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New Series 10: What's that new "sun" in the sky (Cont'd):

9/16/10b from HATONN/jonur  (ns10)

Good evening, let us resume the lessons of Those Who Come from Afar and the impostors who perpetrate from right there on your place.  I am Hatonn/Aton, come in the Radiance of that which I AM.  Amen and AHO!



Let us jump right in, Jonur; thank you for your service.  The Interview:  Colonel Robert O. Dean, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quote:] … KC:  So, when we get back to the national security state and the state of the U.S right here and now … I mean, you’re ex-military.  I hardly want to call you “ex” because I think you’re, in some ways, probably still consulted here and there.

KC:  Ok, but what about Planet X?

BD:  Oh, it’s a reality.

KC:  Yes?

BD:  Yes.

KC:  So what are they going to do about it?

BD:  Well, apparently there are concerns about … You know the story.  According to Sitchin and according to the Sumerians, it’s a reality.  Well, our astronomers apparently have concluded that it is indeed a reality.

For almost a century, astronomers have been concerned and interested about what they called an intruder that seems to come and go from time to time. And, they can measure it by the perturbations and the effects on other planets.

They’ve known of its existence for a long time, but they’ve never gone public about it.  Well, in the early ’80s, the JPL … The guys at …

KC:  Jet Propulsion Lab.

BD:  Jet Propulsion … We used to call it the Jack Parson’s Laboratory, which I think is probably where the original JPL came from.

KC:  Yes.

BD:  Because Jack Parsons established it.  Anyhow, they sent out a couple  of Pioneers—satellites—back in ’82, just to try to determine if there was some truth to it.  And the Pioneers apparently came back with data which said not only Yes, but Hell, Yes!  And the Pioneers concluded … the Pioneer satellite data concluded.

So, wow!  Astronomers were troubled by that.  Whew!  Could this thing be real?  Well, and what did they do?  They sent out what they call an infrared astronomical satellite.  I think they called it IRAS.  And this was done in ’83.  They sent the IRAS out, taking infrared pictures all around the ecliptic, above and below.

And apparently IRAS got two giant, positive responses that yes, the twelfth planet, the tenth planet [H:  You have nine planets in your solar/sun/star system, from Mercury, which is nearest the sun, all the way out to Pluto (which IS a planet—that’s what the Sumerian Texts in Iraq said it is).  A VISITOR COMING INTO YOUR SECTOR OF SPACE WILL NOT COUNT USING YOUR SUN/STAR AS A STARTING POINT, BUT WOULD, INSTEAD, START AT PLUTO—THE FARTHEST PLANET OUT FROM YOUR SUN—AND COUNT IN TOWARD MERCURY.  THE SUMERIAN TEXTS (WHICH WERE FOUND IN IRAQ—WHICH IS WHY YOU BOMBED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE—TO KEEP THE SECRET OF EARTH MAN’S ORIGIN INTACT!  AND SINCE “JESUS” ESU IMMANUEL / SANANDA WAS A SUMERIAN, THE KHAZAR “JEWS” SIMPLY COULD NOT LET THOSE ANCIENT TEXTS AND COPPER SCROLLS SPOIL THEIR PLANS TO DECEIVE AN ENTIRE PLANET.)  TELL OF NOT ONLY HUMAN ORIGIN—BUT THE CREATION OF YOUR PLANETS AS WELL!  Earth’s single, natural “satellite”, the Moon, was originally to be a planet all its own, with its own orbit around your sun.  However, with the regular passing of the planet Nibiru, the order and structure of your solar system was changed.  “Earth” was manifested during this process, from a larger planet called Tiamat.  Remember, “… The Firmament above and below”, and the “Separation of the waters …” from your Holy Bible and GENESIS?  This is where the Judean Hebrews got the story from.  They assumed THE SUMERIAN TRUTHS AS THEIR OWN!  So you see, even the “people of the Book”, the real “Jews”, if you will, are guilty of historical blunders, as are the rest of you.  The Khazar tribes, being neither Hebrews nor followers of Juda, CONVERTED TO JUDAISM IN 740 A.D. SO THEY COULD PRETEND TO BE THE GOODLY PEOPLE IN YOUR HOLY BIBLE.  THEREBY, THE WOLF WOULD DON THE SHEEP’S CLOTHES, AND THUS, LUCIFER’S FALSE “J-E-W-S” FROM REVELATION 2:9 AND 3:9 WOULD FULFILL THE PROPHECY.  But it does not have to end that way.  Know what and who is your true enemy, and you can change the script!  Getting back to Nibiru, any beings coming into your solar/sun/star system, would count from Pluto to the Sun—THE SUMERIANS COUNTED YOUR SUN, THE MOON, AND NIBIRU AS “PLANETS”—9+3=12.], however you want to call it … yes, it’s real.  And that’s when the lid slammed down.

KC:  So it’s out there.  It’s on its way back in, right?

BD:  According to the Sumerians and Sitchin, apparently it is.  And if you are student of history as I—one of my majors [H:  It is also a favorite subject of this scribe’s father.  History was always recognized in their household; there was never a time when a map of the World did not adorn the family den.  An encyclopedia, and every issue of National Geographic Magazine, were constantly used reference material for the entire family.  And I have told all of you:  Become Professors—learn these TRUTHS we bring back to your place!  Knowledge IS your salvation, precious ones.]—its last pass was 1600 BC.  The Sumerians, and Sitchin, and all of those say it has an orbit of 3,600 years.  So, like many of us, you know, I count on my fingers and toes and figure out … Well, 1,600 BC.  It has an orbit of 3,600 years.  Wow!  It’s due!  Well, apparently, it is.  Now.

KC:  So why are they keeping this a secret?

BD:  Listen [sighs], … Every time Nibiru would make a pass, it was not always devastating.  It would depend on whether the planet Earth and Nibiru were on the same side of the Sun at the same time.  And if we were on the same side of the Sun at the same time, all hell would break loose on planet Earth.

Well, apparently the last pass triggered the explosion of Santorini.  Thera, the volcano in the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea, blew its top and brought to a close the great, great Minoan civilization, among other things.

It affected Egypt.  It’s all in the records, apparently.  There are even historians and theologians who say that Santorini’s explosion is exactly what you’re reading about when the plagues and all hit Egypt and allowed Moses to get the Israelites out.

But if you look at 1,600 BC and figure … and that was the relatively recent past.  It’s due now, and apparently the guys in the astronomical observatories know it.  And that, again, is Above Top Secret.

Let me give you a tiny example:  A number of years ago, there were two brilliant guys working at the Naval Observatory in Washington.  Tom Van Flandern is one, who I hope you’ve interviewed.

KC:  No, but please continue.  We’d love to do that.

BD:  He’s no longer with the Naval Observatory.  The other one was the Chief Astronomer at the Observatory, a brilliant man by the name of Robert Harrington.

KC:  Right.

BD:  And Harrington gave an interview to Zecharia Sitchin a number of years ago, I think it was ’91 or so, where he came right out and said:

Dr. Sitchin, we are interested in this because it ties in perfectly with the work you’ve done on the Sumerians and the ancient planet Nibiru.  He said:  We’ve found it.  It’s real.  We have photographs of it.  And, he says, from what we can put together, it’s a rather nice planet.

It’s about two and a half times the size of the Earth.  Apparently it’s heading toward the system, the center of the system.  We’ve concluded about everything about it, except that we haven’t named it.

And Zecharia spoke up and he said:  It’s already been named.  He said:  You simply call it Nibiru, as the Sumerians called it … The Planet of the Crossing.  [H:  The word “Planet” is Greek for “Wanderer” since these “stars” wandered through the night constellations, and the rest of the stars did not move (in comparison).  Nibiru, or “Planet of The Crossing”, is a “wanderer” whose movement is the oddest of them all—it just cuts right through the orbits of the rest of the planets.  But it only happened every 3,600 years!]

BC:  Well, Mrs. Sitchin and I were in agreement.  I miss her.  She died about a year ago.  She was convinced that Robert Harrington had died because somebody bumped him off because he had the courage to come out and give Zecharia this interview.

I don’t know whether you’ve seen it or not.  It’s on tape.

KC:  No, I haven’t seen it, but we interviewed Luca Scantamburlo about this subject and he’s also talked about Robert Harrington.

BD:  Yes.  Well, Harrington gave the interview to Zecharia, and it’s on a video called “Are We Alone?”

BD:  He’s brilliant.  He just recently came out and admitted that he’s had an intimate interrelationship with extraterrestrial intelligence since he was a child.

KC:  Well, he’s always talking about the Anunnaki.  I do know this.

BD:  Well, he wrote a book called Breaking the God Spell.  And he has supported Zecharia’s work for years.

BR:  I have a question, Bob, if I may, about the provenance of this information, in the sense that Zecharia Sitchin’s work is very well documented, and a lot of people watching this video will be very familiar with his books and with all the intelligent commentary about that.

Are you saying you have additional information based on your contacts with the Old Boys Network?  Or are you doing a neat presentation of …?

BD:  Many of my conclusions are my own, you know, and they, in many respects, correlate perfectly with Sitchin’s work which is … You know, Neil has told me … He says, you know, Zecharia really should get the Nobel Prize.  But I don’t know what they would grant it to him in, in what field.  But he’s such an outstanding scholar in what he’s done and with his … The Earth Chronicles is what he calls all of his work.  I think there are seven or eight of them now.

BR:  I have two questions.  One is a minor one to do with celestial mechanics.  And it’s just something that I’ve never understood.  And I’ve heard this from … I’ve heard this question from many other people as well … that if Nibiru comes from the outer reaches of the solar system, it’s going to be an icy rock, which isn’t going to be the kind of place that any beings could live on, or would want to live on.

And researcher Andy Lloyd, who you have probably heard about, has theorized that what they’re seeing in the photographs that you refer to as an orange object is actually a Brown Dwarf, with the possibility of Nibiru being one of its moons, if you like.

And there’s a lot of debate about how to apply what Sitchin seems to have been saying to the real practicalities of life on an icy rock out in the orbit of Pluto.  And I wondered if you knew, or had anything to say about that.

BD:  No, it’s not an icy rock.  And yes, when it makes its long journey out and back, it gets so far away from the sun that the sun is probably no more than a little tiny prick of light, a little tiny pinpoint.  And you would think that it would be naturally icy cold.

No, it … Apparently the planet, like many planets in the system here, generates its own heat.  It has in its core a generating heat system very much like our own.

We have a system within the core of this planet that is a … that has described as a thermonuclear reaction, very similar to the sun.  Now, most of the life and all of the bounty and all of the beauty of life on this planet comes from our going around this beautiful sun.

But I don’t think Niburu is an icy rock.  No.  I think, first of all, that it probably generates enough of its own heat, and I think they probably did, indeed, create for themselves, with the advanced technology that they have, a kind of a Dyson sphere.  Are you familiar with that?

BR:  Yes.

BD:  You know, what the brilliant British astronomer, I think, Freeman Dyson, said some years ago, that an incredibly advanced technology will have the ability to enclose its planet and retain not only its heat, but its atmosphere.  And I suspect that the Anunnaki have done that to Nibiru.  And they probably did it … Good Lord … hundreds or thousands or maybe a million years ago.

So the planet … I think the color from it, the dull red-golden color, is a result of that envelope of gold shell that they’ve created.  They’ve created for themselves a Dyson sphere around their planet.  And I suspect that any advanced technology will ultimately do the same, simply because it makes sense.  It’s a practical thing.

BR:  If they had that degree of engineering capability, why wouldn’t they just live on Mars instead of hurtling through the solar system?  [H:  There are beings who have learned to move their planet around.  Didn’t you know?!]

BD:  Well, they weren’t the original occupants of Mars.  They used Mars as a way-station, and they’ve reactivated it.  I agree with Zecharia on that, that they’ve reactivated their way-station there.  They used to drop off on Mars on their way here.  So they were never, I don’t think, original inhabitants of Mars.

BR:  No.  I like what you’re saying.

BD:  There are a few remnants of the original inhabitants on Mars.  There are even some indications which I’ve been looking into, and I’ve gotten some data, that we’re playing host to a bunch of Martians here on this planet.  I’m talking about the original species.

BR:  Do you know anything about the original Martian species?  Or, have you ever …

BD:  Other than … The only thing … I’ve talked to a couple of remote viewers who’ve apparently been able to come face-to-face with them, so to speak, and they ended up looking a lot like American Indians.

BR:  OK.

BD:  And I may have met a Martian [laughing].  I’ve known so many strange people in my life.

BR:  Sure.  I mean, I understand this well enough to know not to laugh at a comment like that.  That’s for sure, so ….

That, believe it or not, was meant to be a minor question.  I have a more major one, something that I thought you might want to talk about.  Or, maybe I misunderstood you a little earlier on, I think, in a conversation that Kerry had reported to you.

Some serious researchers, Linda Howe [H:  Her information about cattle mutilations, and mysterious goings on in the night, is put out by the conspirators to increase the fear factor for the overall plan of Alien Invasions.  Human and animal abductions and/or mutilations only occur at the hands of the Bolsheviks who secretly control your government.  The victims are tracked, and it is seen to that a certain amount of publicity is attached to a case.  All the more useful for the stories of blood-sucking monsters out to conquer humanity!], Jim Marrs, quite a lot of other people, are really suspecting that there may [be] a hoaxed alien invasion as a kind of celestial 911 event in our skies.

“Bob” Robert O. Dean:  You’re talking about a false flag kind of situation?

Bill Ryan:  False flag, yes.  And ….

BD:  If we were to pull that off … If any of our idiot nitwits back there think that they could pull that off, I think they’d make absolute damn fools of themselves.  Because I don’t believe it would work.  I don’t think you can do that when you’ve got the real power out there that wouldn’t allow that to happen!

BR:  Not so much an “invasion”, but a big display in the sky to create fear and make you believe … to control … like Carol Rosen said that she had always been told by Wernher von Braun many years ago.  [Pause quote.]

Break here, Jonur; Hatonn moving to standby.  Thank you for your service.  Salu.

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