Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Series 22: Once Again: The khazars !

12/03/10 from HATONN/jonur (ns22)

Good evening, Jonur; just write what we bring, and the rest will take care of itself.  This is your task and it is an important one.  As this knowledge comes from the Higher Spiritual Dimensions, you are not given to consciously “see” the authors.  At the present time, this is how God chooses to commune with His creation called “man”.  Therefore, it is in the mind of man where the proof and presence of God will reveal itself.  After all, is that not the definitive place where truth ultimately manifests itself?

As leader of The HOSTS of Heaven, I Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/ATON am come in preparation of your planet and species making the transition into your next stage of your continuing evolution.  The peoples of your planet have become The People of The Lie.  That is how you are referred to by we of the Cosmos.  With the total takeover of your world’s governments and media, God’s children—YOU—have all but succumbed to the lies and massive manipulations of the Luciferians.  Today you call them “Jews” of Zionist affiliation and those who blindly follow them.  The confusion comes from the deliberate mixing of these imposter “Jews” with the legitimate Hebrew Judeans.  Judeans are not “Jews”.  “Jews” are not Hebrews.  And yet, many Judeans think they are “Jews”, for they also have fallen into the trap laid for the Christians.  And these true followers of Juda—the Judeans—will be among the first to be sacrificed upon the altars of death.


Who are the impostors of your Holy Bible pretending to be the people of the Book?  Why are they cursed throughout the scriptures and through all time as “those [for] whom God has indignation forever”?  And why do they label themselves the Serpent People?  Could it be they know WHO they are and what role they play during these so-called End Times?  Secretive, clever, and in possession of everyone’s gold supplies.  Their profession as lawyer was outlawed by your Founding Fathers in the United States Constitution.  During the War of 1812 the British soldiers burned your capitol buildings and tried to hide the 13th Amendment—which was fully ratified—stating that no esquires/lawyers were to hold any government positions or offices.

As you can see, you are overrun with Jewish lawyers in courts, politics, your media, and even your military and police.  THIS IS THE METHOD BY WHICH LUCIFER CAPTURES ENTIRE NATIONS AND MAKES SLAVES OF THEIR PEOPLES!  Silver-tongued Devils??!!  Indeed!  Is that not how that serpent in the Garden of Eden gotcha the first time?  And now an entire planet has come up for grabs.  Do you see before your very eyes the prison bars encircling you every single day now???  Just look at your once “Fly the friendly skies” airline industry.  Doesn’t air travel now resemble a maximum security correctional custody facility?  And we are talking within the space of a few years!



The general public has no clue as to what really happened in World War II, nor do they know WHY the “Jews” were such a big issue during the time of Adolf Hitler.  And yet, your nation and world is going through the exact same circumstance as Germany in the years leading up to the second world war.  They called it “The Jewish Question”.

Everyone around could see that Jews had taken over all the key positions in Germany; they bankrupted the German economy, took over the schools and universities, and devastated the country.  However, if you made mention that the Jewish bankers and lawyers controlled everything, you were called an “anti-Semite”.  Needless to say it was the Zionist “Jews” who were doing all the name-calling.  No one else really knew what that term meant—exactly.  And that is the point. Confusion is Lucifer’s tool, and the Jew makes full use of it.  While everyone else is running around trying not to be bigoted against this or that, the Jew is spiriting away entire gold reserves.

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