of those men’s minds?

BD:  Oh, my God!  The astronomical societies, the professional astronomers in his country, have been guilty of criminal activity!  You may quote me.  They’ve been guilty of criminal activity for years to not discuss the reality of what they knew on the Moon.

There are major facilities and major activities going on on the Moon all the time.  Not only that, the Moon has water.  [H:  Yes, it does!  And clouds and man-made lakes!  That means you can breathe there, too, my friends.]  Now, whether it’s a natural process from the satellite [H:  Moon], or whether it’s water that’s been stored there for use, there are vaporous signs of a form of an atmosphere in the bottom of some of the craters.  [Pause quote.]

Break here, please, and we will resume promptly.  Thank you for your service, Jonur.

Hatonn moving to standby.


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