Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Series 35: Remember, there are BILLIONS of people on your planet; the WORD must reach each and every one of them, for that IS the promise of God: That The Word Would Go Forth To The Four Corners of Earth

2/28/11 from HATONN/jonur  (ns35)

Good morning, Hatonn present to continue.  I come, as always, in the light of the RADIANT ONE—THE CREATOR SOURCE.  Amen and Salu.  Thank you for your service this day, Jonur; your brothers and sisters truly need instruction for that which is come upon them.  Just allow the energy of the Christ Light to flow and all else will fit nicely into its proper place.  Remember, there are BILLIONS of people on your planet; the WORD must reach each and every one of them, for that IS the promise of God:  That The Word Would Go Forth To The Four Corners of Earth.  And this is the “method” God chooses to use at this hour.  First comes the prophecy, then The HOSTS of God make their presence known.

How do you know this has not already happened and you missed it?  Your television media forbids such broadcasts and cable TV transmissions, and can easily cover up or “distract” from LIVE events.  THAT IS THE BIG SECRET OF ALL THE AGES!  “ETs” AND THEIR CRAFT FROM AFAR (THE “HEAVENS”) ARE CLASSIFIED ABOVE-TOP-SECRET—PERIOD!  Now is there a more worthy SATANIC adversary than he who tries to hide God from you?!


The Hebrew Judaist is the Sephardic “Jew” (keeping in mind that “Jew” is a created word that came about in the 1700s—One Thousand Seven Hundred years AFTER THE TIME OF CHRIST!), “Jews” from the Spain and Portugal areas of Western Europe.  These ones are considered by you to be the legitimate “People of the Book”—your Holy Bible.

They are SEMITES/SHEMITES (another twisting of words—your evil brothers turned the name of Noah’s first-born son SHEM into “SEM”.  And now, instead of calling Shem’s descendants SHEM-ITES, which is correct and which they are, you call them “SEM-ITES”.)  This one slight-of-hand trick hid the truth of Lucifer’s children from God’s people.  Well, precious ones, “SEMITES” do not refer to Noah’s son Shem, they refer to Noah’s son JAPHETH—THE DESCENDENTS OF WHAT IS TERMED “FALSE JEWS”.  That, too, is in your Bible.  Particularly Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.  Who are those who call themselves “Jews” and are not?????  And throughout your Holy Scripture, who is this one group of entities whom God “has indignation to forever”?

They are the barbarian, nomatic tribe of “wanderers” given the label KHAZAR.  They are not connected with “Jews”, Judaists, Judeans, Hebrews, or the tribe of Juda, nor do they come from Heber’s people from the story of the Tower of Babel.  The only thing Japheth’s descendants have to do with Shem’s lineage IS ONE OF PRETENDING TO BE OF SHEM’S PEOPLE, IN THE HOPES OF HIDING FROM GOD ATON’S DIVINE JUSTICE! The clever (but stupid) Khazar has a very low level of enlightenment—he is just slick in his dealings with everyone not of them.

He craves YOUR gold and each nation’s treasured assets.  And trickery is the name of their game against the Christians.  THE MONEY CHANGERS—REMEMBER THEM!?!  It is the same old enemy from day number one, only now they have you calling them “Jews” and “Semites” and Hebrews, of which they are NONE OF THE ABOVE!

So, isn’t it interesting that “The Serpent People”—the vile and evil group who “murdered God”—has finally arrived at this glorious hour where they sit on the throne YOU THOUGHT was for Jesus’ return?  What else would you expect from the King of Deception?!  However, always keep in mind the false prophets, the false “Jews” with their false doctrines—for it is through Satan’s followers in secret that a “world comes to a bloody end”.


Whatever color you are—IF YOU ARE NOT OF THE KHAZARS, YOU ARE “SEMITE”.  Many places in Europe today, such as the British Isles, Scotland, Wales, etc., speak Hebrew and they don’t even know it!  Control of television and all publication houses by the Khazars (ZIONISTS who went to Palestine AND STOLE IT FROM THE PALESTINIANS—BY THE WAY, WHO ARE ALSO “SEMITES”—AND CREATED “ZIONISM” AS A MEANS OF GATHERING POWER AND SYMPATHY FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD, IN ORDER TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER.  LITERALLY!) carefully omit the truth of this information; however, it is readily available to anyone who opens his eyes and is willing to see.

The public battle between Charlie Sheen and the “Jews” SHOULD wake up the world to what is really afoot.

It happened with Marlon Brando and his Native American family and Mel Gibson from Australia’s “Down Under”, and still no one noticed the full extent of the “Jewish” Octopus and its strangulation grip on the goodly people of your planet.  Now Sheen, an accepted "WHITE” person who IS Mr. American Caucasian, has accidentally stepped on the tail of the deadly Jewish serpent.  If the Khazars strike Charlie Sheen with their venomous, Jewish fangs of media character assassination (as well as PHYSICAL harm) and gold confiscation, this will be a mortal blow to White America.  It will unfortunately signify an end to White People “running the show”, if you will.

It has already been accomplished DECADES AGO; however, it was done gradually over the years, until the newer generations do not remember “how good it was”.  Television is what has cost Americans their morality AND THEIR NATION!  How do you think the masses were able to be so fully “brainwashed” that, today, your United States of America is in spiritual and material shambles?  All the rock groups and so-called “situation comedies” that flood the airways slowly programmed your children and then their children to be this way.

Fathers are portrayed as complete idiots, daughters are regarded as the worst whores this side of Babylon, and the toddler you put down in front of that TV babysitter is quietly soaking up all the facts.  It SEES and imitates what is before its innocent little developing brain.

And the Khazar laughs at you while you grow up to imitate that which THEY SCRIPTED for your family behavior and moral upbringing!  But in order to fool you completely, the Khazar “Jew” hides HIS racial heritage.  He will change his name from CHARLES LEVINE, for instance, to “Chuck Lorre”, so he will appear “WHITE AND ANGLO-SAXON”.  You will find that a great MANY Khazars do this—ESPECIALLY IN THE HOLLYWOOD AND MAJOR MEDIA INDUSTRIES.  I do not speak of entertainers efforting to create “cool” or catchy stage names for the glamour of the red carpet and bright limelight, I believe you label it.  I am referring to real attempts to obscure their “Jewish” roots, and to their interconnected organizations and Jewish banks, operating in concert to swindle Christians (White, Black, Latino, etc., etc.) out of everything they own—or ever will own!

Wake up from your slumber, dear ones; your enemy is the FALSE ONE LABELED “JEW”—THE HYPOCRITE WHO PROFESSES TO BE GOD’S CHOSEN LAMB, AND YET, HIS GREED FOR (YOUR) GOLD, TELEVISION SMUT, MOVIE VIOLENCE, PROSTITUTION RACKETS, MASSIVE INTEREST (USURY is what your Holy Books call it, for, as you ones are beginning to see happen all around your nation AND world, Interest/usury payments to the Jews and their WORLD BANKS in Switzerland, have bankrupt and foreclosed on EVERYTHING!) RATES—AND HEAVY TAXES, HAVE EATEN YOU ALIVE!

This is what the “Jews”, who are pretending to be Judean/Judaist Hebrews, are worried will spill out over the Charlie Sheen “war”.  Sheen will not sit still and go quietly into the night, like so many others the Jew attacks.  Sheen knows his power and popularity exemplify himself with White America.  His films such as “Platoon”, “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”, and “Wall Street”, plus the runaway success of his sitcom, “Two And A Half Men”, struck a chord with all that White, Middle America has left.  As loose and happy-go-lucky as Carlos Esteves (Charlie Sheen)—and his characters—are, he still represents freedom, success and fame that should not be able to be threatened by a few “Jews”.

The public reaction to this Hebrew vs. Jewish confrontation will show the world where America’s awareness of “The Jewish Question” is, and how willing you as a nation are to stand up for your own citizens!  None of you has any rights or freedom of speech anymore!  The “Jews” have used America’s own laws and twisted them around ILLEGALLY to use against Americans!  That is why the “Jews” are lawyers—so they can steal your property and money (gold).  That’s also why the Jews are “doctors”—so they can quietly steal your very breath of life from you innocent believers of Christ-ness.  Can you now see the trap of Satan (Lucifer) spread before you?!

Jonur, have a short break here, please.  Hatonn moving to standby frequency.


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